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New Command Idea : String|U6

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Posted by Cabal on 08/01

Idea would be allowing players to turn an item into a 0rent 0weight item with the same desc. Would allow for example to carry strings until a PR imm is online to do the restring job. Would also allow players to "save" mundane items they like without having to rent them. |U6

From: Drakkon Tuesday, July 22 2003, 06:01PM why not just make it so players can re-string themselves! :P |U6

From: Cheyla Tuesday, July 22 2003, 06:38PM One reason off the top of my head: slot rules. |U6

From: Berek Wednesday, July 23 2003, 03:19PM While this is basically a pointless argument I just wanna say that we shouldn't be prevented from doing something just because some people might abuse it. If you find somebody with the slot then take thier string and eat it, teach them a lesson. |U6

From: Dolor Wednesday, July 23 2003, 09:25PM Just to play the devil's advocate, would it not be possible to make a player's hypothetical restring command check that A) the item being restrung is, in fact, a string, and B) that the item being strung to is of the same basic type (weapons to weapons, on-body to on-body, jewelry to jewelry, etc.) as the item being strung from. Obviously, don't let a player's restring command allow the user to change the slot string. It isn't a full restring command and isn't meant to be, but rather is a way to take some basic workload off the imms and make things easier for the player who needs a restring right now before their excess rent kills them and there isn't an imm within a hundred miles of cyberspace. Of course, there's more demanding items on the to-do list than giving players restringing abilities, but as I said, I'm playing devil's advocate. here. -Dolor |U6

From: Susano Wednesday, July 23 2003, 09:33PM Just a command to string to storage would be nice. Needing an imm to do the restring at a later date...hey, its part of the deal. But as it was stated in the last post, imms arent always around, especially when you are over-rent and need that string taken care of. Just that lil bit should be a big help to freeing up some time for other projects.

From: shrug

From: Susano's player |U6

From: Myrella Thursday, July 24 2003, 12:45PM Just thought I'd throw in my nickels worth. 1) I dont see the point of being able to string mundane items to storage strings, items that you can mundane are usally low rent, and if they aren't is it really that hard to remember where you got it? All I can see from this is a huge number of 0 rent/weight items being created and never used as intended. 2) I really like the idea of players being able to convert their own strings to storage items, I dont see where this would cause any problems at all and I know it would save people that have a large number of strung items a major headache when trying to alter their equipment, sure you'll still need an imm to restring but just being able to make storage strings woule be nice. Myrella |U6


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