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Posted by Sandman on 01/16

I would like to see something where 2handed guns and bows can be wielded.. using that as your main weapon. Giving also, with high perception, a bigger bonus to speed and damage. Ofcourse for this to work at all, the 2 handed guns and bows need to be upped a little in maxdam overall. Maybe even more gun/bow skills to aquire.. Also with this, stunning shots would need to be upped a little in order for these type of fighters to be able to either get a snipe shot attempt in or ability to aim for shooting a weapon out. With the exclusive use of a gun/bow it would seem that you could pick which type of shot, aimed shot, you would like to attempt.. snipe or shooting a weapon out.. Then comes the issue of balancing the guns/bows for this new beefy outlook. Upping the rent and keeping them 5 stat would be a nice tradeoff for more damage/speed and overall usage of this type of fighter. This may all sound silly, stupid to even try, unbalanced, but would be neat to see real "gunfighters" walking the mud, with nothing but time.. and ammo. Also ofcourse parry would be useless with this type.. And I'm sure I can think of a ton more things that would be either a disadvantage or an advantage for this.. just a thought for something a bit different. If not.. could always just up the speed/damage on 2handed guns/bows anyway for some fun with either non stat stuff.. or outragously renty stuff. |U6

From: Wren Wednesday, January 08 2003, 06:39AM Oom. I think this was done a couple of years back. Well something like it. From what I remember it was a weeeee bit overpowered. Though it was fuuuun!

From: giggle

From: Like a free shopping spree! Wren-ch-in-the-works! |U6

From: Ryadin Friday, January 10 2003, 02:18AM sounds cool but here is my useless input. From looking at chars, most are dex of some sort. Although that is slowly changing now. Of those dexers, quite a few have high perc. With the recent hunt changes, 30 perc can hunt abot 10 rooms instead of 1/2 way across the mud. That is one big advantage to those. Also alot of those perc/dex chars have bs. Probably THE most powerful skill in the game. Although with this idea in theory you shouldnt be able to bs targets. Changing the topic slightly and moaning about bs... In practice, a person could creap up behind a target, and place things other than daggers/knives into their target's back. For example a sword. It would be harder to suceed, but since the weapon is that much bigger the damage would be that much greater. Even if you weild something that NO ONE would consider as a bsing weapon, (an axe) you could still TRY to lump it into their back. If succeeded (which it probably wouldnt) you would almost cut the person in two. Or at very least leave them VERY hurt.

From: winces in pain as someone slams an axe into his back

From: Basically what I am saying, is that you SHOULD be able to have a CHANCE to backstab with any weapon with a sharp pointy bit

From: cant see a bs with a club or staff

From: Although the bigger the weapon, the less likely to succeed, but higher dam. or something. Well back to the original post. If you could weild gun as a weapon that bludgeoned as well as shot.

From: but not both at once

From: That would be cool. Of course if you increase the stats/dam of 2 hand guns and make them weaponable. Then i would like to see an increase in stats/dam of other 2 handed weapons. Axes, some staffs etc.

From: personally i think that this should be at least given. You are using 2 held slots and still only have a 5 stat item a 'normal' single handed item. There aint much if any bonus in having things 2 handed.

From: another feature you could add would be something like being able to weild single hand weapons 2 hand. This would only increase damage as changing stats would change the item. Of couse this could only happen with certian weapons, big ones. staffs mainly as swords swords tend to have a sharp edge where your other hand would be. Unless it was a bastard sword, or other sword designed for 2 hand purpose. Anyway. this has turned out to be rather long. I vote for 2 handed item upgrades. The perc as a main stat, as i said, there are alot that have that already. But as i said its changing. Alot seem to have discovered the jawbone and barkskin and a few other little tricks. Ryadin sorry about the length... |U6

From: Tazus Friday, January 10 2003, 03:27PM i believe that two-handed guns that could be used as a weapon to be a good idea. But it would have to change the scale abit with the damage one gun can do |U6

