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Posted by Ryadin on 02/08

An idea to get rid of all the 'backstab is too powerful' rants. Modify flee. If you put flee with a tick/skill lag to initate combat, this not only would be more realistic (as you are panic stricken and cant think of fighting fighting for a while), but it would reduce the people that bs/flee or warcry/flee on mobs/pk or anything. Yes bs is powerful, and yes i personally belive pure hitters should get a simmilar skill, but thats just me. To help with this idea, another skill could be implemented. RETREAT This skill would be flee, only where you decide direction. Again it would have some form of lag. Perhaps not so much as flee... but who knows... Just an idea |U6

From: Cheyla Tuesday, January 21 2003, 09:23PM Retreat skill.... two words, I'm sure you can guess em. |U6

From: Angavar Tuesday, January 21 2003, 10:13PM so we get a skill that does flee, only uses a practice and has lag! gee what fun! when to be implemented? I can hardly wait! I think you missed what he was saying. BS as everyone knows is a powerful skill. People have been complaining about it for god knows how long. So you put in a BS timer. But i think he was trying to point out that, they bs then flee. then bs then flee. So bs is not the only thing that plays a role here, thus you could leave BS with 0 lag, but put lag on NORMAL flee (not retreat) which would then determine what you could do. As he said, panic stricken, so not a planned retreat, a 'get the hell out of here NOW' thing, so it does kinda make sence to not be able to attack for a while afterwards... well thats my understanding |U6

From: Sandra Wednesday, January 22 2003, 06:43AM I believe Cheyla was trying to not say the words Skill Trees. Which is where the retreat skill is. As for a lag on flee... Interesting. |U6

From: Skar Wednesday, January 22 2003, 08:47AM I don't believe we need a lag on flee. However, I've long believed that you shouldn't be able to flee if you're suffering from skill lag. The infuriating thing about max wimpy to me is that the wimpy person gets to make a special attack -- like backstab -- and immediately darts away as soon as they get a scratch. So they get to sit out their skill lag safe from normal combat damage and safe from any specials their opponents might make. That's bad enough if their opponent is merely trying to headbutt -- there's no penalty for trying to headbutt somebody who isn't there -- but if you're trying to cast a spell and your target has fled, you'll now have skill lag and your target can come back in and kick or backstab you again. I suggest that the imms consider disabling wimpy while you're playing out your skill lag. Other players will say that dex fighters aren't tanks, that they can't sustain that much damage. I say make adjustments so that they can be available for you to fight with them. Up their armor bonus, make dodge more effective, I don't know. While you're at it, get rid of incite, which is nothing but a way to mitigate the problem of people auto-fleeing. Make auto-flee more reasonable by honoring skill lag and incite won't be necessary. |U6

From: Furian Thursday, January 23 2003, 06:09AM I like the idea of disabling wimpy while waiting out skill lag. I've seen it done in a few other places and it doesn't make hit-flee tactics unusable (not in the least), but it does address the problem of

From: grin Skar

From: people darting away as soon as they get scratched. Of course in those other places, it doesn't seem to _occur_ to the general playerbase to hitflee... Furian |U6

From: Craven Thursday, January 23 2003, 01:54PM if you take out flee, you better tone down creates...significantly. |U6

From: Alexey Thursday, January 23 2003, 03:55PM the only people that would be helped by this flee lag would be people who incite, which is already overpowered :P |U6

From: Kaige Saturday, January 25 2003, 01:02PM The subject of wimpy respecting the pc's skill lag also came up at this past week's Q&A session. For more info point your browser to: http://www.legendmud.org/Community/lectures/QandA/2003/QA_01_23_03.html Note this is not adding a lag to the flee command, just making them respect one that they are already affected by. -Kaige |U6

From: Furian Saturday, January 25 2003, 07:59PM In other words, if you really need to hit/flee, you can attack without using specials. It's already practical to do that under some circumstances (i.e. can't afford a flurry because you have the hps of a malnourished rodent). (Or at least I think that's what it means.) Furian |U6

From: Ibrahim Monday, January 27 2003, 07:42AM I think it would be a good change to make wimpy max respect skill lag - if you still need to use that tactic, do as Furian suggested. Just my point of view and at the same time pointing out that not all old men ramble! Ibrahim |U6

From: Jen Saturday, February 08 2003, 07:55PM I belive what he ist meaning, ist naught what thou ist speaking of. But if one flees, then one can not initate combat, but instead auto flees for the next tick or two. Tis naught stopping thou from fleeing, but stopping one from attacking immeadiatly after a flee. Well that ist the impression I got. Jen |U6


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