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Posted by Myrella on 04/25

Well first of all I'm not exactly sure why this change was brought in is seems to serve no real useful purpose to me except to force create mages to sit around when their greaters die. If the change was made to prevent mages from carelessly getting there greaters killed off I don't really have a problem with that. However if my greater survives and gets unsummoned why the heck should I have to wait 10 ticks? Isn't is enough that I was careful enough not to get it killed? Just a minor point but as it stands now you can rent off summoning lag....... Myrella |U6

From: Huginn Tuesday, April 22 2003, 09:13PM Yup you can rent it off now, but with a couple of tweaks affects will soon be saving over rent. Huginn |U6

From: Moo Wednesday, April 23 2003, 09:24AM by affects, do you mean all affects? -Moo |U6

From: Kaige Wednesday, April 23 2003, 10:10AM yes. -Kaige |U6

From: North Thursday, April 24 2003, 09:20AM Well, that's certainly going to make the london vampire more interesting. I would also like to predict a marked increase in newbie poison deaths, and uh.... fully spelled up, invisible/sneaking/etc pkillers thanking you as they log in. North |U6

From: Kaige Thursday, April 24 2003, 09:49AM re: newbie poison deaths: we've always said it's a bad idea to tell people "just rent it off" we've also been adding ways to remove the bad affects like this in in game ways that are newbie accessible, so perhaps some exploring is in store? And please, if you find some where that doesn't have ways available, we need those pointed out. re: fully spelled up pkillers: Actually passage of time will be handled for offline chars with respect to healing and affects wearing off. Bleeding/poison will prevent offline healing. and Item timers, hungry/thirsty/drunk counters and character age are not changed while characters are offline either. -Kaige |U6

From: Mallory Thursday, April 24 2003, 03:23PM There are other ways to help poisoned newbies than telling them to rent it off - though they, God forbid it, requires moving. Also, as Kaige pointed out (though she probably knows more about it than me) there are some places out there in game that can help you:) -Mallory |U6

From: Rush Friday, April 25 2003, 02:16AM Confused ... Characters will heal and rent off effects offline over time? But bleeding and poisoned will not wear off over time? But positive effectswill wear off? |U6

From: Kaige Friday, April 25 2003, 09:00AM No, I only said that bleeding and poison would prevent healing offline (while they were in effect). I didn't say they wouldn't wear off. (if they're going to that is...) -Kaige |U6

From: North Friday, April 25 2003, 09:24AM 1) Well, I've really only seen people poisoned in tara, and while there are potions in the area which might get rid of poison, the probability of a newbie having access to the skills necessary to get to the potions seems rather remote. Other options include 3rd circle create mage assistance, brewers, or poulticers. Unfortunately, these solutions rely on the kindness of others, something which is not always present. A certain brewing mob in a certain ancient area is easy enough to get to, but again, a newbie might not know the way. I am uncertain asto the effects of various water sources in the area, but those are definitely not newbie friendly anyway. If there's a more convenient way to become unpoisoned, I just haven't found it yet, and I would like to think that someone just starting out here wouldn't find it immediately either. 2) If effects don't wear off, blind becomes much more powerful, and to a lesser extent greater poison. People carry finite numbers of potions. Not a real problem if you want PK fights just ending once someone gets blinded too many times. Or greater poisoned too much. 3) Hmmm, so I could have 1 hp and be poisoned, and log off, and eventually the poison will wear off, while I'm offline, and given enough time, I'll heal up to full? Or will I die, then heal up to full life while being offline? Or will I just remain at 1hp until I log in again? North |U6

From: Primo Friday, April 25 2003, 11:21PM Before this goes in I hope you're going to fix the skill sustained breath? I don't think it should be active for such a long time seing as how its something learned. |U6


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