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Posted by Ryadin on 03/17

there should be a disarm skill. A skill to 'disarm' your opponent. Not that it would be much use in mobkill, all these old grannies ripping and capping with their fists and all... but it would give a reason to have the draw skill. Not only that but it would be amusing to see hitters reactions when they stop ripping and capping each round. If such a skill were to be implemented I would prefer dex/perc not to play a big role in the skills success, but thats only cause i'm predgdious :P As this skill would be a rather powerful one, a reasonable amount of lag should be placed upon this... anyway just another idea |U6

From: Cheyla Tuesday, January 21 2003, 09:24PM See append 1 of the previous post. |U6

From: Angavar Tuesday, January 21 2003, 10:17PM

From: wonders how retreat would remove opponents weapon from their hands that being the most obvious form of 'disarm'

From: Otherwise I think this is a great idea and think it would be a fun thing if implemented. But as he said, useless against the old grannies that cap with their fists

From: laugh

From: |U6

From: Craven Thursday, January 23 2003, 01:55PM This is to cheyla and other imms I guess. Why do you even mention skill trees anymore? You've made it clear they aren't being worked on, nor will they be worked on anytime in the near future. I think its misleading to tell people skill trees, when in reality, they aren't anything more then 20% done and will be the same at the end of the year. Just curious why you don't just say no... - David |U6

From: Chocorua Thursday, January 23 2003, 04:56PM well there is a difference that you are missing. Skill trees are intended to balance a lot of ne skills being added and the two mentioned in these posts are part of that system. Just throwing them in without any thought for what it does to the rest of the game would be unwise. Noone said "no" to the skills but Cheyla did point out that they are soemthing that has been thought about and worked on. Chocorua |U6

From: Heart Monday, March 17 2003, 03:16AM I still don't understand the reason behind the change. I thought I did, but then when I re-read the LT note from Kaige, it make me wonder. Here is a quote... "Holding everyone accountable to that same rule is the main reason behind the change and affects both mobkill and pkilll"... I assume she mean everyone as in mobs and pcs? If so, how come mobs don't follow other rules pcs were held to? For example, a mob that can augment self during fight while pcs can't do the same. If Kaige, or someone can help me understand why this wimpy change was imp in the first place, beside the obvious of destroying the dexie type class. Legend has used to have alot of varieties. It was interesting what you can mix up. But now, it seem to me, that spark of life got destroy. It is over... |U6


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