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Posted by Aegir on 10/02

just wanted to start a thread where people can suggest new items yes, i know about the idea command, but other morts don't get to see the suggestions, leading to duplicates, and no way to build on other's ideas. append with item name, stats, potential location, whatever else |U6

From: Aegir Tuesday, October 01 2002, 11:46AM iron face guard, +5 strength, -6 ac, 1200 rent, location unknown blood-stained necklace, +5 con, -3 ac, 970 rent, london vampire glass wand, 5 casts of doppelganger, 3000 rent, new LOP Howard |U6

From: Sandra Tuesday, October 01 2002, 01:33PM Actually, every immort sees the idea channel unless they have it turned off. Additionally, all of these ideas are put into a file for the builders to look at. Which is also accessable by the rest of the imm staff. |U6

From: Craven Tuesday, October 01 2002, 02:30PM No real point to this. It's obvious your just after +5 items, which are very useful, don't really add much to the game. If everyone is wearing +5 items, people's eq sets start to all look the same, and tons of gear that is already out there becomes very, very rarely used. While I am a fan of +5 gear and use it regularly, I'd hate to see tons of it added. By far the hardest slot to fit in any list tends to be On Body, but it does add a certain challenge to getting that perfect eq list. So what I'm saying is this. I'm all for new items, just don't make them so mundane. :) I'm sure the imms never expected to hear that from me, but there it is! Only other thing is it would be nice if the imms would stop competing with each other for hardest mobs, area, quests, etc. Sometimes its nice to just walk in an area and know it will challenge you or a friend by yourselves, and you won't need 15 other people to do it. :) - Craven |U6

From: Stygian Wednesday, October 02 2002, 07:02AM Personally I would like to see some decent single handed chant vina vant dyn ex weapons forked tongue, etc etc. The only decent items i can think of that dont are the two axes

From: thank Bart

From: , and the demon claw there HAS to be more than this? surely? oh yeah the sharks jaw. but is that it? out of those, i know at least one, if not both axes are 2 handed (makes scence), not sure about the jaw though. Basically a great item that I want would be something that caps as often as an SSS, and can cap WITHOUT all attacks hitting, so high max dam high weight. pref with an extra attack of something. maybe a few hit/dam/stat. LOW rent, so you can use greaves :P But as I think it was Craven said, high weight = high rent, (which I must admit I didn't know) so I doubt this will happen. Hell just something like SSS only less rent would be nice. As was also said, just straight 5 stats are bummy. If everyone used them, then you couldn't get perfect sets, because you don't get perfect base stats. I know there are restrictions to - perc and spi items. So as much use as they are to hitters, this would have to change.

From: ponder

From: there are already teeth out there, why not nails? something like a stinky dragon's toe nail,

From: cant see a human nail being anything decent to fight with

From: or even better, a giant's fist! primary is hit, secondary can be crush. Makes scence. Would be good str, as, well a giants fist would be a pretty damn heavy thing. You could incorporate a quest into it. Stats could be + str, you'd need it :P - mind, who in their RIGHT mind would carry around a severed hand? - dex, would be heavy and hard to weild, + con, well you gotta have something other than just str. No parry, well just think could you parry with it? Only problem the single handedness, you wouldn't exactly be able to wield it single handed, unless it was just the finger... so how about crush primary and some fancy special spell thingo? You'll be using a dead finger/hand so at least make them die of the rotting smell :P oh well just a half baked idea that went for longer than expected... Stygian |U6


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