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Posted by Aegir on 10/12

no no, not a vendor that sells prize token (i wish) but one where you can "trade" your prize token for a string of your choice you would be giving up the chance to win coupons or more tokens, but you would be gaining a string you KNOW you'll like and get winning a purple bra or pink panties for your warrior to wear on his head. (supposed to be read "instead of winning a purple..." anyway, there could be several of these, each one selling a complete set of armor, you would aquire one at a time, for example: blackened chain armor set: a pair of blackened chain gauntlets, boots, tunic, legs, arm sleeves a blackened iron shield a blackened iron sword/dagger/mace assassin's armor set: a pair of black leather gloves/boots, black silk shirt/pants/belt a black silk hood a poisoned ivory kris/katana add in other vendors for RP sets, how about a pirate: a black eyepatch, ripped shirt/pants a talking parrot a burried treasure chest (bag string?) a long red/blue/black beard a wooden pegleg a bloody pirate's sabre/cutlass/dagger/club lots of Knight-types out there: a shiny breastplate, a pair of shiny leg greaves/arm greaves/gauntlets a chainmail coif (head slot) Excaliber a shield bearing the mark of Camelot Sir Aidan's head on a stick (doh) the Lady of the Lake's honor you get the idea |U6

From: Sandra Tuesday, October 01 2002, 01:36PM These would be better gotten through coupons, really. The entire idea of the prize machine is that it's a game of chance. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don't. |U6

From: MoiraGwyn Tuesday, October 01 2002, 01:47PM Maybe a compromise? Perhaps once or twice a year we can have something like that set up where people can trade a token for one of several pre-determined strung items..? Like 'market days' but with a specific purpose...? Just tossing ideas :) -MG's player |U6

From: Craven Tuesday, October 01 2002, 02:19PM most of the time you don't :) No offense to the imms doing it or the morts suggesting, but like everything else, people just run out of ideas. Thats why a 10 year run on tv is sensational. The ideas just aren't there anymore.

From: shrug

From: - Craven |U6

From: Darla Wednesday, October 02 2002, 10:30PM I like the idea, just because your idea sets actually fit with the game theme, unlike most things in the prize machine. Strings should be for rp purposes, yet it seems most of the prizes from the machine are contemporary items. Yes, there are people who rp something contemporary, but most of those who are serious, pick something from history, especially a particular area on the mud. X-ray glasses just don't fit anywhere. What about having different sets available depending on your char? I know that some things only females or males get, so why not certain evil/good/ neutral items? Or there could be a few skills it checks ie augment, chant, field surgery, to pick from a set. |U6

From: Craven Friday, October 04 2002, 04:34PM I'd go for that. Make them more collectors items, based on your "class". But make it possible for you to get them outside of your class, thus making you go out and trade and or buy to finish your set, since often times you'll maybe get a good aligned fighter item instead of that evil mage one. - Craven |U6

From: Wraith Sunday, October 06 2002, 07:05AM The strings from the prize machine are consolation prizes for not winning coupons - regular, color, multi-color, mundane, half, etc. They are meant to be silly, not to compliment anyone's RP. Any mob that took a prize string and exchanged it for something IC would be upgrading the OOC reward that the player was meant to receive. - Wraith |U6

From: Aegir Saturday, October 12 2002, 03:38PM i guess, wraith, my question is why can't they complement someone's RP? isn't this an RP game?

From: boggle

From: the prize machines i spoke of, with RP sets of gear, would have zero or very small chances to win coupons, so you'd be giving up the chance to win big for a so-to-speak medium prize, that being a string you most likely will like using... again, just another post about things that could be added that would not deter from the current game, only add something prize tokens are for games, but also for LT articles and bug finding and all sorts of things that deserve a just reward, not a pair of pink panties for your warrior to wear on his head |U6


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