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Posted by Lachesis on 08/26

Okaye, the new mood/social thing was implemented. For one, I'm glad to see change. For two, I never complain, but now, I am FORCED to. Obviously, there's lots of bugs in them still, especially over channels, but they don't make sense!! You wave goodbye, barely audibly? wha?? say again? I think it was a good idea, but maybe it required a bit more thought before being implemented. My 2 cents Lachie's player |U6

From: Herbert Saturday, August 24 2002, 12:39AM I think it should have been tested a lot more than it obviously wasnt and its also going to make co-ordinating the way your character is actually feeling a lot harder than it ever was. Dont know what could make it work but I hope something does, I like the idea, i loathe the execution. Herbert. |U6

From: Israfel Saturday, August 24 2002, 01:15AM It needs to be a lot more customisable than it currently is. Hopefully configs for the following: (Currently existing "config moods" blanket turns moods on and off, which is fine, but not quite what I, personally, am looking for.) Set entrance/exit (So that you can set your entrance/exit messages permanently, without having to alias them if you do not like the accompanying messages that go with the mood in terms of speech and socials.) Set combat (I lovingly headbutt someone. Hmmm. I would at least like to look properly frighteningly furious.) Set socials or Normal Socials (So that whatever default mood you may have doesn't affect socials in any way.) (Similar to the effects of temporary moods right now, but allowing you to keep the speech tags for whatever mood you may be using.) Set combat or Normal combat (So that whatever default mood you may have doesn't affect specials in combat in any way. Thereby allowing you to keep speech tags, entrance, and social messages for whatever mood you may be using.) Set entrance/exit or Normal extrance/exit (So that whatever default mood you may have doesn't affect entrance... well. I think you get the idea by now.) And last but not least... Info/Chat/Auction or Info/Chat/Auction (Temp mood-affected socials on channels, without having to turn a default mood on and off every time.) Israfel |U6

From: Boreas Sunday, August 25 2002, 02:38AM I don't see the point in moods for socials. Why not just emote what you want? |U6

From: Lawrence Sunday, August 25 2002, 08:19AM Well spoken, Israfel, saved me a lot of typing there. I like the new changes, once these issues have been addressed, I'll love it. |U6

From: Jenna Sunday, August 25 2002, 09:41AM

From: nodnod Israfel

From: If it had that level of config I'd like it, currently I've turned my mood off cos Flirtatious just doesn't come across quite right in some socials

From: blush

From: . I've reserved judgement, but I'm not currently too food of the implementation. Jenna. PS. er, fond not food! |U6

From: Lachesis Monday, August 26 2002, 12:26AM Remember the days before socials were on channels...

From: swoon

From: |U6

From: Emrysia Monday, August 26 2002, 05:16AM I love the potential of the new mood/social things.Sure, some of the combinations just don't make sense, and hopefully that can be addressed, but, it's still useable will a little thought and altering of playing style a bit :P (ie using temp moods, a couple alias's so you aren't bashing/kicking/headbutting/etc with a mood that doesn't fit) and yeah, it needs to be useable on channels without having to set your mood everytime. Though, i do like Israfael's ideas of configures :) |U6

From: WindChime Monday, August 26 2002, 03:12PM

From: nods with Lachesis and remembers

From: Why in the heck do we NEED moods with socials? Aren't the socials themselves suppose to convey our mood and how we feel? I'm not going to smile if I am sad, I am not going to pout if I am happy, ect ect. Adding moods onto skills and actions as well, while an interesting touch to RP only adds more spam at times then adds to rp. Just my 2 cents |U6

From: Dolor Monday, August 26 2002, 05:20PM Fact is, players don't like to do much work around here. It's a game, so why should we want to put more effort into the moment-to-moment actions of our characters than we would put into those of our real lives? (note that I said moment-to-moment actions, not the characters in general.) Emrysia said that "It's still usable with a little thought and altering of playing style a bit", but it seems almost easier to simply turn off moods entirely and just use emotes to do any mood-related speech (or socials) - and it's much simpler to just turn moods off entirely, period. As for the people who keep remembering when socials weren't on channels, a few of us really old players remember when you didn't even have moods for moving through rooms, and could only use moods the temporary way. I also remember only a few people, all dedicated to RP, using it then. Unless current system gets fixed pretty soon, most people will end up deciding not to put in the effort needed to get a response that doesn't contradict the laws of normal human behavior. I know, we've gone over it all by now, but Israfel has the right idea with making it nice and easily automated. I suppose my only real addition to that would be to yank the current moods system and revert to what we had prior to the code change (I would hope that's at least possible) until config options or at least some clean-up of what's being said gets imp'd, so people could at least keep using their moods. In all, it's a pretty good idea (I don't think it justifies three weeks worth of idleness from the code department, especially considering its implementation), but until it gets cleaned up a great deal, it really ought to be shelved. Dolor Ferriscor, who really doesn't have a way with words "You, yawning with boredom, send an experienced warrior sprawling with a powerful bash." |U6

From: Kaige Monday, August 26 2002, 05:28PM Btw, this wasn't the "controversial" changes that were the cause of the three weeks worth of idleness from the coding department. In fact, there wasn't even three week's of idleness from the coding department. And yes, we're working on some refinements and ways to make this work better. -Kaige |U6

From: Dolor Monday, August 26 2002, 06:27PM Pardon me my slight inaccuracies, Kaige, regarding time. It

From: was

From: a long time when there weren't any

From: visible

From: changes. And if this

From: isn't

From: the reason there haven't been visible changes recently, then quite frankly I'm shuddering to think what it might be. Too much to hope for skilltrees, I s'pose. Dolor Ferriscor. Still 'bored'. |U6

From: Ea! Monday, August 26 2002, 07:39PM First, I'm sorry for the bugs that are in place. I spent a fair amount of time debugging it, but clearly didn't do enough of it (particularly with channels...

From: sigh

From: ). I think I've got an idea on how to squash a bunch them and allow us to have more flexibility with the interaction between the moods and the socials so that we can more easily change the mood messages without having to change all of the speech-based messages. Some notes on configurability: I'm fine with making things more configurable to a certain degree... however, I don't really want to make it so that moods can be inconsistant. I'm not sure that having players be "happy" on socials and "sad" on speech makes any sense any more than "Ea!, in a low wisper, kicks Big Jim Southland" does. It seems like fixing a bug with another bug to some degree. I think we will probably allow people to have a seperate combat mood than they have from normal moods -- however, if you talk while fighting, you're going to see your combat mood. It makes sense to me that you'd feel differently in battle than normally. We'll work on the wording of the socials/moods so that they interact together in a way that's more consistant. You can help out with this: if you see a message that doesn't make sense and can think of a quick way to reword the social or the mood so that it would make sense, drop it to the idea channel. Right now my coding time is a bit limited due to real life obligations. My top priority is to fix the silly visual bugs ("[Chat]: , angrily, Ea! throws a duck at Kaige") and the code to seperate out the speech and action messages from each other. -Ea! |U6


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