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Posted by Mavado on 03/16

Just a thought here, don't want to seem like I'm whining. But if I can't abuse winpy max with kick, I don't stand a chance in pk as a dex anthing. It's a vital part of everything dex stands for, quick and accurate, but never hitting hard. Anyway, guess I'll convert to str for now, or archive. Reminds me of taking away spam gear, honestly. Chars will disappear from this, alot of dex chars. In all honesty, I can't see a single reason to make a dex char at this point. Dex can't be expected to stand toe to toe with someone who hits twice as hard, or someone who has three times the hit points. Just my two cents. |U6

From: Xylander Sunday, March 16 2003, 04:46AM I dont think it will make too much of a difference in the long run to a lot of people, con snipers and the like will live with this change just fine, what it WILL do is kill the subclass types.. i.e surgeon snipers, aiding snipers, 2c dex druid types basically any dex person who relied on fleeing then healing due to their incredibly fragile hit points. But as Craven has said, things come in waves, this change will oneday be superceded by a change to make create mages totally useless and something else invincible.. perfect balance is a myth. Bite the bullet and adapt time AGAIN i guess. And yes Im bias as all hell because im a 2c Dex Cause Druid so I have tiny hit points and relied on wimpy :p But like Craven I play almost everything, just time to play them more. love, Xylander. |U6

From: Wraith Sunday, March 16 2003, 04:53AM It seems to me that many people are using strategy when they mean tactics. Strategy is when you kill all the trans mobs and then begin stalking your prey in PK. Tactics is deciding whether to stun your opponent or kick them while they are down. There was a suggestion on the discussion board last year or the year before to change the way skill lag is distributed. It seemed like a good idea at the time since it would make combat more interesting. Characters could take a skill lag before their attack so that they would be able to flee more quickly afterwards. Or, combine two skills to make a quick and brutal attack; having two rounds of lag before the first skill, no lag before the second and two more rounds after the second. If I remember correctly, though not entirely on topic. It was suggested on the news board that instead of downgrading PC abilities, they be upgraded instead. What kind of upgrade would have been more appropriate than this change to fleeing? If there is a downward spiral, something I don't believe, then wouldn't there also be the reverse? PC abilities continually spiralling upwards until every task is too easy? - Wraith |U6

From: Heart Sunday, March 16 2003, 05:39AM Not easy, but rather changes to add some fun into a sub-class, instead of taking it away. Since as Xylander pointed out, the sub-classes that rely on fleeing then healing in pk, is pretty much toasted. It pretty much forces people to abandon those classes for pk, or even mobkillings. Then again, I could never understood what wimpy is good for beside using it when you are extremely lagged. Since as it was pointed out before, if you are clear the skill lag, typing flee will save you one round of being hit. hit It would have made more sense to cut the skill lag down to half if one uses wimpy. But then again, bad changes never go away... |U6

From: Sana Sunday, March 16 2003, 06:47AM Yeah upward spiral might get kind of boring if it goes too far. But I would rather be mad that my dex druid kills blackbeard too easy than be made that at least five of my characters including the two ive been leveling these last weeks are pretty much going to need massive eq changes and even then are going to suck because their stats were distributed inappropriately to be con freaks. But then again I don't mobkill for fun and I already have a con-create ready and waiting for pkill soooooo. Guess I don't care TOO much, other than sniper(real sniper, hp capping at 300 :P) ) has always been my favorite character type.. |U6

From: Greshym Sunday, March 16 2003, 09:16AM someday I need to realize why this change is bad for anyone honestly I don't feel a thing - yes I am a create but I'm a dex create I still use my wimpy and stuff like I used to use it but what do I know :) - Greshym ps: as said live with it and never rely on one thing :) (also doing this one thing you solely rely on is boring :) ) |U6

From: Drakkon Sunday, March 16 2003, 12:37PM i just think with this big blow to wimpy, snipers should have been given something else, instead of just ripping it away and saying adapt, they should have given us some kind of tool or something so that we can still survive at least somewhat as of now i've been attempting to adapt but lost about 1.5 mil xp in the process... i guess this adapting thing is a lot harder than i expected it would be -drakkon |U6


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