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Posted by Pop on 10/06

This is going to be a rant because I feel like some of us have had the wool pulled over our eyes -- the goal was ALWAYS skill trees and with that would come a complete skill wipe so I learned things like cooking and fishing and mend and bash and judge -- BAH -- then I learned skin a few weeks ago so I could participate in the alaskan area and in some other areas to do quests -- NOW you all have added a skill set that EVERYONE would choose over being able to cook and fish or what have you, and I think it bloody well sucks cow balls that I can't learn them because I was under the assumption that no new cool skills were going to be added before skill trees a long time ago and there was no sense in saving up practices -- In light of this I would like to be able to 'UNLEARN' all my skills and have to go around and pick the ones I want again -- having accidently learned some skills while talking to mobs in foreign places and learning some others for the hell of it because there wasn't a good alternative is NOT a good reason to punish us who have learned a lot by keeping us out of the new spirit 'skill tree' BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH I'm so mad I want to spit.

From: SPIT


From: SPIT


From: SPIT

From: A skill wipe is in order now that work is being done and skill trees are unlock e open e e close w lock w the window in order to recognize the fact that the mud has changed directions from those previously made public. -POP |U6

From: Pop Saturday, May 10 2003, 08:49AM EITHER THAT OR GIVE US ALL 3 PRACTICES MORE. |U6

From: Chocorua Saturday, May 10 2003, 09:22AM I understand the concern that these new skills would be nice to have over others but you did use those other skills to your benefit and will continue to do so. Perhaps another character would be the best place to explore the use of new skill combinations Chocorua |U6

From: Groo Saturday, May 10 2003, 10:47AM I really dont think the 'go make another character' because the rules were changed is a very acceptable responce. What happen to those of us who actauly enjoy playing the same character we made how every many days ago and now find that character at a disadvantage because the rules were changed? There needs to be and should be a way for us to be able to adapt to this. Had we known our full skill choices before hand I seriously doubt that our characters would have made the choices we did. Sure I can understand your first characters having lousy skills when you were/are a newbie abnd didnt know any better, but forcing us to 'go suffer' since the rules changed is dumb. Perhaps some people may view their characters as disposable but I have alts that I still enjoy playing after 5 years of playing and that they have to get the short end of the stick because the skill set has changed and have no chance at recourse is silly. |U6

From: Cheyla Saturday, May 10 2003, 03:37PM Pop chose to learn skin to do quests, and now after he has done said quests and new skills have come out, he wants to turn in the skill to learn something else... That doesn't sound very fair to me, to those people who had a few practices left over after learning what they needed or really wanted and saved them in anticipation of what might come. Sometimes, you have to live with the choices you have made... There are a number of skills you can currently unlearn, and the new skills that went in yesterday were first hinted at/discussed at a Q&A in early April. I for one certainly won't get any less enjoyment out of playing the characters I've played for over 5 years simply because they can't learn one, some, or all of the new skills. They honestly wouldn't make my favored characters or play style THAT much different. |U6

From: Pop Saturday, May 10 2003, 03:57PM Well -- when you use the world 'CHOSE' it is a bit strange because I did learn skin, but didn't really choose between the new skills and old skills -- actually as malia pointed out, as an augmenter I can't even learn the new skills anyway -- I do think that if skills are going to be added then practices should be added -- I think that after 5 years the character should be able to learn another skill -- maybe after a certain number of hours -- you could get an additional practice -- Cheyla is right that I learn skills in order to do quests -- I wish I could have a practice to learn how to sing in order to do a quest -- but I decided it wasn't worth th wasting a 'precious' practice on it. I'm glad I learned skin actually and and wouldn't want to take it back -- but I wouldn't have learned how to fish, judge, and if some stupid mob hadn't taught me how to bash when I was talking to him trying to figure out a quest I wouldn't have learned it -- I've never really understood why it is that learning how to fish could possibly be an equal to say expert fencing or herblore -- I mean it would take a long time to learn all the herbs in the world, and it takes 2 secs. to learn to fish and even after you learn to fish you don't catch a stupid fish everytime -- does it really take 1 WHOLE practice to learn how to cook something -- sheesh. I basically don't like it when things are added to the game which older characters are unable to take advantage of based merely on hte fact that we are older characters. Doesn't seem right to me that I can make a newbie and learn things while having 25 playing hours on the character while Pop who has over 1000 hours (sad, but true) can't learn. My basic point was that many of the skills I did learn were b/c I was under the impression that a skill wipe was happening in the not so distant future years and years ago -- clearly it didn't happen and in order to rectify the situation older characters should be able to 'unlearn' skills -- why am I being given the opportunity to unlearn my bow skills -- I love my bow skills -- I hates that some swedish knob taught me how to bash when I was under the strength spell -- I can't even learn bash unless I have strength on -- what a waste of a practice. |U6

