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Posted by Stygian on 10/24

This post follows half the dissucssion on Jen's post about tumble. Firstly, it seems to me that the imms WANT you to RP. Letters in the LT, descriptions, etc etc. But as in the case of Jen there, and in several other cases that I have observed during my time here. If you do RP then you are just shot down for one reason or another. I say up with RP. RP on boards. SHOW the world you RP. If you get flack for it, well lob it back at them, tell them they aint a good RPer or something. It just seems to me that you try to do something that you enjoy, that is encouraged etc. But no matter how you try, all you do is get shot down for it. I think I have got words of encouragement on any characters RP about.... oooh once. All the other times I just get yelled at for trying. Now personally I think that is rather easy to understand in comparison to someone like McDougan. But I dont see anyone complain about his RP. In my experience it isnt enough to RP the character, you have to BE them. But even that doesn't avoid all flack. Hell it probabaly gets more. Just a few thoughts on something that you say you encourage, but all the signs indicate you loathe it. Stygian |U6

From: Sandra Monday, October 21 2002, 06:59PM Absolutely, we do want people to enjoy rp if that's their thing. We do ask, though, that when speaking to an immortal, or posting on an ooc board such as this one, that you leave your ic-ness at the door. It's rather difficult to sort thru the rp accents and such to find the real question/concern that is, in fact, an ooc question/concern. So, yes, rp like you wish. But please, PLEASE when asking questions of the staff, do so in normal text so that we can understand your question and answer it in the best way possible. -Sandra |U6

From: Sallah Tuesday, October 22 2002, 03:24AM I'm with Sandra. I love RP and I think there's too much OOCness on Legend. But look around. You know where you're standing right now? Well, you're not in the game at this moment. You're outside of it. You are your player. Your character would not be standing in a lounge with the Beatles tending bar, nor would he/she be writing posts about game mechanics. Never EVER breaking character including in the ooc lounge doesn't make you a good roleplayer. Save it for in-game, PLEASE. |U6

From: Kae Tuesday, October 22 2002, 04:58AM There are pretty much no high-profile role-players who do not at times take flak for their game style, as well as there are pretty much no high-profile pkillers who haven't taken flak for theirs. Both forms of gaming, and the combination thereof, are valid and encouraged by the staff. Indeed, stay in character at all times and you earn my respect (yes, I'm one of those pesky role-players myself) -- EXCEPT on the OOC boards and on the bug/idea/typo channels. An immortal may have only so many hours available to fix or consider stuff; this time should not be wasted trying to figure out what someone is meaning to say in between the accents, the slurs, and the personalized grammar (wasn't that a nice way of describing Jen's use of English?). By all means, post on the IC boards in as obscure a dialect as you like. Write LT rants in gibberish if that's your character's way of approaching things. Do pretty much anything you want -- and gosh, we've had some pretty bizarre RPs over time. Just not in the very few instances where we, the staff, are asking you to deal as you the player, not you the character. Surely this is not too much to ask of anyone. --Darth Kae |U6

From: Wren Wednesday, October 23 2002, 08:11AM A student, when corrected by a language teacher for using slang in an inappropriate context, proceeds to accuse the teacher of loathing the very language that's being taught. ---- One of things I really like about Legend is that "RP is Encouraged" isn't just another empty sign put up there on the MotD for appearance's sake. Or perhaps in the thought that just posting that will suddenly create an environment conducive to roleplaying. It's pretty obvious, at least to me, that far more than lip-service is paid to roleplaying on Legend. I've been on muds where, being the woogly person I am, I aliased my speech thingies - just like I sometimes do here - - to imitate the effect that the "moods" command gives us on Legend. In those other muds, (more than one), I was asked repeatedly by different players if a "God limited your speech". That there might be any other reason never occurred to them. All these muds had "RP is encouraged" or, even, occasionally, "enforced" signs. Whatever that means. On Legend, small touches like the moods command, the fact that your desc can be as spammy as you like (witness the pkillers with...amazingspam for descs - you wanna LOOK at me huh!), that you can have a customised description, all add to an atmosphere that _encourages_ roleplay - even by those who aren't interested in it. Descs are neat. ;) It's been repeatedly said (and I do agree) that you do not need a desc to roleplay. However, OTHER people having descs (and not just look-descs) adds greatly to an _atmosphere_ that encourages roleplay. Being able to customise the description past "pale skin ice blue eyes and black hair" generics which some muds offer add greatly to the "mythical" feel of Legend as a whole. That's to the "imms loathe RP" bit.




From: I disagree that being IC at all times is at all a bad thing. There are simply many, many different ways to roleplay. Different styles and perceptions. I, personally, prefer to be IC all the time, regardless of whether my character's body happens to be OOC or IC at any given moment. However, I recognise that that's just one style among many, and besides, it would be boring if there weren't many! When it comes to posts on OOC boards though, I tend to alt to an easily intelligible character (mostly). It's a matter of weighing how much you want the IDEA behind your post to be heard - and how much you want your _character_ to be heard. If someone chooses to express concern about a gaming issue while staying in character - and that character happens to be hard for many people to understand - that someone obviously considers staying IC _as important as_ the issue at hand - and therefore, probably shouldn't grumble if _other_ people respond - You're incomprehensible! It's just the price paid for maintaining an image.

From: Shrug

From: That's my take on it, anyway. If you really want to get the idea across though, use an alt that is easily understandable to the best of your ability. It in no way detracts from a post, especially a gaming one, if you point out that an alt of mine with 666hit/dam really has PROBLEMS with this skill, this weapon, this quest! Whatever! With the possible exception of pk-related posts, no one really cares _which_ alt of yours you're talking about as long as the information you're providing makes sense. (I hope not anyway

From: giggle

From: ). So anyway. Want your posts regarding gaming matters to have some response from _players_ other than huh? What the heck you talking about? You nuts. Next post. Make the posts intelligible. Or, alternatively, make them so spammy

From: beam

From: like this one, that no one reads 'em. No negative comments that way!

From: Halo

From: Wren! |U6


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