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Posted by Jen on 10/22

Okay I knoweth this hath been spoken of alot. But in a recent PK or mine, vs Willo, I bash'd at least 5 times, ALL of these bashes twere tumble'd. One tumble fine, two he wast lucky, three very lucky, but 5, should that naught be impossible? I thinketh there should be a law against it! I knoweth Tumble ist purely random and all that, but why doth he tumble so with 100 dex, when I haveth the same dex and ist lucky to tumble once per month. Perhaps hometowns... Oh well just something that made he win, naught that mine landing one bash twould have change'd that though, two land'd perhaps... Jen |U6

From: Abaddon Saturday, October 19 2002, 10:19PM Isnt this an OOC board? Is there really any need for the IC dialect/accent? It just makes it harder to read and understand the message....and most skills depend on more than just one stat, which is most likely the case in this situation. |U6

From: Jen Sunday, October 20 2002, 05:21AM Doth thou mock I? For any that knoweth I, then they shalt know that I do NAUGHT break character. If thou hath a problem with this, then tis thou's problem naught mine, for I shalt speaketh how I wisheth. Jen |U6

From: Huginn Sunday, October 20 2002, 01:44PM I took a look at the code, short story is that you were just really unlucky, Jen. Huginn |U6

From: Kae Sunday, October 20 2002, 05:39PM The Discussion board is by its very nature considered to be OOC. If you don't want to be heard or taken seriously, though, your call. |U6

From: Darla Sunday, October 20 2002, 07:46PM The moment you send a message to the cute Beatle to transfer you to another dimension where ordinary rules do not apply, you are stepping out of character, whether you choose to or nay. And the moment you begin to write on this board about skills and statistics and other in-game things your character should know nothing about, the pretense of remaining in character becomes absurd. Unless of course, she has the existential philosophy that life is but a game. |U6

From: Thundarr Sunday, October 20 2002, 10:45PM 2 points: 1) jen, you can speaketh anyway you want :) 2) as for tumble, please review the code because from my experiences the chances of tumbles a 'bash' are far, far greather than tumbling a headbutt or stun spell, and complicating this issue is the fact that when a bash is tumbled you are skill-lagged 3 fight rounds not 2 |U6

From: Huginn Monday, October 21 2002, 07:59PM I never stated that the chance to tumble a magic spell was the same as that of tumbling a physical attack. And again, I stated that I checked the code and what happened was a run of bad luck. Those things happen for and against you, truly random things do "clump". Huginn |U6

From: Thundarr Tuesday, October 22 2002, 01:24PM yes but what about the odds of headbutt vs. bash? |U6


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