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Posted by DoctorBob on 09/24

While I was insanely bored waiting for a spellword yesterday I had a kind of fun idea, although I had it after no food and drink or move for 16 hours.. hours...anyways, a spell for a relatively low cost where you create a dumpy charmy, with like 20 hp or something and a mediocre wieght capacity but your control switches over from your char to said dumpy charmie while it is alive...so it can fetch food or items or do piddling things without err, do things that would normally disturb your mana regen time. Plus I like the idea of catching some pkiller touring the mud with a charmie while his guy meditates in the open

From: halo

From: Anyways this probably can't be done, or won't even if it could, but I thought it would be a neat idea :P Like spiritual possession the imms can do, for morts! And uh, only onto something that would lose to a field mouse.. mouse... bleh anyways, uh i'm done. oh btw as the post title implies it would be an astral projection of the mage :P |U6

From: Benjamin Wednesday, September 04 2002, 10:15PM Sounds like a really cool idea to me. You could walk through dangerous places with a charmie proxy, and the obvious benefits of that would be balanced by the fact that it's a relatively weak charmie, and by the fact that your real body would still be vulnerable back where you left it. Please give this idea serious consideration! |U6

From: Darla Saturday, September 07 2002, 12:52PM How about instead of a spell, make this a druid-type skill: possession. If your mind is sufficiently more powerful then you can take over the animal, but how high a level of mob would depend on your own spirit and level, with the best being maybe 15. |U6

From: Hedge Sunday, September 08 2002, 12:24AM Like possessing a mouse and sneaking into to a backroom to eavesdrop on a conversation? Love the idea. I have no idea on the subject, but it sounds like one of those things that might be icky to make work, though...

From: thumbs up

From: -Hedge |U6

From: Benjamin Sunday, September 08 2002, 04:07AM Why would it be icky? Immorts already have the switch command that lets them take over a mob's body. This would be a much more limited form of that, you'd only be able to inhabit the weak creature you summon (or, as in Darla's idea, only pre-existing weak mobs). Really I'd think it would be relatively easy to adapt it. |U6

From: MoiraGwyn Tuesday, September 10 2002, 07:46PM Man, you'd never look at a wandering mob the same way again!

From: wonders if you possess a mouse and wander into the Inn, will Tika eye you suspiciously or beat the hell out of you, causing damage to your character as well if caught ;)

From: |U6

From: Benjamin Tuesday, September 10 2002, 09:30PM Yep! There are lots of RP possibilities in addition to the purely utilitarian ones. Please, seriously consider implementing this idea. |U6

From: Mice Wednesday, September 11 2002, 07:11AM What a great way for you to spy on someone without being known! At least with hide/invis, we have a way of knowing another player was in the room with us. What about this? I'd certainly be a LOT more careful with anything I did/said in a room if this was implemented. |U6

From: Romeo Wednesday, September 11 2002, 03:30PM Well of course there would have to be a see possessed spirit spell :p |U6

From: Benjamin Wednesday, September 11 2002, 10:10PM Either that, or the spell's duration could be quite short, say 5 ticks. Plus, something like a mouse is pretty likely to just be kicked in passing by someone just for the hell of it, so there's a risk it could be wasted mana. I don't think it makes "spying" or whatnot all that much easier than it is now, especially since anybody can already get an invis potion if they want to. |U6

From: Christopher Tuesday, September 24 2002, 01:00AM A high enough perc lets you see through illusions so I don't see why a high enough spirit/perc wouldn't let you notice 'unnatural' actions by an animal. I don't know about the astral projection, but I'm pretty sure 'historicall' that animals can sense astral projections, so they might be agg to you, and I'm sure characters with a high enough spirit should be able to sense astral entities. |U6


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