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Posted by Lex on 12/09

Does anyone else think the rent on housing is way too high? Take for example my garret ========================== Initial cost: 228,000 Door: 3,500 Lock: 15,000 Total: 246,500 Daily Rent: 2,900 Yearly Rent: 1,058,500 Yes, that's right! The yearly rent is over 4 times the building cost! This game is supposed to be fun -- not a job away from my job! Yes, getting gold is faily easy to do, but its NO FUN! How about putting the fun back in? Wasn't the point of housing to let players put a little something back into the game? I can't fathom what it would be like to try to maintain a 3-4 room "home" for each of my level 50 characters... Three to four million per year of money running -- NO THANKS! Would be nice if I could share 1 house across chars but that is probably against the rules of crossplay. Many long term players may remember when people got each other equipment for free... never see that now... everyones too busy money running, or they have to charge you to supplement the insanely high cost of contributing to this mud. -Lex Luthor, hating the 'high-rent' district |U6

From: Lex Tuesday, November 26 2002, 01:55PM another thought -- anyone else wonder why the newbie boxes here are almost always empty? yeah, because everyone takes the stuff and sells it at the closest merchant... |U6

From: Habeeb Tuesday, November 26 2002, 07:05PM initial building cost: 0 door 0 lock 0 rent 10% tithe yearly rent what ever i want to donate ever consider, houses my have been put in for the good of the groups not the good of the lone? if you don't like a house, don't have one..cuz thats all the imms will say |U6

From: Nelson Tuesday, November 26 2002, 07:06PM Personaly I haven't had a house since my alts bank account dropped from like 2 million to 0 and couldn't pay for it. Obviously not all of this was housing charges, but quite a chunk was...anyways I agree money running is just to painfully boring, i'm doing a set of mobs that gets me like 12k per repop(assuming the store is open, which it isnt ever :P) but as soon as I get the +5 item I need from this random item dropping jerk, i'll go back to more important things...money and xp both

From: gag


From: die

From: yanno...and actualy one of the most annoying things here is I have to kill a mob with two good items for someone and he only needs one of them items so I drop the other in the closest newbie box or whatever I run sl and nobody wants any of the items so they all go in..yanno whatever..the point is I am constantly(when I am playing, which hardly can be called constantly anymore :P) dropping good items into the newbie boxes and constantly coming back 10 minutes later to see them all gone, which is fine fine it's what they are there for, but then 2 minutes later I see rune circled ring or whatever on auction that's just annoying...maybe the boxes can have like a level 10 limit? Anyone over level 10 can't get stuff out of the boxes...now this probably wouldn't do much except make a buncha low level characters really rich but...better them than some level 50 jerk who could get the item on thier own :P I know getting gold when you are small is even more painful than when you are big, so I wouldn't even care really but maybe thats just me. |U6

From: Lex Wednesday, November 27 2002, 08:20AM this is mostly to Habeeb: i see your point, however BEFORE housing went in there already were guild halls, and in my opinion better ones than we have now with te 6 trans mobs that could be killed to cut off escape routes. so, one could draw the conclusion that housing was put in so that people NOT in guilds could also have 'halls'... |U6

From: Huginn Wednesday, November 27 2002, 10:36AM But before housing went in, anything dropped in a clan hall poofed with the next reboot/crash. And IMO housing is expensive but having the ability to save random items over time is worth it. Huginn |U6

From: Drakkon Wednesday, November 27 2002, 11:40AM i suppose, but most of the random items sitting in houses are stupid items like eggs, and jack-o-lanterns and stupid strings no one wants i think houses are basically garbage cans these days for things we dont want to have to look at :P |U6

From: LadyAce Wednesday, November 27 2002, 02:19PM Presumably if people are paying to keep them, they don't mind looking at them :) the junk command is handy for unwanted stuff. I agree that housing is expensive (having had a house and lost it, myself) -- but I'm not sure I can agree that it's too expensive. All kinds of benefits come from having a house, and maintaining them is not all that difficult -- money running is not all that difficult. It does take regular effort, but I've found that the only times I had trouble maintaining a reasonable house was when I wasn't logging in very often. Maybe it'd be more fun to have a house if you used a different philosophy of money running -- selling nice eq and killing wealthy mobs can give you a big lump sum, but are less reliable methods. Just hacking up a few mobs with good eq, getting it and selling it, might take a few minutes, and only move you up bit by bit, but it's often much more efficient. You can make it part of your ongoing experience -- set up a coins trigger, watch yourself get loaded up with gold fast. Keep an eye out all the time for light, sellable-to-shops type stuff. Do some of the money-earning quests now and then. If it's a pain to get money in small daily chunks, get it in massive incredible chunks, and vice versa. I know that when I got in a rut earning cash, that's when I got reallllly bored with it. Just some thoughts, anyways.... -LA |U6

