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flee, and why this change hurts.|U6

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Posted by Mavado on 03/30

I've studied it, and here's why it hurts dex, in pk. Player A is dex. Player B is con. Player B attacks player A with a headbutt. Player A flees, knowing if he uses a special, he's stuck there for two more rounds against someone with three times his hit points. Player A then comes back in the room and backstabs, who knows if he'll have one or two rounds of lag, while fighting someone with three times his hp. Player B follows after he flees, and specials. Player A, now half dead, knows he better flee, or he's stuck there for two rounds. Player A flees, and comes back with another backstab, only it hasn't been a full tick yet, and Player B is still alert. Player A kicks instead, and is stuck for two rounds. Player B headbutts or casts a spell. Player A dies. Player A never had a chance against con, unless he had a para backstab. What this change does is prevent dex from using kick, plain and simple. Here's what it will take to fix this, IMO. A.. we implement feverfew. B.. Backstab lag becomes 1 round, always. Now at least a sniper has a chance. |U6

From: Sandra Sunday, March 23 2003, 07:58AM There is one small problem in your logic. Sniper = someone that shoots. If they choose to not use all of the abilities given them, then they should lose. I'm purposefully not discussing the fix idea. More on that some other time. |U6

From: Mandarb Sunday, March 23 2003, 01:26PM see, you do plan changes for them but decided to gimp snipers so they could suck complete ass until it was fixed. Well whatever, its your game and you can screw as many people as you want. I'd just like to point out the 24 pk deaths last week. I bet you will pretend its another reason, but its not. |U6

From: Nelson Sunday, March 23 2003, 06:49PM So how about some of the imp'ing some of the cool changes to autorush that have been brought up on this board over the past 700 years? Like say, you can't autorush someone who is in another room hiding in a tree wearing camoflauge khakis when you have enough perc to barely come up to legally blind. But whatever. |U6

From: Fortebraccio Monday, March 24 2003, 11:55AM One thing i definitely agree there: backstab and shoot need to have always one round lag and I don't see any problem. |U6

From: Drakkon Monday, March 24 2003, 07:40PM yea as of now, shoot and backstab both have 1 and a third rounds of lag the only way to be successful as a sniper in mobkill is to not use a weapon period, and in pk its catch 22, lag kilsl you, or no weapon kills you... you have to pick one way of dying or another also snipers have a disadvantage of not hitting as hard as con or str they also have less hp than con, so they are at so many disadvantages to every other class that they're completely screwed... is there a way to fix this? of course there isn't, so dont bother trying your just going to screw us up even more than we already are -Drakkon |U6

From: Christopher Monday, March 24 2003, 11:55PM You's all have no concept of what a 'sniper' is A sniper snipes. You shoot and you shoot to kill. If you miss, you shoot again. You run, you hide. You shoot again. Holding a rifle and peering intently at a target do not exactly leave you with much oppertunity to do something different. Especially if you are attempting to steady yourself to make the shot. Now maybe if you were to try some other skills. Like fastdraw? Not using a weapon and then magically using a weapon really quick cuz you're so durn fast. Not that I personally have any experience at being a real life sniper, but from watching movies, I don't see too many snipers going hand-to-hand with their marks. Granted, they often do this from a pretty far distance... I like that auto-rush comment though. |U6

From: Huginn Tuesday, March 25 2003, 10:31AM Drakkon, I've actually been looking at how different stats hit and you're completely wrong. Currently dex hits harder than the other two, on average. Huginn |U6

From: Gho Tuesday, March 25 2003, 04:36PM I think you need to not be high next time you check these things. |U6

From: Hatred Tuesday, March 25 2003, 05:29PM Dex definatly has the potiental to hit on average better and with more damage then either con or str. If you don't believe that, well thats your own misconception. now a con/dex or str/dex will hit harder then a dex. That is the difference |U6

From: Huginn Tuesday, March 25 2003, 09:12PM Believe it or not, I can do math _and_ remain drug free. Weird, eh? Huginn |U6

From: Demandred Thursday, March 27 2003, 09:25AM I've discussed this with huginn, and I still feel the only reason dex hits harder then anyone is because the code currently favors hitroll over damroll, considerably. 0 hit and 30 dam won't hit near as hard as 30 hit 0 dam. Fix that problem and you'll fix the "dex hits harder" problem. Oh, and tell Lanfear, because I think she was upset when sammael ripped/damcapped her repeatedly while she massacred.

From: laugh

From: |U6

From: Farhai Friday, March 28 2003, 10:08AM Those str hitters hit like mad not because of their str, but because of the dex effect. I somehow doubt that Sammael's dex is particularly low. I'm 96 str/99 dex, and hit like a bull. If I had to decide between 99/30 str/dex and dex/str I believe I know which combo will hit harder. Snipers are going to die not because they have high dex, but because they have low con and low str, and the dex sniper has become sort of a stereotype formula to follow. And I seriously hope that the imms do not fix that hitroll/damroll 'problem', because otherwise there'll probably be another mud-wide outcry. Farhai Mean Fomor |U6

From: Drakkon Friday, March 28 2003, 01:16PM believe it or not huginn, str fighters tend to use things such as barkskin and or hooks, which aren't available to us without high dam... therefore they do more damage on average :) |U6

From: Demandred Friday, March 28 2003, 03:35PM Sammael has 40 dex btw. |U6

From: Wren Saturday, March 29 2003, 12:23AM It's more of a problem that you can hit and exceed (though obviously pointlessly) the hitroll from eq + spells cap with a mere 40 dex. Hitroll is very, very powerful. Flopsquee! |U6

From: Varnel Sunday, March 30 2003, 10:07AM the main problem with damage, is it depends on how many times you hit sure your going to get a damage bonus, but if you can't hit something your not going to do any damage period. dex wpns also have many more attacks so they hit more evenly anyway. make all weapons do the same amount of attacks and i think damage would be less dependant on damage :P |U6

From: Drakkon Sunday, March 30 2003, 04:06PM er damage would be less dependant on hit :P |U6


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