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Posted by Nelson on 07/20

I woulda put this on the warboard but I don't think anybody reads that damn thing anymore...anyways...I had an idea for a new type of tournament that I think would be pretty cool...sandra will probably shoot me just for suggesting it but i'm gonna anyways. How about a tournament, kinda like where yanno umm...you play as other people eh? Like one thing I hear a lot from people is "I could win that often too if I had a good character like he does!" And crap like that. And one thing I hear from myself a lot is "I wish some of these jerks who think they so big could try using some of my god awful characters and see how they like it" So anyways we would get player consent(obviously) then copy then people could do requests to use a certain character in a tourney(or maybe just copy a few famous people to choose from or something) I guess I really don't have anything else to say other than I would like to see if anyone here agrees or if you all think i'm nuts... Nelson--always wondered what it would be like to be someone cool like gaidal. |U6

From: Todd Wednesday, July 16 2003, 11:41AM I have to say I really like this idea. I've often wondered if its me that really sucks or just my characters. Now I can prove its me. |U6

From: Stigmata Wednesday, July 16 2003, 01:33PM Whoo hoo! I call dibs on using Sandra! |U6

From: Cheap Wednesday, July 16 2003, 02:20PM grand idea, simply brilliant, on a test mud it would work fine. as long as you opened up the players passwords and log on names get all 2.pouch drink chalice fill chalice china put chalice 2.pouch put china 2.pouch for the testmud only. lol, there goes my chalice spam thats my 2 bits Cheap |U6

From: Akai_Hayate Thursday, July 17 2003, 02:44PM Would it be wrong for me to post in favor of this idea? Oh well not like I have any morals anyways. I love this idea and I hope it happens! I can't wait for someone to request to use me, it'll be a blast. 'Cause yanno, anybody can kill akai, that doesn't make you a man. But can you kill somebody with akai? That makes you a king! Buwahahahha! Or something. |U6

From: Maloth Friday, July 18 2003, 08:16PM Yay Nelson! I always knew I liked you, I like the idea, so long as nobody can mess up my char (not that anyone would want to be me... bleh). It would be cool to try to be.... someone else. Maloth |U6

From: Krynn Sunday, July 20 2003, 07:07PM I'll gladly release my character for usage. I think it'd be fun. I'll even email my aliases, macros, and triggers to anybody that wants to be me. be me. -K |U6


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