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Posted by Dermick on 05/29

The thought of Dual Wielding was brought up in a recent Q&A, but I thought that I would further the idea a bit. Using common sense, dual wield would involve both hands meaning that users wouldnt be able to hold a shield or hold items, but considering there are 2-handed weapons and you still get a hold item, I am assuming that you would still get one hold item to use along with the two weapons. Also, using that wonderful thing of common sense again, the majority of us are going to be weaker in our off hands, so the dual wielded weapon would have to be lighter than the users main weapon. This would be good in many ways, because it will prevent people from using two heavy swords, staffs, daggers, etc. On top of that, most people wont have the rent for two of these higher damage weapons. Ok, to the advantages of dual wielding that I can see: 1) Dexers that have recently archived because they dont have the HP to survive after the recent changes will now be able to do much more damage, and they wont suffer nearly as much from the loss of the shield because of the natural ac that they gain from high dexterity. 2) New classes can be created as a result of dual wielding. Dexers could become more like assassins with two daggers. If guns were made into weapons, you could use two guns at the same time, and a sniper class would be more realistic in the sense that two guns would be used and no outside weapons. Oh well, those are just my pety thoughts Dermick, your buddy from Smashum |U6

From: Archaon Friday, May 16 2003, 06:40PM I've often thought of this, but always the one thing came to my head. ANY hitters that aren't the tank or dont plan to tank in a run, will trade their shield and held items for another weapon in runs, might not be used ALL the time, but if you're not getting hit you dont need a shield, but if you are hitting you want to hit as hard as you can. Although i like the idea of double capping in the one round

From: grin

From: of if he says the handed difference, cap and rip :P then hook massacre and greaves massacre ooh nasty

From: cackle

From: About the handedness, SOME people are ambi dexterous (use both hands equally as well) would they put it in or just ignore it for simplicity's sake? Having to lose a shield for it, it makes sence... so thats another 5 stat and -20 ish ac. To make it an even better loss you could introduce all shields have a special block bonus, quickly countered by 2 weapons having an equal parry bonus or something. One last thing. Why not imp 3 hand weapons? but have them in sizes so one big fat weapon eg (sss) and two daggers, eg katar and gauche, or if you want parry through the roof, gauche gauche gauche

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From: if you want parry through the roof, gauche gauche gauche

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From: Anyway thats about enough of that, Archaon |U6

From: Dermick Friday, May 16 2003, 06:53PM The main thing about losing your holds/shields and getting extra hitting power can be a bit iffy though. Because most fighters will have to lose 5-6 hit, or 7-8 damage just to wear a new weapon, not to mention the stats that you would lose from the shield. aww crud, my computer is being a pain, will finish this on the next post after i repot my computer |U6

From: Dermick Friday, May 16 2003, 07:15PM Another piece that I forgot was that there should be a cap on the max weigh of either of the weapons used, because in reality, who would be able to use a SSS along with anything else effectively (outside of dreamland). To go with another of your statements Archaon, to dual wield weapons, the user should need to have expert skills for both weapons, you cant really be expected to wield two weapons proficiently unless you are an expert with both. |U6

From: Kaelam Sunday, May 18 2003, 07:57AM How about making it a lvl 25 req plus 80+ dex and maybe gunplay and a hometown to make it more dexer orientated as str and con are pretty buff as it is Kaelam i have no brain |U6

From: Archaon Monday, May 19 2003, 08:10PM I like the idea, but i think the have to have a small weapon for secondary is kinda cheap. How about this instead. As your secondary weapon is in your nondomanant hand, then one should 'feel' that it is heavier, so a higher str required to wield as well as (depending on how complex) slightly more weight when weilded. Also trying to hit something with your nondominant hand is quite difficult even after practise, and when you do hit you dont hit as hard, so how about 1-2% hit reduction, maybe dam? or could just change the weapon with 1 or 2 point reduction in max/avg damage

From: shrug

From: so for example, a hitter might weild two of the same weapon, those being 17kg 18max dam. so if calculations are correct, then two hand weild at 68 str, and single handed at 85. (thats current stuff) so for the secondary one, why not increase weight (that reduces attacks helping with damage/hit reduction) and decrease max dam so the 17/18 sword now is a 18/17 when weilded in the non dominant hand. so two handed weild at 72 (not a problem with single hand primary) and single handed wield at 90 str, also not a problem for str hitters (about the only people that use weapons of those weights), as they tend to have 95-100 strength Only problem i can see with that system is it would be fairly hard to impliement. Archaon |U6

From: Dermick Tuesday, May 20 2003, 01:15PM It seems that people are missing the point, maybe we should make this a dex only skill. Because it would seem unlikely for anyone str or con to dual if they rely on their hitting, because doing so would cost them a herne or a luckstone, which would hurt their hitting probably more than dual wielding a small weapon would gain. Another suggestion would be to cap both the weapon weighs that would be used, like i said before... that way you cant use a giant weapon and then a slightly lighter, but still a giant weapons (ex a SSS and a Jawbone). Instead make it no weapon above 15kg able to be dual wielded, or have another weapon wielded if the primary is over 15kg. But dex and perception fighters only may be the only way, it seems much more natural for someone with high dex to be able to handed two weapons well at all, not to mention master the skill. |U6

From: Mouko Sunday, May 25 2003, 02:13PM 15kg? No way. Nothing over 9 or so kg would be best. Perhaps even as low as 8. IE - VERY light weight blades. And as much as I like the idea of something like this...well, isn't there already the option to dual-wield. I mean, a hook is a secondary weapon. Claws are secondary weapons (both piercing.) Perhaps if secondary weapons such as these checked for weapon proficiency... |U6

From: Drakkon Sunday, May 25 2003, 10:26PM they check stats... close enough :P |U6

From: Mouko Tuesday, May 27 2003, 11:01AM When I asked at a Q and A session about secondary weapons, I was told that they acted independently of stats. This means, as far as I can tell, that said items do not check the stats of the character using them. =) |U6

From: Varnel Wednesday, May 28 2003, 08:05PM if that were true a con cause would be successful with a hook and believe me its not true, because with a con cause using a hook it would never go off for one, and it would never hit for another.... |U6

From: Stygian Thursday, May 29 2003, 06:48AM get me a hook and i'll try it... oh and when i DID have a hook, i did hit quite well with it come to think of it, i hit about as hard with a hook as my str/dex and I AM con cause

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