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Balancing the areas... Ya I know, but need Immort feedback too!|U6

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Posted by Shemp on 09/06

Note: these are just my opinions based on playing here. Currently, 3 of the 5 hometowns are the basis for 90% of the characters. Why is this? Well, here's why: Agrabah -- easy, 3rd circle spells, all the best mages are from here. Tara -- 2nd circle spells, plus all the druid skills, you can make 60 spir druids, mages, fighters who can brew, nice and rounded chars. London -- best fight skills, guns, best surgery, you can make the best surgeons and the best fighters from here. Why not Klein and Lima? Well, anything you can do from here another hometown can do better with more options. Suggestions? Well, I vote to give Lima augment, but reduce the heal amount by 33% across the board. This will give Lima a big boost and I think you will see a good blend of druids/snipers from the different hometowns. I also think Klein needs a bigger boost than the tiny bonus they get to fight skills. Any mage from Klein gives up the druid skills for what - repair? - so what if Klein got first aid equiv to Limans and a new skill or a change to forge (Klein chars only) that allows them to make swords and daggers that don't suck, much like the makestaff skill for druids. The druid makestaff is very nice damage-wise (could use some innate stats but thats another topic). Thoughts, flames, whines append below. -Shemp |U6

From: Kaige Tuesday, August 27 2002, 04:23PM Being curious, I went to see what the breakdown was. Those three hometowns only account for around 70% of all characters, only about 10% higher than truly random choice would predict. Oone difference that may not have to do with playability issues at all is that Celtic Ireland, The Arabian Nights, and Victorian London are all popular mythos and cultures that people have a lot of familiarity with unlike Viceroyal Peru and some indistinct and vague "Medieval Germany" If you're making a new character for the first time... they're the two less likely choices as well. Not that I'm saying there isn't a perceived disadvantage from being from Lima. I do know several players who find the generalist abilities they can get there to be useful as well. But I'm also not saying this is something we've never noticed (we have!) or something we haven't been thinking about as well. -Kaige |U6

From: Christopher Wednesday, August 28 2002, 01:07AM I always make my 2c mages from Klein, just cuz I think it's cool. So there :P Kaige has a big point with the familiarity. It also has to do with area familiarity. I could not for the life of me tell you how to get to Lima, so I would almost never create a character from Lima. When's the next hometown a coming? Like another Indus hometown with some cool ability. Like something from SanFran where you get a shooting bonus, but only with Pistols, and you can do something else cowboy related that no one else can do. |U6

From: Stygian Wednesday, August 28 2002, 07:36AM Okay with the familiarity, why not make rome? |U6

From: Aegir Wednesday, August 28 2002, 08:17AM just curious kaige, if you could look at the breakdown for level 50 pk-enabled chars who have actively pk'd in the past year, if you would still see the 70%? i think it would be much higher. you are right, newbies often pick towns for RP reasons vs. balance reasons, and most who make a liman or klein char go and make another char once they realize the, hmmmmm, lesser skill set the aforementioned two hometowns receive. as for new hometowns, that would be skills trees

From: cough

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From: many years from now. anyway, since you did state you are aware of the problem to some extent, what are you thoughts on the suggested changes? giving lima a reduced poultice is RIGHT inline with the current skills they get, i.e. all druid skills except augment, and they already have a reduced (vs london) first aid/surgery, so its possible. i guess the klein changes are a bit more difficult, however, making a sword/dagger option thats equiv to makestaff staves (and no_drop, no_give) is pretty easy to do. |U6

From: Somar Wednesday, August 28 2002, 09:08AM You also have to keep in mind that Klein characters do have noticeable advantages for combat skills - I've got a Klein 2c mage that is pretty darn scary, and while it's not entirely due to the Klein bonuses (high stats, old eq help), the skill bonus is very handy to have. |U6

From: Aegir Wednesday, August 28 2002, 10:14AM not sure doing 3 extra points on a headbutt is noticeble =P and, having 2 old herens and old SSS and old riding gloves is more what makes your char evil =P |U6

From: Stygian Wednesday, August 28 2002, 08:29PM okay as I was saying before my I was DC

From: grumble

From: Okay with the familiarity, why not make rome? mean we have a roman briton, but that aint anywhere near as cool. You could have great hitters, the colleseum, a gladiator quest, ceasar quest etc etc. But here you could get GREAT fight skill/other fight bonuses, eg more hp per con than other hometowns. You could have all this cool stuff and more! there thats better... |U6

From: Benjamin Wednesday, August 28 2002, 09:54PM I could be wrong, but I think Ancient Rome was an ongoing project of Matrix's for quite a long time, and now his work is being continued by Haley. |U6

From: Freja Thursday, August 29 2002, 06:15AM Benjamin's right. Haley's working on Rome. |U6

From: Thundarr Thursday, August 29 2002, 07:36AM besides, adding new hometowns with NEW skills does not in any way what-so-ever balance the current ones. in fact, it will probably un-balance them even more! new skills = skilltrees. there, i said it. let it sink it. re-read it if you must... to balance the current starting towns the current skill-sets need to be balanced. |U6

From: Darla Monday, September 02 2002, 03:20AM My ideas on how to balance Lima: -leave augment off. It would make Limans too powerful. -increase field surgery to equal that of london surgeons. -add extra high-level surgeon skills, only to Londoners. I believe at some q&a recently HerbertWest mentioned having many ideas for these. -add extra bardic skills (useful ones!) only for Limans, or with a bonus for Limans. These should be useful enough that someone may be a bard, not just a surgeon who had the right stats and practices to spare. |U6

From: Mazrim Monday, September 02 2002, 02:18PM It would be nice if there was a skill that took 80 spirit or something and you could boost the morale of your fellow man which would give them hit/dam boosts and faster regen or something, but unfortunately nothing is going to be added to the game until trees, so any ideas you have will probably be forgotton by the time they actually get to bardic skills. Lima sucks, and will continue to suck for a very, very long time. |U6

From: Benjamin Monday, September 02 2002, 10:10PM I would be greatly surprised if any substantial changes are made to the skills code on Legend, including new skills, ever again. |U6

From: Varnel Friday, September 06 2002, 10:34AM it seems to me the idea of skilltrees is holding us back! alas we should just forget about them :P |U6


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