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PK Timer and Archiving|U6

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Posted by Atlas on 10/11

Guys, I was just archiving my alt a couple of hours ago. He's AA as most of my characters are and when I put in the password it said, Sorry gotta wait 32 ticks. That I found really annoying I mean, I just want to archive, there really is no relevalnce to having to wait |15 40 whole ticks |U6 just to archive. Maybe 5 or 10 but all it is, it just makes you try to find a place to hide in so you can safely sit there for 40 ticks waiting for you timer to tick down. down. And just as I did that, I was jumped before I wanted to rent, that made me mad, I had no time to PK and wiat for another 47 ticks! So I hope the imms are listening and please give me a FULL response because I need to know why archiving has ANYTHING to do with PK. I have never seen someone run in PK and archive, I don't think that's a threat. threat. There are ways of escaping the tick timer by simply renting for a month and logging on every now and then for 2 or 3 ticks... So we both know its useless, let's just change it, or give me a GOOD reason to keep it the way it is. The person behind the player, PK fan, I'd hate to stop PKing so I can archive. |U6

From: Huginn Wednesday, October 09 2002, 08:04PM You can't archive for the same reason you can't abandon from a pkill clan with a timer active, you're presumed to be too close to a pk situation to just walk away. Yes, you can log on later and tick your timer down, that's fine. But when you do that, whomever you nailed recently has the oppurtunity to come kick your butt one last time :-). You can't have it both ways, I hear constantly that "we can't get revenge" now its "I don't have time to wait". Those are mutually exclusive. Personally I'd like to see the tick timer increased by an order of magnitude magnitude even, but I guess that's not what this post is about. So in summary, you can't do it because you asked for it to be that way. Thanks Huginn |U6

From: Anjani Thursday, October 10 2002, 09:36PM Atlas, you said 'I have never seen someone run in PK and archive'. That's not an argument to change archive & tick timers. It just shows that the code that prevents archiving while under a timer isn't buggy. I think if that code wasn't there that you would see a few run in PK and archive. If I recall correctly, the archive/timer code wasn't there the first week pkok came in ... and people noticed you could archive, then unarchive and lose your accept lists (thus circumventing the timer completely)... and it was fixed at player request fairly quickly. Of course I could be wrong on this ... it's only a vague memory :) Anjani's player |U6

From: Aegir Thursday, October 10 2002, 09:48PM what hug said, specially about increasing the timers but just a note, if you are going to increase the timers by a factor of 10, maybe the 'delete' time should be 60 days instead of 30 days. if you are going away shouldnt get deleted just because you couldnt find a safe room for 470 ticks =p |U6

From: Silence Friday, October 11 2002, 01:41PM I think I know where atlas is coming from, and I agree that "most" people who archive are doing it for a good reason and don't have a lot of time on their hands, because I figure if you're leaving it is because you are trying to play less. So I can see how this can be annoying to people who just want to make sure that their player doesn't get deleted. Now, Huggin, you and I know that the timer, doesn't change much the way PK works because people can find ways of waiting the ticks off without being targets for "revenge", now I appreciate the whole Pk and Rp thing with your planning but archiving is just a way for someone who needs time off to save their character, so please reconsider, this. I also don't remember people specifically mentioning so when you say you asked for it, doesn't apply to me, because I never asked for it. Other imms are welcome to respond. Silence, the silent type. |U6

From: Sandra Friday, October 11 2002, 02:17PM Anjani is correct in saying that originally there was no restriction on archiving, until people started abusing it. And boy did they. There were complaints, just as when y ou could leave a clan without waiting out the timer too. Both were fixed immediately. I don't expect either to change any time soon. Thank those that abused it. That being said, if you

From: really

From: have to archive and will be gone for an extended period, we have archived people for such a reason. The only problem being, you have to wait 2 weeks before asking to get your character back. |U6


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