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Posted by Donelan on 10/27

I like healing for runs, but I dislike wandering around the mud, waiting for a run to organize. What if someone had a site that hosted a database allowing players to plan runs? You could post where you're planning to go, when you're leaving and what team members you're looking for. Other characters could then sign up for the positions available. If the position has been filled, they could volunteer as an alternate. Like eBay, this system could also manage character reputations and provide a feedback system, so you could tell who never shows up on time, or who can't be counted on to share the loot without a fight. I think such a system would require you to log in as your character, and I don't know how it could be sure the character was really yours when you created an account, but it's an intriguing idea. |U6

From: Donelan Wednesday, April 23 2003, 01:53PM Aha. Like lots of sites that email you your password when you create an account, this site could utilize a bot that would mudmail your password to you, so only someone who could access your character on Legend could successfully create an account for you. |U6

From: Fraegis Thursday, April 24 2003, 08:19AM Nice idea. You wouldn't have to wait for a run to be organized, and you could be rid of all that pesky interaction between runs. I like it. Fraegis |U6

From: Romaltha Thursday, April 24 2003, 11:25AM I think people would try to screw over runs, and a lot of people like to just do simple 3 person runs, or whatever, and not advertise that they are going. I think its a good idea, but that it will not work put because A) some people will not bother to check the board to see if they are taking someone elses run, and B) some people just dont care. It's like making an appointment to use an area of Legend... Romaltha |U6

From: Moo Friday, April 25 2003, 11:27AM It would work well for KZ, though, I think. -Moo |U6

From: Fraegis Friday, April 25 2003, 01:37PM I have to agree with Romaltha, I do not think it would work. Some people here are rude enough to not care one bit about this cool website, and claim that since they were here and organized everything, wasting their time interacting with others, they have dips on the area, instead of those smart enough not to waste needless time being here, but simply using the website to organize things. It is the same thing when someone says they need this or that mob on channels. That should absolutely give them dips on that mob, instead of the guy/girl wasting time in that mobs room, waiting for repop. Fraegis |U6

From: Sana Monday, October 27 2003, 05:42PM Wow fraegis has something up his backside. Way to launch into an offensive for no apparent reason. It was a cute idea. |U6


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