From: Sandman Sunday, January 12 2003, 05:07AM The whole idea would be to just use the gun/bow.. tho you could draw a dex weapon to backstab.. maybe make it so if your using a gun, if it was a weapon not just a sidearm, that the draw skill becomes null... then again you could waste the time to remove and wear the weapon.. then repeat.. but that would take away from using the gun/bow as a weapon.. lots of if's and's and but's and issues of every sort you can think of.. just would like to see big guns replace a weapon.. im sure a bullet or an arrow could do the same damage as a weapon could in a round.. if shot with good accuracy... shrug dont know the answers.. dont know why i try.. just a cool thought to see players using only projectile weapons and it being worth a lot more than it is now. |U6

From: Furian Sunday, January 12 2003, 08:47AM Can't draw a weapon to switch from a projectile weapon. This HAS been done though. For about 3 days to week, snipers were literally ruling the mud. Furian |U6

From: Craven Sunday, January 12 2003, 10:43PM While this doesn't stand a chance in hell of being imp'd, there are a few points to be made. One is that just because it failed before means it must fail again is obviously false. A fight system did exist inbetween the current and the "original," and it failed. Obviously this one didn't. Anyway, they aren't going to imp anything new for some time. I understand you're fustrated and bored, but its not going to happen. While I'm not trying to take away from what the coders do, look at the facts. They haven't made a single change in 3 weeks, and before that it was one or 2 liner posts for bug or typo fixes. Nothing is going to be added for awhile, until they either get more coders or the ones they have somehow get less busy in RL. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bone thrown our way on Feb. 14th, but between now and then, don't expect much. :) As for something as large as a complete combat addition, they just haven't got around to telling you yet, probably because they felt you should already know. Wait for trees. :) Have a great day! - David |U6

From: Kaige Monday, January 13 2003, 12:05PM Oh, please, it's not like I should HAVE to justify to anyone how I've spent the last three weeks. But please, won't you consider forgiving us for going and celebrating the holidays in real life?


From: Sheesh, Let's look at those three weeks you're currently lamenting... Dec 27th. 2 days after Christmas: 1) I was out of town, 2) Ea! was out of town. Not a good time to put up a code change that might not have support if something goes wrong with it. Jan 3rd. - 2 days after new year's. Ea! still out of town and I got home late on New Year's Eve. No code "patch" was made the previous week for the rest of the immortals to look over and test out. Many people still out of town. Also, not a good week to put something untested into the game. January 10th: I forgot to make the code patch the week before. Doesn't mean things haven't been being worked on since December 23rd. A new patch was made the 9th, so there will be changes installed this coming Friday. As far as your derogatory little dig of "I wouldn't be surprised to see a bone thrown our way on Feb 14th"


From: We've ALWAYS tried to give the mud something new and different to play with for the mud's birthday. So I don't see this year as an exception or by doing it offering a way to soothe your ruffled feathers, Craven. -Kaige |U6

From: Archmage Tuesday, January 14 2003, 03:26AM Craven....want some cheese with that whine? |U6

From: Craven Thursday, January 16 2003, 04:26PM You both took that post completely wrong, which I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at. I was not whining, nor was I trying to demean or upset anyone. The simple fact is, there WERE no code changes in the last 3 weeks. I KNOW what time of year it was, and as I stated, its going to be that way until we get more coders or, and I quote, "the ones they have somehow get less busy in RL." Chill out, both of you. I told you in September that I had given up on trying to "make" you make any changes Kaige. They will happen when they happen so to speak. As for the, "I wouldn't be surprised to see a bone thrown our way on Feb. 14th," how should I have worded that to make you feel good? Since I've started here there are exactly 2 days you can almost guarentee SOMETHING will happen. Feb 14th and April 1st. I felt, and still do, that VERY little will change until Feb 14th. If that somehow hurts your feelings, then I'm sorry, I have no sympathy for that. I really don't know what else to say. I'm frankly amused at how you people took this. I'm sure after the way you took the last post you'll take this one all wrong to, but I guess I really don't care. I tried. :) - David |U6


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