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Posted by Bidwa on 02/13

Just out of curiousity, what was the point of this change? It's not like we don't have a hard enough time finding surgeons already, now lowbie surgeons are darn near useless, and unless you have lots of con at level 50, most level 50 surgeons mv's are gonna drop fast. I think prolly alot of people are gonna be moaning about this one, esspecially those who are self-sufficent, and use first-aid, it's not like first aid was over-powered or anything before, I don't understand the need to criple the surgeons even more. Well anyway, I could prolly go on for alot longer about this but I don't see much need to. Bidwa |U6

From: Bovine Sunday, February 02 2003, 11:35AM I have to agree with Bidwa, now I find myself meditating more often then I am acctually healing when grouped with a tank like person. The mana cost of first aid to the benifit seemed a bit off to me also. I enjoy being a half surgeon/hitter, sometimes I feel like doing nothing more then healing and sometimes I like to hit. But I can say honestly that with the changes I dislike the surgery part even more then the before hand manontany of typing operate target over and over again. Now its operate target over and over for half the time I was able to before, not even a full klien run with a single hitter before you have to stop to regain. Why even bother being a surgeon at all if most of the time you are sitting around waiting to regain. How about now you up the cost of most spells and then up their average numbers a little to compensate, makes about as much sense as the change to surgery. Just my opinion of course Bovine |U6

From: Syrelya Sunday, February 02 2003, 04:51PM I'm just a little surgeon but I'm not finding this change so bad... Compared to other characters I've played, first aid is now balanced cost-wise with a plain poultice or a cure light for the amount of healing it does. My operates could be nicer for the cost, but then, so could my stats. Surgeons have always been boring to me in general, but at least now they are more in line with the rest. At least I can operate a fair deal at level 5, which is more than I can say for a druid or mage at the same level! Syrelya, still studying and perfecting her skills |U6

From: Craven Sunday, February 02 2003, 11:26PM Well, surgery was always supposed to heal more then poultices for the same amount of mana, but take a lot longer doing it, so your argument doesn't really stand. I don't care about surgery because it sucks being a surgeon and if you were willing to be one before, chances are you'll continue to be one. |U6

From: Nelson Tuesday, February 04 2003, 04:24PM Poultice and curelight also has this wonderful advantage, you can use those skills and still fight, and while you can make a fighter/surgeon all you can do is first aid yourself, slooooowwwlllllyyyyyyy. With an augmenting fighter its boom poultice, boom fighting again. But what do I know, my surgeon is level 30 or something and I err, hate it. and never play it. |U6

From: Vampyr Tuesday, February 04 2003, 10:07PM but seriously, who really cures light during a fight? :PP and you can't make the actual poultices during the fight... they still have to be premade |U6

From: Vampyr Tuesday, February 04 2003, 10:07PM and you can't even use em during the fight anyway |U6

From: Malia Wednesday, February 05 2003, 09:57AM I don't see what the big gripe is about the mv and mana cost. Druids run out of herbs, and mana pretty quickly. Mages run out of mana VERY quickly. Surgeons can get a fly spell and a chalice and still not be hurt too badly. And for their cost, surgeons still heal more over all. Especially those from London. Mal |U6

From: Aegir Wednesday, February 12 2003, 11:36AM Dont you know already? You're are supposed to play a mage or a sniper! It has ALWAYS been this way here, and it seems it always will be! Don't spew crap about skills trees because NOBODY IS WORKING ON THEM! I don't think the coding staff here could balance 2 books on top of each other... maybe someday we'll find out if they actually code something new. Pure fighters are the suck and so are surgeons. Would it really kill you to give them some tools so they can compare to the popular templates (dex/mind, con/mind, dex/perc/con, battle-druid) on a PVP basis? What are you afraid of, that people might level to 50 and actually have fun? Its a joke to level to 50 here anyway, anyone who has played EQ or DAoC knows what a real xp-grind is! Heck even Ptah left for the online MMORPGs... I don't blame him they pay much better :) I find the resistance to change here mind boggling, I don't know what the current Immort staff is thinking, or afraid of. You say you don't want to make changes because people bitch -- hello, people are bitching because you aren't making changes. I am sure this will get flamed and/or erased but oh well. Maybe Sandra, Ruf, Ruf, LA, Kaige and the rest of you should go read some of Ptah's old writing... I think this place has become a stagnant ghost of what it once was and a reminder of things that could have been...... -Too many alts to list! |U6

From: Dolor Wednesday, February 12 2003, 08:07PM Well, Aegir, you can't have been here too long, or you'd know that Kaige at least has probably read every last piece of Ptah's old writing. Just a hunch. In any case, surgeons aren't

From: meant

From: to cmpare to the "popular" templates on a PvP basis. They're

From: healers

From: . What are they going to do, surgery you to death? Seriously, the only way a surgeon could be a real threat is if you let them chain you to a bed first. But I digress. Sure, the imms' work has become

From: incredibly

From: stagnant over the past couple years, skill trees is currently slated to be installed on February 14, 2719, and things are very nicely out of balance. However, the fact is that whether you like it or not, there's more aspects to Legend than solely PK--in fact, with the scuttling of old PK in favor of PKOK, PK has become less and less of a driving force in Legend's system. The fact of the matter is that the imms have been caught in one hell of a dilemma. Historically, people whine and complain whenever the imms change anything-- even changes that are

From: good

From: changes. No wonder they've been a bit reluctant to do anything, but now people are mad because nothing is changing. The imms, the players, and the entire MUD are now in a no-win situation, where the lack of noticable changes aggravates people, but any attempt to make changes is met with hostility at best. Bah, I'm rambling. Next time, remind me to write this on a note before I decide to go to the board. I think my points were that surgies aren't designed to stand toe-to-toe with anything in PK, PK isn't everything and if you don't like it the door's over there, and Legend's stuck in neutral because we're damned if we changed, and damned if we don't. Yeah, that's probably it. Don't smoke crack, kids. -Dolor. Old fart. |U6

From: Aegir Thursday, February 13 2003, 08:56AM actually i have been playing here since legend was hosted on the seven dwarfs servers at the university of texas. the first time i logged in here was during the beta testing of the "then new" fight system -- you could go ooc and buy test weapons, i bought a "lightsabre" as i recall. i remember asking Ptah if there would be "lightsabres" when the fight system went live, he told me no, and explained the background of legend to me. i've been hooked ever since. i guess i don't follow your logic - its okay for druids to be effective in pk but not surgeons, its okay for a dex/con/perc fighter to be effective but not a str/dex/con fighter? what brought this up is the 'nerf' to surgeons, why in the world would you nerf the most in-effective class on the mud? it makes zero sense. its not like you can bot a surgeon here... yeah, i know, a class-less mud... mmm-kay. you cannot balance the different character 'options' if you don't try. am i the only one who has noticed that the influx of true 'new' players has been in decline, at least 'new' players who stick around to make multiple level 50s? maybe its just me, maybe its just that at heart i'm a pker. you did bring up a good point, perhaps i should have suggested the high-ranking immorts RE-READ Ptahs writings on game development. think about that, game development... this mud has all but ceased to develope and grow. Ptah is now one of the most respected game designers out there, well known in the industry, surely this was not his vision for legend...

From: cough

From: MUD |U6


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