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Posted by Fortebraccio on 11/20

In the last few days I had some complaints on my clan because of pkill interference IE use of preparation spells on people fighting us done from people that doesn't accept us. As usual we dealt with the interested party in Grendel way but OOC shouldn't some kind of rule be implemented on preparation spells like the same rule for healing? |U6

From: Habeeb Tuesday, November 12 2002, 08:18PM a rule would be nice, but isn't there supposidly already a rule for it maybe some code to prevent it, or maybe a punishment people don't shrug off and might actually be scared of? punishment should also be two fold IMHO, if its a mistake then blah crap happens, but if one party is willing asking another to break the rules -s for them, both should be punished as one in the same just my opinion, till the day something happens, i guess i'll deal with it in my own ways |U6

From: Sandra Tuesday, November 12 2002, 09:24PM If someone aided a person you were fighting and is not accepting you, then it's definately illegal. If you want to mail me with the information regarding the situation, I'll definately take care of the problem. -Sandra |U6

From: Lira Thursday, November 14 2002, 10:46AM Well Sandra, Someone DID just that! they made a report and Huginns EXACT response was.. "That's not illegal" so which is it? legal or illegal? Make up your mind on the rules and the intent/wording/outplay of said rules. |U6

From: Sandra Thursday, November 14 2002, 11:22AM From HELP PK: Therefore, any direct or indirect interference by a non-pkok-enabled character, even if the action is on behalf or otherwise representing a pkenabled player, will result in punishment based on the system outlined in HELP RULES. If the interference was solicited by a pkok-enabled character, he or she will also be subject to punishment. Non-pkok-enabled characters should generally refrain from giving any assistance that might be of use to pkok-enabled characters if there is any doubt about whether the pkok-enabled character is presently engaged in a running pkill battle. In other words, if you are grouped with a pkok-enabled character and saw him or her get wounded by the lion, you are of course free to heal him/her. But if that same character appears by you, leaking guts, and begs a heal (or any other help), it is your responsibility to be certain you are not interfering with pkill. When in doubt, it is your responsibility to make sure you are not interfering with pkill. |U6

From: Huginn Thursday, November 14 2002, 12:26PM There were two incidents that where someone recently asked about legality: 1) someone got prepped, then went and jumped someone else. That's generally bad form but its not illegal. If it had happened during a fight then it would be illegal if the caster wasn't accepting you. 2) Someone gave a recall potion to another character who was trapped between create walls. That is illegal since the fight was definately ongoing at the time. But I also remember that the reporter didn't actually want the incident followed up on because the inital punishment wouldn't have been severe enough, given no priors. Huginn |U6

From: Lira Thursday, November 14 2002, 12:53PM Direct or INDIRECT pretty much says it all..casting on another person giving them an advantage over another person is an indirect bonus in pk. Now, I understand that the caster doesnt always know what castie is going to do, so then it falls onto the castie to NOT break the rules or involve themselves in pk until said preps wear off. At the very LEAST said offenders should be warned, major for castie who used the spells unlock w open w w close e lock e pk because they KNEW what they were doing when they walked off and jumped another person, and at least a minor warning for the mage who casted said spells so they know to watch what they're doing and to ask questions before freely casting. Every cause mage I run preps on runs yes, but I am also careful about timing and who is my target for spells. It is both peoples responsiblity to watch what they're doing, and at least a minor warning for the castor. |U6

From: Karrion Thursday, November 14 2002, 05:21PM I happen to know a little something about one of these incidents, and I personally can't think of a reason why a pkill enabled sniper would need detect illusion on 'the beaten path'. Jumping someone (in case anyone isn't clear about the definition of 'jumping' in pkill, it refers to initiating combat, starting a fight) after being prepped by a non-accepting caster is clearly intentional cheating by the attacker and blatant disregard for the rules. Obviously, it would be differant if the prepped char was jumped rather than being the attacker, but since that isn't the case here I would have to say theres either a huge freakin' loophole or disciplinary action should have been taken. I never have heard of rule breaking going unpunished because of the victim's feelings on the severity of the penalty. That one is new to me! |U6

From: Mandarb Thursday, November 14 2002, 11:15PM Oh shut up. I guess that means druids can't premake people potions anymore either, as that'll be pk interference. You people are acting like children. So someone was prepped. Its not like its some new or fantastic new advancement in pk technology. I can't even recall how many times I've come up against a prepped fighters or snipers in my years of pk experience, and never once did I think, man, this guy needs warned or deleted. What is wrong with you people these days? This place is becoming a giant babified playground with baby monitors everywhere to make sure the boogie monsters don't come get us. If you have a problem with people having preps from someone who had no intention of giving them to them for pk, then kill the damn offender. It's not the mages fault. And even if the mage DOES ask every god damn time, "using this for pk?' how does that actually stop someone from doing it. Obviously, it doesn't. This is so blown out of proportion I can't even believe it. As of now, I will start prepping anyone who asks with any of my alts who AREN'T pk, and hopefully using your retarded logic I'll be deleted in a week. We can only hope the mud degrades that much further. - Mandarb |U6

From: Huginn Friday, November 15 2002, 10:54AM To clarify for Karrion: > I never have heard of rule breaking going unpunished because of the > victim's feelings on the severity of the penalty. That one is new to me! If it involves "pkill interference" then its alot of he said, she said testimony and I don't chase it down unless the person who is affected says that they want it to happen. If someone comes and calms during your pkill fight but isn't accepting you then you have a choice, report it and get them in trouble or let it go. In this case the person said if the warning was all they were going to get then forget it. Huginn |U6

From: Drakkon Friday, November 15 2002, 11:07AM what a waste of time reading this post was, lol, i've had ppl jump me with preps from un-pk ppl, and i've jumped ppl with preps from un-pk ppl, i'm sure if you pkilled for a while you've done it at least once so why complain when someoen else does it :P |U6

From: Habeeb Friday, November 15 2002, 01:17PM More to the point, my arguement in the point is i work hark at trapping someone somone, so one person can come in and recall/di them IN the middle of the fight? thats BS is what that is, and should be punished, and yes, the first time around i asked huginn not to bother punishing someone because what good is a medium warning especially when he wasn't going after the player THAT ASKED FOR THE RECALL POTION...so you want the details ask haley, shes got the the log on Willos second offence on the same crap against me by all means, go ape on him sandra |U6

From: Purge Saturday, November 16 2002, 03:27AM ahahahahaha boogie monsters that just made my board reading for the week worth while |U6

From: Stain Saturday, November 16 2002, 04:47PM I personally don't think that this kind of thing should be warnable or get anyone deleted. I think it should be an automatic accept all for a period of at least 2months of IC, outside tics. Not two rl months, but however many freakin' ticks are in two months. Guarenteed, folks who don't want to pkill would think twice about throwin' preps around, and the imm staff wouldn't have to deal with warnings and stuff, the offended player could simply take his revenge! |U6

From: Lex Sunday, November 17 2002, 08:43PM what stain said. if someones giving out preps mid-fight w/o accepting one of the fighting party's, auto-accept them for 100 ticks or something. |U6

From: Drakkon Tuesday, November 19 2002, 09:19AM 1000 ticks yous ay? yea i agree with the 1000 ticks thing CACKLE |U6

From: Mandarb Wednesday, November 20 2002, 08:03PM it didn't HAPPEN mid fight. Jeez :P |U6

From: Habeeb Wednesday, November 20 2002, 09:17PM i'm sorry mandard but where IN THE RULES does it say it HAS to be midfight? hehe mandarb even =) anywho, it DOSN 't say its has to be mid fight, and you can all eay my typos! |U6


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