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Posted by Shemp on 08/22

whats with imm's alts winning tokens for suggesting things using the idea/bug/typo command? shouldnt you as an imm exclude yourself from such things? or at least use your imm to report it? |U6

From: Hrath Sunday, August 18 2002, 11:02PM I feel another "imms should not be allowed to play the game" discussion coming up. personally, seeing as we all are bound by the immortal code of conduct, I can't see what your problem is, we have even less priviliges as a mort than others, next thing we're not allowed to buy the string you wanted on auction because we with our morts had more money than you, or were willing to pay more, or win a duel or the likes. -Hrath |U6

From: Boreas Monday, August 19 2002, 03:44AM I can understand something of what he means. A type is a typo and anyone can do that fine, and I'm not sure about idea--do imms put their proposals on the idea channel? Well, that would be very unfair, but also rather odd. I think that the problem comes with bug reports. Imms have an advantage in finding bugs, because they know what is supposed to happen. I don't know if something is a bug unless it spits out a line of junk at me. If not, I figure I just haven't done the quest right, or whatever. But this is such a small thing. I mean, so you have a slightly larger small chance for a token. Who cares? |U6

From: Hrath Monday, August 19 2002, 06:16AM I disagree, I submit less bugreports with my morts than before, and my bugreports as a player only happen when I find bugs with that particular char, IC, I doubt any of the imms hurry to log in a mort to bugreport if they find a bug with their imm, first off it would be silly, a waste of time, and against the imm code of conduct "your mortals cannot gain anything from your immortal status" or the likes I cannot remember the exact wording, but I have personally not won anything in the buglotto since I immed, because I usually bugrepport with this char, and of course the usual chance and luck. -Hrath |U6

From: Cheyla Monday, August 19 2002, 09:39AM I've rewritten this append a number of times so I'm just going to go with this one. Some points: 1. We don't comb through the area files looking for things for our morts to report via bug/typo. We find them the same way you do. 2. We find them playing the game (our immortal characters don't play so we don't tend to find typos and general area bugs with them). Sometimes we don't report them but just go and fix them. 3. We don't always have our immortal logged on while we play - because, well, we're playing. It would be more work all around to log things as our immortal character, from us having to write it on a note, log in the imm, report the problem, and possibly have it logged in the wrong area since we're not necessarily going to be in the same room as when we found it. 4. Just because we have immortal characters means we're supposed to exempt our morts from winning prizes? I already lose out on a number of games I'd love to play (because I run them or helped with them - elf game is the only one I've done work on that I'll play with my morts). I don't need players crying that I have an unfair advantage in games so I pick and choose those I play very carefully to avoid that. Fun, eh? 5. Ok, sure, we have a bit more idea of when something -may- be a bug... So what? As has been repeated ad nauseum in the Q&As and many other forums - if you THINK it is a bug, report it!!!! Cheyla |U6

From: Kae Monday, August 19 2002, 10:36AM Uhh what indeed. I have a few quick questions. First off, please let me know how I am supposed to tell that a character is the alt of an immortal. Sure, some of them are fairly well known, but certainly not the majority. Secondly, do you truly think that discouraging immortals from also having mortal characters and playing the game like everyone else is a good idea? How would the staff maintain a real touch with what goes on in the community, from people over imbalances to pkill, if they are not part of the community? And third, do I really need to start logging which character wins the Lotto and posting a semi-monthly list so that everyone can spam them and whine at them to sell their tokens? --Darth Kae |U6

From: Purge Monday, August 19 2002, 09:11PM SQUIRTLE!!! I choose you!!! |U6

From: Zemus Tuesday, August 20 2002, 05:21AM Umm Kae just on your 2nd point You have 30-40 other players that can tell you how the game is going You dont need to constatly play morts to hear whats going on or the feelings of the community. There are many Boards to post on and Q&A's to help you with this. |U6

From: Hrath Tuesday, August 20 2002, 06:29AM did I say "imms shouldn't be allowed to play the game" argument already? I think I did... I did it again! stop doing it! -Hrath |U6

From: Ishara Tuesday, August 20 2002, 07:07AM Zemus, I think imms should have morts. I'm sure Kae meant more than knowing the feeling off the community..like trying it on your own body how a skill works, is bugged and so forth. Indeed, if it was a rule that an imm couldn't have mort alts, I doubt anyone would volunteer to spend time being the ones everyone yell at when they can't get the thing they pointed at in the supermarket. |U6

From: Shemp Tuesday, August 20 2002, 11:44AM I didn't mean Imms shouldn't have morts, they should. All I was saying that, if it was me, and I was head admin of the game, I would exclude myself from winning drawings for reporting bugs/typos/ new ideas for my OWN game......... |U6

From: MoiraGwyn Tuesday, August 20 2002, 05:56PM Well, so far I havent seen Zandy or Kaige wil a token so we might be safe... But more to the point, since the lotto is a random drawing and passes through IMP approval, it would come down to how many times your name comes up in the draw. I report things a lot, does that mean I shouldnt be allowed to ever win? Because saying that because a character is owned by someone who also owns an Immortal character, they shouldnt be allowed to be in the draw isnt entirely fair. Are we accusing or suspecting them of cheating? Because to be REALLY honest, there are far better ways to cheat or get a token or string or coupons (as a staff) than this... It's probably why the Dept Heads keep such a close eye on staff, as well as why we are few and far between in choosing the right ones to Imm. It's just imho but I'd sooner think a staff was finding better ways to help their character than a public admission of winning a token ;) And if you have ever talked OOC with some of our Staff, you wouldnt think it was overly likely that they would go through the trouble of cheating us to benefit themselves. If they did, why do all the work they do, they sure don't get paid for putting up with us :P

From: snicker

From: -MG, et al |U6

From: Benjamin Tuesday, August 20 2002, 11:35PM If imm alts were always winning the lotto I could see an argument, but they don't. It's random, and why shouldn't they be able to win stuff for being diligent? They're here to have fun too, not to have every fun aspect of playing the game stripped from them. Ben's player |U6

From: Freja Wednesday, August 21 2002, 10:10AM Mortal alts have a right to have strung items too! uh immortal alts?

From: confused

From: What's the big difference? |U6

From: Jenna Thursday, August 22 2002, 11:30PM You'd better believe it's random... I bug report all the silly time.. I idea stuff all the time too (and sometimes they even listen to me!) AND I've never won anything in the lottery

From: sniffle

From: . But, I don't begrudge the imm alts their winnings... they're players just like me :-p. The Silly Jenna |U6


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