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Posted by Camaris on 01/06

A bit of an idea I had, loosely based on RL

From: duck

From: I think it would be interesting to see a few weapons that changed attack types based on agg/wary setting. Example...at normal or wary distance, most great swords DO slash...but at agg they have a more limited area to work in, so most of the time they get used in a chopping manner (if no pummeling with the haft and hilt, but best to keep fight stat same, dex to dex, str to str, etc..) Be an interesting way to vary how people use certain weapons based on the type change versus the agg lvl, and many of the group tactics used in runs (not to mention how it would affect PK) Anyways, that's my idea, thanks for taking the time to read it. Feel free now to fire away with the good and bad comments

From: chuckle

From: |U6

From: Camaris Monday, November 04 2002, 01:13PM

From: peers at post

From: Hrm...should be if NOT pummeling

From: heh

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From: Lex Wednesday, November 06 2002, 09:00AM interesting thought... its such a shame that 3 resist items made 90% of the Q5 weapons pure crap... yes i can hear the builders now,

From: whine

From: then don't use them

From: whine

From: add more maxed stat wise Q5 non-pierce, non-bludgeon, non-slash weapons plus, now i am not 100% positive on this, but i am

From: guessing

From: that an extra attack (like so many swords have) is considered a bonus, i.e. it adds rent to an item? i'd like to take issue with this, and get some player input: for me, that secondary attack that does maybe 2-15 points of damage it a total detriment. it basically cuts in half the length of any stun/ stagger/paralyze and it makes ring of fire the best spell in the game! sandra shot down a config option to turn off secondary attacks, she had good reasons though, they were... uhhh... because she said so? nah i actually recall, anyway... (don't recall)--^ where is this going? well how funny is it that every strength fighter is switching to the shark jawbone -- waht does this tell us? i draw 2 conclusions from this fact and my own experience: 1) really heavy weapons (17 kg) while having the biggest single round max damage, over time do crap for damage due to only getting 5 swings 2) nobody likes to use a slash type weapon, becaus if they ever engage in pk there is an easy to get resist slash item just my 2 gold coins worth |U6

From: Sandra Wednesday, November 06 2002, 01:41PM Actually, I said that it would be silly to make a config such as that because the spell that was being whined about could be easily thwarted by fleeing. If you choose to use a weapon with secondary attacks, and tank a cause mage, well then you're an idiot. ;) No config option is going to change that. I wonder, also, if you've really explored the game that much. Explore more, and quit relying on outdated, incorrect cheat pages for the information regarding weapons and resistance items. You may be surprised. Sandra |U6

From: Ming Wednesday, November 06 2002, 07:25PM maybe its just me, but it seems silly that a 400 hp mage should be able to easily out-tank a pure warrior-fighter due to a single spell... |U6

From: Craven Thursday, November 07 2002, 04:12PM they can't unless they get incredibly lucky. |U6

From: Camaris Thursday, November 07 2002, 10:25PM Well, I see it didnt take long for this idea to get diverted to other complaints.

From: sigh

From: |U6

From: Strad Friday, November 08 2002, 04:48AM

From: comf Camaris

From: They never even really discussed the topic, but I think you're right, it would be kinda nice, and interesting, and whole lot more realistic |U6

From: Lex Friday, November 08 2002, 02:39PM ya cool idea, probably a ton of code to implement for a very small gain, i mean the only differences between slash/bludgeon/chop/claw are 1) the message you see and 2) which resistance item affects you |U6

From: Drakkon Saturday, November 09 2002, 08:30PM with nova with a resist item he can easily tank out a pure fighter as long as he is ring of fired, and has the mana to continue firestorming or watery deathing or immolating :P |U6

From: Rufus Monday, January 06 2003, 10:57AM Absolutely huge code change from 2 types of data that have very little in common (the attack type and wary/agg setting). I like the idea, I think it's very cool, but being realistic, the chance of breaking fundemental game systems with this change is pretty huge. |U6


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