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Posted by Uriel on 02/20

I was under the impression that something special was usually introduced to the mud on its birthday. I was just wondering what it was going to be for this year. I haven't heard of anything yet. |U6

From: Ibrahim Monday, February 17 2003, 07:54AM You're a bit late there since the brithday was feb 14th. A lot of fun games were held. Ibrahim |U6

From: Dolor Monday, February 17 2003, 11:22AM I'm pretty sure Uriel meant code/area/skill/spell/whatever changes. I was kinda wondering what was up with that, too. Doesn't seem to be much this year. Kinda indicative of the sweeping waves of non-change we've been having lately, but that's a different rant. -Dolor. Yeah, I'm inactive. |U6

From: Kaige Tuesday, February 18 2003, 11:54AM Unfortunately, the code that was slated to go in on the 14th was pulled shortly after it was installed for stability reasons. But the combine containers will be back in as soon as possible with more support than just one item in one area. -Kaige |U6

From: Uriel Tuesday, February 18 2003, 12:26PM Well, I saw the update for the combine containers, just didn't realize that was the something extra. |U6

From: Kae Wednesday, February 19 2003, 01:44AM I love the combined containers thing. It opens up a HUGE set of options for me! |U6

From: Craven Wednesday, February 19 2003, 12:42PM I don't even understand what its supposed to do... |U6

From: Uriel Wednesday, February 19 2003, 06:11PM Maybe my vision is just a bit narrow, but I don't see the possibilities that this opens. For myself, I see it as something else that won't get used. I'm not saying some people won't love it and get lots of use out of it, I'm just saying it really doesn't sound like the big "something extra" I was hoping for. But then again, its not all about me. |U6

From: Craven Thursday, February 20 2003, 10:25PM Sounds like the horadric cube to me. :P |U6


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