From: Mandarb Thursday, November 28 2002, 11:23AM it might worth it if you didn't pay MORE rent to have an item in it. That bothers me more then anything else about housing, and is why I refuse to buy a house. I buy it, pay it in FULL, then have to pay incredible rent on something I own, and lets not forget if I choose to PUT anything in it, I will now probably pay 3-4 times the normal rent value. Its a stupid system and it really ruins housing in my opinion. But some people seem to love it, so I guess at least a feature that took forever to code appeals to a few people. I bet if I could save items in my house without going broke in 2 days would make a lot of people like them more. |U6

From: Lex Thursday, November 28 2002, 11:52AM my suggestion to i think cheyla was to double the initial cost of houses, and make the house/door/lock/etc zero rent. so it would cost about 1 million gold for a nice 2-4 room house, and you'd only pay daily rent on stuff thats inside it, i.e. extra equipment. another really cool thing i thought of, might take a wee bit of coding, was to add a special "ancient timeless chest" items, items where if you put a timed item in them it would not decay until removed from said chest. you could keep whatever you wanted in it. another possible solution would be give more cash to high level mobs. abbot sugar is on most everyone's money run, for a reason. what if big mobs like jim southland, sayyid said, etc had 5k-10k gold? or what if they had a chest/jar in their room and you re-used the code in the abbey basement so that the coins appeared when they are killing in said chest? |U6

From: Paranoia Friday, November 29 2002, 01:03AM I agree with Mandarb on this one, having to pay rent for eq you already own is kinda gay. I think lock/door/rooms and stuff should incure rent charges, but your stuff inside should not. Some of us don't spend every waking minute, or even more than a day or two a week on here. With rand stat items, switching eq is something you have to get a full SL group for so you can get it done RIGHT THEN, or gimp yourself by losin' no longer need eq and make the switchin' even harder. Random stuff make the time it takes to switch even greater as well, I have had to store about half of a full eq set for around 4 to 5 days before, because 3 random items refused to pop the right one. Blah, blah, blah.. Take off housing rent on eq and other items inside and I wouldn't see the problem. Be kinda coo if the rent was collected monthly rather than daily, as well. |U6

From: Wren Friday, November 29 2002, 05:02AM Oo. Housies!

From: Sniff

From: No nests for lazybirdgirls! Err, but that aside. I think if all the eq that goes into your house is all free rent that's a little bit er - unreasonable. Shouldn't be able to store a full eq set for 2k rent! What I think might be more reasonable is for eq to rent for free _up to_ the daily rent of the house. I.e. if your daily rent is 2.8k and you put a 2.7k piece of gear in your house, you don't pay rent on it. But! If the gear or the amount of stuff in your house adds up to 2.9k, then you pay 2.9k (or whatever) per day. Basically deduct the daily rent from the rent you pay for thingies that you put in your house. This would also give more incentive to get big ookiy 15k rent houses!

From: SQUEE!

From: (And um, is ooky to pay for zips.

From: Hang

From: ) (Not sure if I was clear so um. You pay daily rent, and the balance of any rent on gear that is in your house and exceeds your daily rent!)

From: Ponders that sentence being any clearer.

From: Wren-t-a-Healer! |U6

From: Fortebraccio Saturday, November 30 2002, 12:21PM OK, I swear I was gonna append exactly the same suggestion that Wren had, and exactly for the same reasons, if you paying 15k rent for an house why not to have at least 15k of object rentable at no cost? So far beside RP reasons i see no advantage on having a big house vs a small cottage. |U6

From: Akai_Hayate Tuesday, December 03 2002, 02:25AM Maybe it could be optional when you pay rent too? If I wanna pay 2k per day or 60k a month or...a ton per year, for people like me who log on once a month and find that thier 2k per day rent has pigged out thier bank account, we could log in for our montly and go "Oh crap I better sell a coupon to some dork fast!" And make our monthly payment Cause as it stands now I could never have a house, hell I just lost like 4 casino coupons because of how often I log in. |U6

From: Akai_Hayate Tuesday, December 03 2002, 02:28AM One more thing, and I realize this probably only applys to me but I get sick of playing one char and if you have a daily rent thing you gotta play that char to maintain them and thier house and whatever when I get on I wanna log on to whatever character I like the most at the time. Not have to log into stupid akai cause his stupid 5k per day payments requires that I run around like a monkey with its head cut off trying to kill some freakin gold mobs that this character gets butchered by, what with his wierd stats and lack of skills. One more thing sorta on this same point, what if you could transfer houses between alts? Houses don't really do anything for a character so it's not like buying a house with a level 50 and switching it to your level 10 would do much good since they wouldn't be able to pay the rent anyways, so I don't see why this wouldn't work. Would let me not be bound by who has the housing payments to keep up either, play who I want when I want

From: cheer

From: |U6

From: Drakkon Thursday, December 05 2002, 10:01AM yea i dont think that would work akai, cuz you could probably store eq in the house, transfer it to your lowbie, get all the eq, then transfer back, making it an easy way to switch eq between alts :P |U6

From: Mandarb Saturday, December 07 2002, 01:00PM The Wren idea has been suggested before and was shot down. I dunno why. |U6

From: Lex Monday, December 09 2002, 07:49AM just too lame for me, i sold my house =P |U6


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