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Posted by Aegir on 10/14

just my 2 cents here, but the lag from calm should be less than the lag from incite. just like when bash (yea old old bash based on dex) was changed from a 2 round lag) so that you couldnt basically spam it and prevent no fleeing continuous incite can beat continous calming yea i know you can fail, but the same could be said of bashes back then... |U6

From: Aegir Saturday, October 12 2002, 03:44PM i'd rather see calm be a 1 fight round lag, but if that is overpowering for mobkill then what about incite being 2.5 or 3 rounds? |U6

From: Kayin Sunday, October 13 2002, 09:01AM Ever tried to calm a fight in RL? Or start one? Which is easier? Personally, I'd say the lag needs to be longer on calm, based on that

From: chuckle

From: |U6

From: Aegir Sunday, October 13 2002, 12:40PM "calm a fight in RL" do you "cast" spells in RL too? lol there should be no way to prevent someone from fleeing based purely on your own success rolls. thats you can dispel binds, calm incites, not go into no_flee rooms in the first place, etc but if calm/incite have the same timer, well you can see the flaw, the same flaw that got bash changed... |U6

From: Habeeb Sunday, October 13 2002, 07:08PM oh right, there isn't a flaw, its called the calm spell if you wern't a 2c druid lackey there wouldn't be an issue so don't whine about it because you don't want to pony up the stat point and hometown to do it right, instead you settle with substiute and bitch proves no-one investigates thier claim they just whine just making a statement |U6

From: Camaris Monday, October 14 2002, 08:52AM The fact that you base your ideas of calm on a spell rather than a skill suggests you need to look more into this before posting. |U6

From: Aegir Monday, October 14 2002, 09:58AM the fact that you base your ideas on a spell that most chars do not have shows your lack of knowledge on the subject. |U6

From: Aegir Monday, October 14 2002, 10:10AM what about a compromise? when you incite a room of people fighting, and you are ALSO fighting, you ALSO become enraged? |U6

From: Habeeb Monday, October 14 2002, 10:56AM the point is, there are 2 forms of calm for a reason the skill is suppose to suck, and relys on luck for you to beat it so if you don't want to pony up, deal with the conseqences |U6


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