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Posted by Briarwen on 03/28

Let me just say to start off with, I am not an immie alt. :P I am greatly disappointed in a rather vocal minority of players who have over last several days whined about the recent changes to flee. The purpose of this post is not to hash through that yet again, but to comment on the actions of the players. May I remind us all, that as players, every time we log on Legend we are a virtual guest on someone else's computer. That someone else has put time, effort, creativity, and money (someone had to pay for the machine the mud is on, and for the internet connection) into this mud, and all we are asked for in return for the privilege to play here is that we follow a few rules and treat each other with respect. Which brings me to my second point. Many players have the attitude that it is their RIGHT to complain when a change is made that they do not like. Let me set them straight. As we do not own the mud and are guests here, we really have no rights to anything. We are granted the PRIVILEGE of playing here, and the PRIVILEGE of giving input. Ultimately, as the mud is the concept and creative work of the immortals, it is up to them how things will be. Does this mean I think mortals should never give an opinion? Certainly not! I am just saying the way the opinion is presented should be in a respectful manner, not in a whining, bitching, 'immortals suck'-kind of way. It all boils down to respect, or the lack there of. So let me just say this to the immortals of Legendmud: Thank you for the time, effort and creativity you put into this place every day. I for one, appreciate it and I know others out there do as well. Forgive us for being the silent majority and disregard the whinings of the vocal minority. Briarwen's player |U6

From: Freja Wednesday, March 19 2003, 04:12AM

From: Applaud

From: -Freja (and I am not an imm alt either) |U6

From: Ryadin Wednesday, March 19 2003, 06:25AM -duck- Then the attacks and hp, well some like tarasque prolly hit like 8 times with like 10k hp, others like leopold prolly only have like 300 hp and hit once, and dont hit too hard So lets average it. We get 100 to all stats, probably 700hp+ and likely to have 1 1/2 attacks per round. (3 every 2 rounds). Okay so with 100 con we should get simmilar hp, and with these extra attack weapons we do get our 3 attacks every two rounds, but not all of us have 100 con, let alone 100 con AND the extra attack items. Anyway I'm waffling. In short, I would like to ask for a well thought out and planned response to the question on everyones lips. 'Why was it introduced?' As I have no idea who I am asking, Imms please feel free to append your versions. If everyone appends, maybe we will get a decent answer. Ryadin |U6

From: Bryony Wednesday, March 19 2003, 06:52AM

From: Skar Wednesday, March 19 2003, 09:42AM Well, I can't tell you why the imms implemented the change -- I can't speak for them -- but I can tell you why I proposed it. To me, skill lag is a very basic part of Legend's system. Everytime you use a skill, you get hit with skill lag. In my opinion, wimpy was a way to cheat skill lag. You'd run into a room, kick your target and automatically flee the fight, sometimes without getting hit at all. Your target would have no opportunity to fight you while you waited out your skill lag in another room, taking no damage. Then you'd repeat. As Kaige pointed out, it was as if you got to use a skill every combat round instead of every two rounds. Sometimes you'd get a 'round' using wimpy where you got a special on your opponent and did a round of damage when they had no opportunity to retaliate at all. That's fair? If your opponent was another player and they were using combat skills, they could try spamming a skill to catch you when you re-entered the room, but that didn't always work. Worse, if they tried to cast a spell and you had already fled, they would be hit with a skill lag of their own, making them less likely to be able to defend themselves when you came at them for another hit. Come on -- do you really think that it's fair to use a feature of the mud to knock over level-50 mobs with little to no risk to yourself? Wimpy wasn't even a skill that you had to pay for with a practice -- it was free. You only had to have the dex to rely upon it. There you have it -- a well-reasoned post in favor of the change... by the person who proposed it. Now you have arguments to rebut. |U6

From: Craven Wednesday, March 19 2003, 12:28PM While we maybe "guests" here, this place is also nothing without its "guests." So I guess my answer is fine, we're guests. But if without us this place basically ceases to exist, I think that gives us a right to discuss changes and point out our opinions. Imms are not omnipotent and its ignorant to think they are perfect and don't make mistakes. Its just checks and balances baby. :P |U6

From: Craven Wednesday, March 19 2003, 12:31PM And to you skar...I agree. The change is fine. What isn't fine is that it completely threw the balance for snipers and that balance was ignored and not changed in other ways to bring it back. So my question to you is this Skar. Do you HONESTLY think snipers are balanced as is? If so, I want to hear why. |U6

From: Briarwen Wednesday, March 19 2003, 04:00PM Hmm.. it seems some people missed my point. My point was not that we shouldn't give our opinions, but that they should be presented politely and in a respectful manner, not in a whining/bitching/moaning manner. Briarwen |U6

From: Rush Wednesday, March 19 2003, 10:34PM Briarwen, who made YOU the posting police. Get a grip. |U6

From: Shivan Thursday, March 20 2003, 02:00AM

From: gasp wren

From: the truth! hehe, good post though. yes imms should be respect, cricisms should be constructive etc.. heh excuse my inarticulate posts. i hate this noting system. anyways, wanted to agree with Wren's and Craven's posts. |U6

From: Sarevok Sunday, March 23 2003, 03:42PM I agree with Briarwen, and I agree with Craven. I agree with a lot of things but that goesn't change the fact that I have an opinion, and it is my own, and it is no less valid than anyone elses. True, we are guests here. But what is a mud without it's players? This mud is what it is because of it's immortals AND it's players, not just either or. Last time I checked, the purpose of mudding was to have fun. I didn't find the mud too easy before wimpy changes, and I do find it a lot harder with them, I had fun before wimpy changes, and honestly I'll have fun after them. Regardless, why does a change that hinders so many character types have to be put in? I'm sure we all enjoyed this place before the change and after the change, so why bother if it is just hurting characters? I'm not whining, and I am not complaining, I'm just stating MY humble opinion, agree with it or not. When certain changes to this mud are made, be them good changes or bad changes, you have to expect a certain level of player input. What I do not agree with, is people who simply say "This change sucks, change it back." With every change made to the mud, there are pros, and there are cons. Personally, I find way more cons than pros. Little changes to character types, however (IE. Limits on number of charmies, create charmies taking damage under certain conditions, etc) Don't really have a pro to that character specifically, however they are minor, and can be quite easily worked around, in my opinion. Now I'm starting to get a bit lengthy, so I'll close with this. Sure, I throw my OPINIONs, not my whining, out there about the changes, sure some of you might see me as a jerk or an ass or whatnot, but my best advice to all of you is to not take it to heart, and not take it seriously. It is a game, I don't hold a personal vendetta against anyone here, and chances are that if I'm "mean" to you, it's not because I don't like you, it's because I'm bored and I like to mess with people :P. Chances are, if you need it, I'll probably still be willing to help you, or chat with you, or run with you, or whatever it is that you people do nowadays :P. It's a game. Lighten up. -Sarevok |U6

From: MoiraGwyn Friday, March 28 2003, 03:16PM Ok, what the hell does a request for people to act civilized when complaining have to do with being 'posting police'?? I agree that it's one thing to debate and forge a legitimate complaint about something changed on the mud but it's another to act like you're 10 and scream and starting pointing fingers and tossing blame. If we are adult enough to play a game that requires social interaction, we should be adult enough to be able to talk and listen to each other (staff AND players) respectfully. If not, the local Kindergarten class can help you revisit get-along-with-others land for a refresher course :P -Julie (MG's player, et all) -staff at some point and not anymore :D |U6


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