From: Kae Saturday, May 10 2003, 04:27PM 1000 hours is a lot on a character? Since when? Oh well. I have no life it'd seem. Anyways. I do see your problem. I've re-rolled characters several times in order to preserve the name/RP and still take advantage of the new changes. On the whole though, I think the best way to go about things is to never presume that nothing will be set in stone from here and on, because Legend is constantly changing, and we just have to change along. That said, I'm sure we can argue the usefulness/value/logic of some skills, and that there'd be no harm done in doing so, but I wouldn't expect a full skill wipe to happen anytime soon. --Kae |U6

From: Chocorua Saturday, May 10 2003, 04:50PM well if we were to return your practices just because you no longer find those skills useful, it would only be fair to also remove any benefit they have ever gotten you. whois's pcflags etc... thats a silly process and a bad idea. Addmin more pracs, alsoa bad idea, changes the balance we are trying to chieve by allowing more than we are willing to let you learn. Sometimes when we make changes we allow a skill reimbursal for conflicting skills and what not. Skin isn't going to be one of those. As for you using up all your pracs, that is a decision you chose to make. even if you don't think so you did. The new skills are there for people to choose and you can create a new character and test them out. Legend, as Kae said, is always changing and when you login you are informed that we are always changing. unfortunately it seems that even giving you all access to new skills and new tactics you are simply going to be upset and feel cheated. Not a damn thing I can do about that. Chocorua |U6

From: Pop Sunday, May 11 2003, 11:51AM Choc- You play the slighted benefactor role well. While I appreciate the new changes and have said so, one of my arguments was that some of the skills are only good to get a whois or something which I obviously enjoy -- HOWEVER before I learned any skills to get whois's I learned all the skills to make the char as good as possible -- also if you had read more of this thread than the first post you would see that I was correctly informed after the initial post by Malia that I couldn't learn these new skills anyway b/c I know augment. This still doesn't change the fact that your argument is weak. If you want to give me all the benefits that I have gotten from accidently learning bash from a mob who taught it in an unclear fashion that would be swell. When the changes went in making stats move slowly, people could get reimbursed for practices -- likewise when inspire was changed as well as bow skills and augment -- these skills were offered reimbursements -- I am arguing that because new skills which are very nice have been added that people should be given the opportunity to learn them by changing in other skills they currently know -- making a new character is not a good argument in my opinion. I don't have the time nor the inclination to kill mice just so I can see if I like these new skills. Giving us the opportunity to unlearn a skill in order to learn a newly added skill follows the same logical path as giving mages an opporunity to increase their cast level of newly added spells by practicing using spellbooks. If a skill wipe is too much to ask, then I would say trading in a skill for a new skill is not too much to ask. N.B. This is not really complaining -- obviously I think that the new skills are so cool that I would really like the opportunity nity to learn them. (Other incarnations, obviously). You don't see why older characters would feel 'slighted' because they never had the opportunity -ity that newer characters have had? Sorry that you can't put yourself in other people's shoes. -Pop |U6

From: Valya Sunday, May 11 2003, 12:51PM Seeing as you argue that you as an old char should have obvious benefits compared to newer chars, ie, per your definition of whether a skill is usable and or worth the practice session, you can trade it in for another skill without any cost whatsoever. (basically making your chars practice sessions unlimited as you can always claim that kick, bandage or chant sucks). I vouch that all newbies should get something in return seeing as they do obviously not qualify for things that are concieved by you as things that should not apply to you. my proposition is this: All newbie kits should henceforth consist of 2 old hernes horns, an old SSS or wormy depending on first choice of stat. these items should cost 5 rent each(or newbies won't be able to rent them) ofcourse, they would require to be ungive'able, and non-sellable, so that older chars will not have this privilige that is being newbie. seeing as the older chars have had those items readily available before, I think it's more than fair to give all newbies upon creation. /Valya of Obninsk, rather mused. |U6 |U6

From: Alashar Sunday, May 11 2003, 02:45PM I think a lot of you have missed the major point of this post. We WERE told we would be wiped before trees. End of story. You cannot deny it, you said it, you posted it, its in writing. However I don't know that this justifies as trees and we should be wiped for this. But I do see where he's coming from...he only learned many of his skills BECAUSE he thought hey, I'll try them and if they suck, I'll lose them in a few years anyway. He's not asking to drop skills that gave him whois's, he's asking to drop skills that give him little or no benefit what so ever...armwrestling comes to mind. |U6

From: Pop Sunday, May 11 2003, 04:26PM bash, satire, listen, judge, hide, steal (totally changed + I don't pk) armslore, mix potion, foul, meditate (which was changed), foul, mend cooking, fishing, make amulet. I would gladly give ALL of whatever benefit these lucious skills have given me and all the wonderful whois's I have because of them for the opportunity to change one of these skills in for a newly added skill -- but since I can't learn the newly added skills I don't get to change any skills in -- HOWEVER, in the futre it would be nice for me to learn a new skill which I might be eligable to learn ( something that would help a augmenting deadeye ) I am arguing a point that would not directly benefit me, Pop, but that doesn't mean that the point is invalid. I can see the point of whoever posted that about getting old equipment (I have none), but I would say that is the benefit of being an older character -- there shouldn't EVER be a benefit to being a newer character -- why else would their be spellbooks in the game to raise cast levels unless the imm staff believed this also? Pop |U6

