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Posted by Cheyla on 02/17

While this year's Expies were a success, they were less successful than last year. The number of nominations was lower, the number of final ballots received was lower, and ceremony attendance was the lowest I've ever seen. Of course, the ceremony being on both a Friday night and Valentine's Day doesn't help that, but... On the whole, in general, participation levels were a bit disappointing. As a result, we were brainstorming some ways to boost participation and encourage people to look at Expies as a year-round thing instead of something you mainly only think about for a couple of months at the beginning of the year, wracking your brain trying to figure out who/what to nominate. First off, no, we won't offer an incentive. We won't wave a token or coupon before you to get you to send in nominations or final votes. We want you to participate in the community and help recognize your peers because you WANT to, not because we bribed you to. You may receive a thank you note or something after the fact, but it won't be a guaranteed thing and shouldn't be expected. |U6 So on to the actual point of this post, the actual idea... To encourage people to think of the Expies throughout the year and note accomplishments, notable deeds, and neat things that happen every month of the year instead of only recalling those that happened in November or December, we came up with the idea of having an Expies board. The board would be a place for you to post things you notice through the year that you might want to nominate in January. Instead of having to keep a text file on your computer or sort through multiple emails of ideas, or keep a note in your inventory with your observations, you could post them to the board instead. Yes, we know, campaigning is illegal. Posting a cool illusion you saw to a board specifically as a reminder to yourselves is different. How? You aren't out there advocating anyone vote for it. You may not know who created the illusion but someone reading the board may. Commenting how helpful so-and-so was when you hit that agg mob then DT'd after your rescue and they helped you re-eq is something people do on the news board. But the news board gets regular cleaning maintenance. The Expies board would get cleaned once a year, after nominations are all sent in, and during the year to make sure people aren't campaigning or going against the spirit of the boards intent... So what do you think? Stupid god-awful horrid idea or would you actually USE a board like this? |U6 |U6

From: Craven Saturday, February 15 2003, 08:27AM Good idea in spirit, but I can't see it actually being used much. Seems like there are so many boards these days we can't keep up with them as it is...but who knows, I could be wrong. If it is used, 99% will be RP related and isn't there an rp board? I can't remember, too many boards.:) - David |U6

From: Maloth Saturday, February 15 2003, 10:36AM I know I have that problem around Expies time, thinking of who to nominate and vote for, and having a board like this would keep everything fresh in my mind. I'm not certain if I would use the board all too often, but I would definitely read what others had written, and I might end up using it if I feel that someone definitely did deserve recognition for something. Maloth |U6

From: Sandman Saturday, February 15 2003, 10:41PM I think this is a good idea, I was planning on putting something up on the Legendmud group/club page actually. I always have problems trying to think further back than 2-3 months and figured the best way, and a way to have others read it, would be there. So I'm all for a board or site.. not sure which would be more efficient.. that we can just ramble on about things we've seen during the year. Giving ballots for the expies possibly 2-3 times more choices than normal. Better than the the same players every year, or the ones that "show up" at the end of the year. Sandy and his many alts |U6

From: Yohn Sunday, February 16 2003, 08:54AM I also like the idea - I always forget all the cool things I saw during the year, so it would be very helpful for me and I do think a lot of people would use it. Perhaps a constant reminder that the board is here on the welcome board would also make new players find it. -Yohn |U6

From: Rillifane Sunday, February 16 2003, 11:19AM The real problem wont be people adding to it so much as getting people to remember to use it, or how to get people to go over it when it's expie time next year, or having a board so filled that people dont want to have to look at it at all... Unless maybe there is a way to send some form of pre-expie letter with the nomination email and listing the huge list of 'possible expie ballot suggestions' as taken from the board? Otherwise people may note stuff but they wont check back, especially a 200 item + board

From: wink

From: So how do we get around that? Plus the fact that some people wont write little things because it will be their personal note/observation and they may not feel it's worth sharing with others... Like that "PERSON" just really seems like a nice guy in general... or that "COUPLE" seems really sweet... or that "ITEM" was neat (because others may totally disagree with them and by nature people dont want to feel like maybe others dont agree with them)... So.... those are my issues with it (that and thinking it would have to be a board sitting in an inn or something cause people tend to moreso use what they see everyday and if you hide the board in OOC like this one, people wont use it as much ;)

From: smooch

From: Me :) |U6

From: Chocorua Sunday, February 16 2003, 11:44AM I was originally against this idea as I generally assume the worse about people. I thought that it would end up jst getting used as a plac eto campaign. Given that I can delete any post on any board I choose then I can say that people who were just campaigning wouldn't get the long term satisfaction because I would regularly police this kind of board and make sure that wasn't happening. I think that if we don't use a board there needs to be something done to encourage the expies to be more of a "year" of contribution rather than the last 3 or 4 months. Generally the areas that win the expies have had major changes late in the year, as that is what is most fresh in people's minds. The same goes for most of the imm relates stuff like PR,admin and the like. A smart PR person would run lots of games starting in alte november and on until the voting is done.. I don't think this is how the whole thing should work. I think a board like this might be a good tool to store information on for consideration later in the yea r when your (and mine) short attention spans have completely forgotten something. One argument against this board was that it wouldn't get used. Well then you would be defeating the purpose by ignoring it and causing it to be a failure instead of giving it a chance. Another was that it might be to spammy to really go through. Again I don't see this as somethin you would post a whole melodrama to but more something that you would put up a reminder about. If you didn't go read it at teh end of the year before nominations went out then that would be being lazy and narrow focused. The real problem that I see with the expies process is the short attention span that most people in teh world have today. THis sort of tool would atleast be an aid in fixing that. If not the entire solution. CHocorua |U6

