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Posted by Aegir on 10/09

why does rage have a skill lag? you should be able to use the rage command like the kill command, to init combat in rage mode... rage so_and_so with zero lag: you go into a battle rage you attack 5 times and hit 4 times you slash hard you get the idea think about it -- when someone inspires you or a warcry en-rages you there is zero lag, why would the same thing have a lag when done purposefully? the downside of not fleeing is enough, IMO, for this. |U6

From: Machiavelli Wednesday, October 02 2002, 02:39PM Interesting...

From: agrees

From: |U6

From: Vampyr Wednesday, October 02 2002, 11:18PM i agree with the bash thing and the rage thing... bash is a really horrible skill no wonder all the bashers die so often :P |U6

From: Trinity Thursday, October 03 2002, 08:46AM Well, to play (ironically enough) devil's advocate here: When someone inspires you or warcries you into a state of rage, you are already engaged in combat. I agree that perhaps the skill lag is too much for rage, however I do not believe that it should be a combat initiator. Rage requires you (as I see it, at any rate) to get a bit worked up (ie engaged in combat) before working. |U6

From: Craven Thursday, October 03 2002, 09:55AM Kill does have a skill lag. As for rage intializing, fine with me but imms don't implement changes, so all these posts are a waste of time. I'll say theres a 75% chance there will be "no changes" this week and a 25% chance that there will be some changes, but all bug related, memory related, social related, or cosmetic related. It truely is a waste of time to post here Aegir. |U6

From: Aegir Thursday, October 03 2002, 01:31PM

From: nod craven

From: based on the posts from Imms, it seems like the try to think up ways (excuses) to not make code changes... trees are a joke, and will never ever ever happen anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool |U6

From: Sandra Thursday, October 03 2002, 01:40PM I've only appended to ones I found obvious problems with. It's not difficult for me to come up with things for those. It's why I posted them. The others, I have no comments on. I'm waiting to see discussion. However, if you'd like, I could very well pick them all apart for you ;) -Sandra |U6

From: Drakkon Friday, October 04 2002, 11:11AM I find imms say "this would be hard to code" which also means "we're not going to do it because it will be too time consuming" but from my experience, everything in life worth doing, is hard work... so maybe "this would be hard to code" shouldn't be an excuse :P |U6

From: Stygian Friday, October 04 2002, 12:04PM I agree with Drakkon, "this would be hard to code" shouldn't be an excuse, if anything it should mean they SHOULD do it. For the challenge, the congratulations, the knowing "hey I did this, I've accomplished something". The feeling of accomplishment when your char gets their first rip or cap, that gets you hyped up. Well imagine that, and times it by at least 1000. Wouldn't that be the feeling of accomplishment an imm would get after tackeling a big chalenge. So in my opinion, if an imm uses that excuse then they are merely frightened off by a chalenge. Oh well, could be wrong... Stygian Oh yeah, the things that are going to be IMPOSSIBLE to fiddle with, like boards, well then i can understand you running away, I mean who wouldnt? :P |U6

From: Ea! Sunday, October 06 2002, 12:39AM "This would be hard to code" really means "In the amount of time it would take to code this we feel that we could get a lot more useful stuff done." To address Craven's concerns, this week there were no code changes because we decided to hold off putting in Huginn's massive change to the way player files are store so that we had more time to get some of the scripts used by immorts for things like registering descriptions to work. It was easier to hold off all of the changes than to try to seperate out such a big change. I appologize if we don't make as many changes as you would like. The last few months have been a very busy time RL for the whole coding department. As for trees, ever since Rufus went inactive we have been saying that the project is on hold. No one is working on them, we don't have plans to work on them at this point. How much more clearly can I state that? And, to address the original complaint about rage: rage is a pretty powerful skill already, and I think it's unclear that it needs to be made any more powerful. -Ea! |U6 |U6

From: Craven Sunday, October 06 2002, 05:10PM I'm not complaining that you don't do anything, just that everything you do it to help builders who haven't even managed to put out a new area in what, 2 years? I don't see the point of giving them more tools when its obvious they have more then they can work with now. I know you have an RL just like the rest of us and it should take the front seat, it just really sucks to see nothing but cosmetic and behind the scenes changes when there are so many other problems in the game that should be looked at. And I'm not talking about rage or sniper or god knows what. I'm talking about stupid things like 40 perc users using a bow to dispel/blind people and hitting consistently enough for it to be worth it, or if you firestorm a stunned person and there is another mob in the room, say a rat, it kills the rat and stops all fighting, thus making your stun effectively longer. There are tons of things like this out there that are just as easy to fix as cosmetic changes, yet they are ignored. Perhaps you just truely dislike dealing with these type of changes, and again, we have all have preferences. But if that is the case, then I suggest we actively look for coders who ARE interested in balance, addition, etc. to the game. This game is good the way it is currently, but it could be so much more. I can't honestly believe there is absolutly noone out there who has any interest in coding for legend. Skip your bueracratic bs and just hire someone who will work on the things noone else seems to want to and make the mud even better. I've always said that the design spec for this place is truely incredible. It's just unfortunate we can never seem to get the manpower to get even close to fulfulling it. So don't take the posts on this board as a personal insult to you or any other imms. We're just fustrated. Just because you see these changes everyday, perhaps helping, perhaps not, does not mean we do. You do your best, and I applaud you, but its been so long since anything was actually added code wise that wasn't cosmetic or behind the scenes in nature that its starting to get real stagnent around here. So take whatever is put on this board as a venting of fustration, not so much as a personal attack. And remember, just because you know the answer doesn't necessarily mean we do. :) - Craven |U6

From: Sallah Wednesday, October 09 2002, 10:05PM Agreed Craven, 100%...this is all stuff I've said before. I guess we all have different priorities. Some people would rather see cute little curiosities implemented like moods attached to combat. Personally I think that's all it is, a curiosity, and the same goes for the little tweaks every week to things like whether Vlad -drinks- from his blood goblet or merely -sips- from it. I'd much rather have seen all that effort go into something that might actually affect how the game is played, but again, that's just me. Or is it? I don't mean to sound harsh, and it's true that we do appreciate the fact that imms put the time and effort into the mud. I want to personally thank them all for it, each and every one. But there are certain things that could be done to make Legend so much more fun and interesting, which have been long neglected. New skills is an example (to hell with skilltrees--we just need some augmentations to what we've got, not a re-write). Another is how relatively easy it is to make a character who can both fight and heal well without giving up much in return. No doubt these are huge projects, and to a coder the thought of taking them on seems daunting, especially in the face of all the headaches it would cause both internally and externally. But that doesn't mean we can ignore them, and do nothing but minor changes and typo fixes. They need attention. If not by current coders--for whatever reason--then by ones who can and will put in the time. Sallah's player |U6


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