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Posted by Craven on 11/16

Would be real nice for those of us with huge amounts of characters who constantly have to ask to get their alts unpurged if you could add some type of "master account" that could in turn keep tabs on all of our characters. For example, maybe I'd log in under the master account legend914. From there I would have a list of every alt I choose to put in there, which would be all. I'm sure some people would fear security breaches or something and would put like 1 or even none in it. Anyway, from there it could show you the level of the char, perhaps hours played, and of course their archive status. Not a change that would exactly move the world, I know. But it seems like something that wouldn't necessarily be too hard and could really be useful not only now, but in the future when different things are added or modified. Since you could change what it displays, it could even be made to be customizable, though that could be somewhere down the road. :) - Craven |U6

From: Aegir Tuesday, October 29 2002, 08:54PM good idea, i like it |U6

From: LadyAce Tuesday, October 29 2002, 08:58PM Sounds interesting to me, too! It'd be helpful for the situation where we need to reach the 'player' not spam all their alts hoping we hit the one they will log in next. |U6

From: Sallah Tuesday, October 29 2002, 09:51PM Account managers have been in use for quite awhile on muds, and they seem to work pretty well. A lot of muds that use them have a character approval process, but since Legend does not follow that philosophy, that would make it even easier. It could be something pretty useful. |U6

From: Boreas Wednesday, October 30 2002, 12:36AM I really like the idea. Another thing to add to it is for active chars a date/time of last login, so you can tell if your char is in danger of purging. |U6

From: Akai_Hayate Wednesday, October 30 2002, 01:15AM but if someone like craven logged in and checked his alt list the spam would like crash the mud! or something. No I actually did have something to say when I typed in append, but I forgot it :P So uh, how many characters does it take to screw in a light bulb? |U6

From: Israfel Wednesday, October 30 2002, 05:17AM I'd be delighted if this idea was imped. Speaking (embarassingly) as someone who's mentally grumbled at an alt name that I wanted to make being taken - then tried to unarchive it and realised it was mine.

From: Ahem

From: Israfel |U6

From: Kohola Friday, November 01 2002, 11:31PM Perhaps also, this could also give the ability to delete a char from your master list, rather than go ahead and perma the char, if you want to start over again? K |U6

From: Edric_Wulf Friday, November 08 2002, 08:47AM This idea while simple in nature is a wonderful idea. just the ability of seeing your characters last log on would be so helpful to me since I am like craven and I have a lot of alts to ponder. Though I think for security reasons I would not like to be able to delete a character from this menu. having to physically perma a character with the infos is something I dislike also, but account management and then possible log on after to that character with full username/pass security still immped would be great. James, Edric's player |U6

From: Romaltha Saturday, November 16 2002, 03:47PM here here! great idea! |U6


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