From: Cheyla Sunday, February 16 2003, 08:17PM The next post from me is rather long - you may want to alter your screenlength buffer if you don't have some backscroll. You have been forewarned. Cheyla |U6

From: Cheyla Sunday, February 16 2003, 08:18PM An in-game board (OOC) was decided upon as the best possible solution after other options were reviewed and the pros and cons of each weighed for a few days. What else was considered? And why were they decided against in lieu of a board? |11- Encouraging people to keep their own files/lists|U6 Pros: No maintenance from imms in any way. Cons: This is a current option that few utilize, it has seen little success. Little to no sharing. |11- An Expies-specific channel similar to idea/bug/etc with a bulk mailing before/with nomination ballots|U6 Pros: Accessible to anyone from anywhere. Single-time imm intervention to clean up and produce mail. Could be issued large-scale anonymously by stripping names. Cons: Line-length limits on channels. Fear that the list becomes the nomination instead of people utilizing it as a tool to supplement their own ideas. Have to wait until January to see the year's submissions. Could be difficult to submit something more lengthy without having problems (like a large illusion). Would only be sent to those that receive the LT. |11- A web-based forum |U6 Pros: Most people are familiar with a web-based system. Easy to copy/paste from your screen to web. Cons: Requires imm monitoring and maintenance outside the game. The current web-based forums we already have rarely get used - when was the last time you used the web discussion area or the Yahoo group page? Not everyone has the ability (or desire) to open a web page while playing. |11- An Expie board|U6 Pros: In the game already. Easy to get to with the potential it could be provided to have in housing. Can share with others right now instead of later. Easy to set up and get installed. Cons: Another board for imms to maintain. Can get lengthy if it actually gets used. |U6 As you can see, the board idea had the most pros compared to cons. I read all the public boards already, adding one more to the list wouldn't be difficult, especially if kept up with daily/weekly instead of less often. The first idea has the most potential to be a very short list because you would be the only person contributing to it. The rest will be long based solely on how much use they each got - so the list could be short or it could be incredibly long. Essentially, any idea to get the community to make the Expies a more year-round thing is going to require some effort. YOU would have to put effort into any of the above to utilize the option, regardless of which it was. In all cases except the first, the imms would have to put additional effort into the venture, some more than others. Obviously, we're willing to put in a good amount of effort - the board idea doesn't require the most but nor does it require the least. But the imms aren't the only ones that will have to put effort into it to make it a success. The players will have to, too. The Expies are a community thing. Tired of it being solely a popularity contest? This could potentially decrease that some by helping people to remember the various things that happened throughout the year instead of just the past couple months. But ultimately, it is YOU that determines whether the Expies are more of a popularity contest or less of one. If all you do is go down the ballot and look for the names of people you know or your clan or the area or code bit that was put in the most recently or got the most publicity, then you are helping to make it a popularity contest. If you sit down and look at the ballot and actually think about who deserves the award regardless of the name, then you are doing what we want you to. We don't want people to basically do a search/replace to fill out their ballot. We want you to spend a little more time on it than that, to think back on who fits each category you're placing nominations for or to think about each nominee and what they've done to deserve that spot on the ballot and if they deserve your vote for their accomplishments... Not because they're your friend and you either feel obligated to vote for them or don't feel like voting for anyone else, even if you don't think your friend necessarily deserves the award, either. Not voting in a category is not a crime. If you don't think anyone on the ballot deserves it, even your friend, then don't vote for them. It's as simple as that. The only people that know how you voted are yourself and the imm that tallies it (and then I don't even notice names beyond the inital check that there is one and you haven't sent a ballot in with another alt). But just because you'll skip categories doesn't mean we don't want the rest of your votes. Some ballots only had votes for 4 categories. Some only vote for players. Some only vote for areas. Some skip 'Best Deathtrap' because they don't think any DT is good. |U6 Can one vote really make a difference? Absolutely. Many times one ballot will break several ties, whether they are for the winner of the category or the runner-up. Every vote put toward a single nominee in a category gets counted and moves that nominee one vote closer to winning. These are some of the things we're hoping to accomplish with encouraging people to think about the Expies more than just in January and February each year. Do we think a board like this will do that and fix all the perceived problems with the Expeis? No, we're not that stupid or naieve. But we hope it will at least help and get us all moving in the right direction. |U6

From: LadyAce Monday, February 17 2003, 02:38PM One way to help organize the board would be if we pre-seeded it with posts, one thread for each award. The post could include a description of the award, and past winners, too. -LA |U6


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