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Posted by Rush on 02/23

I typoed that the expies board desc in the auditorium says that it's keyword is "board", but "board" doesn't work. I was told by an invis imm that the expies board does have the keyword board. I replied that the desc would confuse me a great deal if I were a newbie. It gives detailed instructions on how to use the board with a keyword that won't work in the auditorium, which will probably be many newbies' first experience with that board. The imm responded "oh, well, they'll learn, then".

From: boggle

From: The directios are incorrect, for at least two room that the board exists in. Anyone relatively new to the board system would be very confused by them and probably not able to figure it out. And the imm just doesn't care? Frankly, more than the board information being incorrect, I am concerned that an imm so easily dismissed the very likely frustration of new players. I hope this isn't the general attitude. Anyone care to comment? |U6

From: Chocorua Saturday, February 22 2003, 09:10AM I would liek to point out that the directions on the description of the Expie board are not incorrect. Unfortunately until the next update that board is IMM only readable so you won't be able to read it until next friday likely. The fact that it says to use keyword BOARD for it only means that the board itself does have BOARD as a keyword. If there is another board in teh same room that comes before it then the other one will obviously get board and this one would be 2.board just like any other set of items that you have to manipulate 2 of. Can this be confusing? yes. We have made changes in inns to accomodate new players. By the tiem you have explored enough to find these other boards I would hope that you have llearned enough about the mudding world to be able to proficiently manipulate 2 items with the same keyword. Boards when they are loaded into different rooms don't get new descriptions, they are the same item loaded in another room. Thus they will have the same description. it's not the general attitude you are taking from the comments you recieved. I seriously doubt that that imm meant anything beyond what was said. I Also agree that people need to learn to live and move around in our world with the tools available. WHen something is made easier or changes to be more clear, that is a good thing. But sometimes the best over all solution won't be what you personally see as the best solution. We won't ever all agree on things. But we can try and understand each other and work together to resolve differences without resorting to random complaints on boards about how noone cares about your views and opinions. That just puts the imm staff on the defensive. Chocorua |U6

From: Rush Saturday, February 22 2003 -shrug- If you dun want to make it easy for people to use then don't. I was just reporting what I percieved to be as a bug/typo and was suprised at the short, bordering on rude, response. |U6

From: Madison Saturday, February 22 2003, 09:45PM I don't see how 2.board isn't easy? Manipulation of multiple objects of the same name is something that is learned fairly early in the mud career. I surely knew how to do that before I knew what OOC was, and most definitely before I knew what the Expies were. |U6

From: Laurana Sunday, February 23 2003, 04:24AM I just tried and think the expies board is not a problem, if you bother to read what's being said - what was the problem with it again? -Lau |U6

From: Sitara Sunday, February 23 2003, 12:19PM It's been changed since Rush posted. It also no longer exists in the auditorium. |U6

From: Sitara Sunday, February 23 2003, 12:20PM Or it does. Every time I log in it's different. |U6


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