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Posted by Sandman on 08/16

I'm just curious as to why backstab's stat requirements are so low.. I know in order to use it effectively you need high stat, but given the freak nature of luck, and the pain it brings seeing someone with 30-40 in a stat para you is something that just shouldnt be. Can we logically make this skill's requirement something a bit more reasonable? I just feel that even with luck, and yeah its nice but too random imho shines a bit often for this paralyzing skill while having a smidge of stat using it. Sandman, wishes once he could be so lucky... |U6

From: Sandman Thursday, July 24 2003, 02:28AM Just to give an example of why this is painful... dex mage.. 3c.. with 40 perc.. can possibly para you and then land very nice spells they put more time and energy into than that skill which doesnt feel so well ;). And seeing how the new trend, just my observation dont jump me, is high stats needed for the main skills used.. doesnt seem unfair or unbalanced to up backstab requirements. |U6

From: Cheap Thursday, July 24 2003, 07:14AM I agree 100%, a 3c mage with 40 perc should not have the skill to land a para backstab, nor should anyone else with 40 perc imho. It takes away from the true users of the skill if any ol person can use it. And if your mage happens to be a dex 3c mage, then you land those 40 perc backstabs a lot more then you really should Personally, backstab should be a 55 perc skill minimum, but thats just my thought on the subject. Cheap |U6

From: Grady Thursday, July 24 2003, 04:18PM Hrrumph hrrumph! I didn't get a Hrrumph outta that guy! Give the Governor a Hrrumph! Hrrumph! Hrrumph! Seeing as how low perc backstabs do little damage and the frequency of a low perc para is rare to extremely rare, I don't see a problem |U6

From: Wiz Thursday, July 24 2003, 06:04PM and I dont want to level newbie snipers witout backstab! hrrumph to grady! |U6

From: Nelson Thursday, July 24 2003, 07:49PM yeah what wiz and grady said, plus if we keep upping stat reqs on skills pretty soon we are going to have fighters who can do nothing but bash con people who headbutt dex people who kick etc etc. I'm in favor of mages having a few things to do that don't cost mana. Anyways being stabbed by a dex mage is like being bitten by a mosquitoe or walking past that thorn patch in by bane. Shrug it off :P if you want to, run away and sleep for 3.2 seconds to heal the damage back. |U6

From: Stain Sunday, July 27 2003, 06:37PM Yeah, don't up the skill reqs. I like playing a classless mud, being able to create characters that are not exactly like every other char on the mud.

From: boo dip change

From: |U6

From: Spanish-Flea Sunday, July 27 2003, 07:39PM It's fine with the reqs it has now, besides that all 30 damage for a mage bs is healed with the most basic skills quickly, but if you really want to change bs, why not just change the min perc required for a paralyze, and not mess with the skill, imms will almost NEVER create something new when a simpler solution exists with what's at hand. |U6

From: Cheap Wednesday, August 06 2003, 07:36AM Good Idea, if they could up the requirement for a backstab to para, that would would make a lot more sense to me. I just feel that someone who spends 100 pts in the skills requirement deserves not having someone who by default to their main skills are now able to spend a prac and do the same thing the person who spent the 100 pts are, though with not near as much damage or as many para's either. but the fact they can para at all does not make much sense to me. Another rambling Cheap |U6

From: Nelson Thursday, August 07 2003, 01:00AM People with almost no con can stagger headbutt and para warcry, people with 100 do it alot more eh? I mean even a 60 mind mage CAN wfw. But WILL they? :P |U6

From: CZARS Saturday, August 16 2003, 12:42PM Yes, they will, but backstab is a unique skill, it's the only reason there are still perc/dex characters on this mud. The only people who would be punished by this change are 2c mages whom elect to go dex with a bit of perc, and full 3c dex mages. Now I've never seen the first class of player (nobody make one before me or I keel you) but dex mages aren't dex for a lead in 30 hp bs that has a small chance to para and thereby let them do loads of damage with their negative damroll 5 maxdam weapons :P. |U6


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