From: Kaine Monday, May 12 2003, 09:04PM I don't really have any new argument or point to make, I just wanted to put my name down in agreement with Pop - who knows, if enough players agreed, amybe there would be a change (well, probably not). Anyway, I think a freeing-up of the policy on skill reimbursements would be a good thing. I've never really enjoyed levelling up new characters, and Kaine is pretty much the only one I play. However I've lost a bit of interest in him, and as a result Legend, of late. Being a bit more generous with skill reimbursements would probably bring a bit of that interest back. Just wondering if other players feel similarly? Make yourself heard! Cheers, Kaine |U6

From: Rush Monday, May 12 2003, 10:27PM I remember being told there would be a skillwipe. Other issues aside, the playerbase believed there would be a skillwipe because the administration said there would be. I'd like to hear some imms address this. Maybe there will be a wipe after a certain number of new skills go in? Are you changing your mind on that topic totally? Just clue us in a bit. |U6

From: Sandra Tuesday, May 13 2003, 04:34AM Geez people. We put in new skills because we needed to balance out pure fighters so that they could compete with mages and druids. We offered reimbursements for SOME skills so that people could opt to get these new skills if they wanted. THIS IS NOT SKILLTREES. There will still be a skill wipe if/when trees are ever completed. Once again, this is not it. Skilltrees, to date, are on permanent hold. Regarding being more liberal with reimbursements: It's not something that we're willing to do, simply put. We don't want to allow people to totally change their character from a mage to a fighter, or from a fighter to a mage(full mage, that is), just because we put in a few new skills to help out fighters. Can I say that in the future, we will/will not add more new skills? Nope. If we see that there is a way to help balance things out again by adding some new ones, we probably will. Will we allow some skills to be reimbursed if we do so? Can't really say for sure. So if you have 25 practices left, think ahead. It never hurts to be safe. If you really want to try out the new skills, and are unable to do so, then maybe you should consider making a new character. You might enjoy it. Even after 37 characters, I've still made a new one just to try out something fresh. Anyway, hope that's coherent. I'm pre-coffee. -Sandra |U6

From: Dolor Tuesday, May 13 2003, 10:33AM That I can tell, nobody's complaining over the fact that we have new skills, Sandy dear. As a couple of people have pointed out, we were told--several times, over the course of a few years--that there weren't going to be any significant skill additions before skilltrees (I recall a Q&A where an imm was mentioning how they liked suckerpunch a couple years ago, strangely enough) and that skilltrees would be accompanied by a complete skill wipe. While nobody is complaining that you've decided to put in some new skills after all (least of all me, since I happen to be one of those boring- as-hell fighters that benefitted most), perhaps it would have been nice if around legend's birthday you could have mentioned "By the way, we'll be adding some new skills into the system in the next few months, and we won't be offering skillwipes, so use your practices carefully." Sure, several older characters are still screwed, but then this conversation would probably have been wrapped up three months ago, and at least some people wouldn't be in the situation they're in now. And by the way, Sandy-dear, you may have 37 characters, but some of us are simply unwilling to pump that much time and effort in just so we can find out whether or not it's worth getting a new skill. Many people on Legend that I know of have less than five level 40+ characters and several have just one (myself most definitely included). Sadly, for those people who are allergic to the mind-numbing activity that is XP running, making a new character isn't an option, either. Dolor Ferriscor, who has 15 practices and almost every useless skill Legend's created, including armwrestling. |U6

From: Kaine Tuesday, May 13 2003, 07:25PM I didn't mean that liberal! :) I agree that the ability to totally change a characters skill set from a mage to a fighter would probably be undesireable - that would take what, 20 or so skill reimbursements? Im certainly not looking or hoping for that many - a couple at the most. Cheers, Kaine |U6

From: LadyAce Tuesday, May 13 2003, 09:31PM Just as a note in here -- I think that you folks found out about the new skills only a few weeks, at most, after they were first being discussed. I try to emphasize this sometimes in Q&A, when people ask what new stuff is coming in. Right now, the large-scale, much-planned-ahead type of projects are largely on hold. Smaller-scale projects tend to happen in a short timeframe, and their priority is based on ideas, inspiration, sudden blocks of available time, etc. It's not as if we're all sitting around with stacks of knowledge about the timeframes of code changes, and just not telling you. -LA |U6

From: Crysinda Monday, October 06 2003, 11:09PM But would it really be so much to ask, to at least let some of us pkers, where stats wher stats are significantly different in certain areas. Unlike in mobkill To lets us have the already small chance to tumble it; fine it did alot of damage damage, maybe we can get a chance to not be sitting for two rounds as well. |U6


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