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Posted by Castellano on 10/09

The sniper skill should have an aiming system implemented. You should be able to aim for heads, hands, torso etc.... if anyone has played fallout 2 then they know somewhat what im talking about. of course you have less percentage of a chance to hit someone in the head, but the damage is greater and you have a better chance at sniping. A shot to the torso will have a very high percentage of connecting but wont do nearly as much damage. but wont do nearly as much damage. I just thought this would be cool |U6

From: Salvador Saturday, October 05 2002, 11:09AM Interesting idea, though I think it may be lost in in this game. What sniper here wants anything other than a head shot? Fallout 2 rocks! |U6

From: Ea! Sunday, October 06 2002, 12:39AM It's on our todo list. -Ea! |U6

From: Nova Sunday, October 06 2002, 10:10AM laugh |U6

From: DoctorBob Wednesday, October 09 2002, 06:04AM Will there be a Groin shot? Because honestly I don't care about xp, I don't care about beating some pkillers by catching him with his/her pants down...but what I do care about is that character being shot in the groin and then being forever banned from participating in any of those damned annoying Rps where someone has a kid. (yes even if its adopted, no child would want to be adopted by a groin-less freak after all..) But honestly this sounds annoying already :P I can just picture it some 100 con 100 perc dip with a big gun aims at my head, sacrifices small animals on some dark altar and takes the shot, and boom there I go...hell I think the snipe % is too high right now, dont need to be no higher. But thats just me, and I dont like the idea of being brought from 700 hp to 0 by someone who I probably couldn't hit consistantly enough against to kill even if they didn't land a snipe. Make guns and con mutually exsclusive I say. With that much con your too rugged(large!) to get your finger around the trigger! |U6

From: Aegir Wednesday, October 09 2002, 07:16AM yes Ea!, that is a good point -- its pretty easy to get near 100 dex, 90 perc and have over 700 hp (85 ish con + items). i dont think that was the intent of your change to con/mind a while back. also, what if there was a mind req for 'snipes' to happen, you can get the freaky hp/sniper stats and backstab for 80 and stun every other shot (every other round that is) but you can never get a single shot kill (head shot) without say 40 mind or something... |U6

From: Craven Wednesday, October 09 2002, 02:04PM I don't know what planet you freaks are from, but its not easy to do what you just said. I've known you for a long damn time Aegir and I can't think of a single sniper you've ever had. In fact, I seem to remember you hating snipers since I first met you! Why are you so anti sniper? I don't get it!!! Anyway, now that thats out of the way, I currently have 92 dex, 93 con, and 88 perc. I also have 670 hp. So whatever your smokin...quit it. And, I wish I had 700 hp so I could stand a chance against the 900 god damn augmenters you have. :P How can you honestly think snipers are broken when you play nothing but cheating augmenters! Gah! I'm going to kick your ass verbally next time I see you on. :P - Craven |U6


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