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Posted by Sigrid on 04/29

The change to low-spirit augmenting took me through different steps of consideration. I will here share them with you. 1. This is a good change. I (as a 60spr augmenter) am too powerful. 2. Wow, this new augments are really lousy. I can heal by cure lights faster than augmenting. (this was tested and not the case) 3. Ok, so cure light is slower but the change is still waaaay too much. I'll go to the next q&a and whine over it. - but alas I could not find my craven mask and decided to try working out some numbers. The result of my work is the reason for this post. If you're not into technicallities feel free to move forward to the last line. I am an augmenter with 60 spr and 50 mind. Based on experiment I discovered that my augments heal on average 42.75 hp. Using 40 mana pr. augment this is 1.07 hp pr. mana spent. Now lets take a look at mana regaining: In these tests I did not lack food or drink, I was not bleeding or in any other way disabled from max recovery. Rooting. 21.5 mana pr tick. 24 hp pr. tick. Given the 1:1.07 mana-hp rate this is a total of 47 hp pr. tick. Standing. 5 mana pr tick. That is 5.35 hp pr. tick. That all seem quite well. But now I consider changing career. Dropping to 43 spr will allow me to get 67 mind. Moreover the rent I dont need for herbs is filled with a chalice. Now lets look at some numbers. With 66 mind (close enough to 67 - i had a person with this amount and therefore used it for the test) I can heal myself with cure light wounds. For every mana spend I find that a get 0.638 hp. Again, considering mana regain: Now I can meditate and I have a chalice. Meditating. 34.5 mana pr. tick + chalice 15 mana pr. tick = 49.5 mana pr. tick. Which can be turned into 31.5 hp. Standing. 5 mana + chalice 15 mana = 20 mana or 12.77 hp pr. tick. Now, applying a bit (more) math one finds that the if you are resting more than half as much as you are not resting it pays to be a druid. On the other hand if you are standing (fighting yet not bleeding!) more than twice as much as you are resting you should drop the herbs and get a chalice. Myself, I (think) i spend more than 2 thirds of my time on my feet. I know my model is a simplification of realities. I have not counted hp gain while meditating (this will count towards healing by cure light) I have not considered hp regain while standing (this numbers turns out not to matter) I have assumed that I was loaded with hp, hitroll and damroll gear denying me access to both chalice and herbs. My data are (due to simple impatience) collected over 10-20 tick or tries, which can cause them to be slightly off. And I am sure there are other problems. Yet, I think the point is clear: Low-spirit augmenting (for 2c cause mages) is only worth it if you like to sit around and rest rather busy yourself in other ways. Sigrid et al. |U6

From: Drakkon Monday, April 28 2003, 07:00PM yea just wondering, why didn't you add the chalice into your first equation of of healing, was it because you couldn't rent it, or what? |U6

From: Huginn Monday, April 28 2003, 07:13PM Most druids that I've seen rent the chalice. Yes it reduces the amount of herbs you can carry but they consider it worth it to speed up regen. So I'd say your examples are skewed because of that. Huginn |U6

From: Sigrid Tuesday, April 29 2003, 12:09AM I'm not a druid though. If I were I would have 100 spr. I am a battle-druid. |U6

From: Kae Tuesday, April 29 2003, 08:23AM My druid has decided NOT to rent the chalice in order to make room for more herbs. This means he has to spend a good amount of time regen'ing. I find this to be a fair sacrifice, seeing as it's a choice I made which limits him from some things but lets him carry more of something else. I can see the problem, though, if someone decides to indeed have the damn chalice and still sits around indefinitely. Crunch more numbers! :) |U6

From: Sigrid Tuesday, April 29 2003, 11:10AM I am sure we all agree that it is fair that regenning is faster with a chalice. However a chalice is expensive rent-wise. And with all the good eq out there rent is no longer something a lvl 50 has in abundance. Since a battle-druid (as the name indicates) is half fighter half druid the rent must be split between battle-gear (hitroll, damroll etc) and druid gear (herbs, bandages, chalice). Now, both herbs and a chalice is quite expensive rent-wise and I for one do not have rent for both (blame it on the battle-gear?) so simply dropping some herbs to get a chalice is not always an option, I mean how much of a druid do you think you are with rent for say 4 fenugreeks? I know its all a question about priorities, all I am saying is being druid only pays if you're not planning to do (very much) damage. Sigrid et al. And for those of you who wonder, I have had to cut down on my desires for battle-gear too thus not being as powerful as a beefed up pure fighter. |U6

From: Calista Tuesday, April 29 2003, 07:38PM The last statement you make in your last append says a lot more than the rest of the post. You are half druid/half fighter. This should mean that you don't have the good heals and the good hitting. Having the ability to heal at all as a fighter should be reward in and of itself (and I'm not even delving into the idea of your ability to cast 2c spells, as well.) Having the ability to fight as healer should be a reward in and of itself. You can still be a decent hitter without all the dam and hitroll... and you could be a decent healer if you rented the chalice...or at least that what it sounds like to me. I suppose its just a matter of looking at it from the point of view of a 2c fighter (or a pure fighter) who's seen you not only hit just as well as them...but heal (and in the case of the pure fighter, cast.) I suppose my point is that battle druids can still have significant advantages over those who don't heal. Its just a matter of parting with the disgustingly high hit/damroll. |U6

From: Varnel Tuesday, April 29 2003, 08:29PM not to mention the reason for the changes was in fact to dumb down augmenters a little... it wasn't to force all of the half auggies to get more spirit :P or to reduce your regen time i'm pretty sure... altho i'm also pretty sure your regen time doesn't come close to mine :P |U6


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