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Posted by Maja on 09/02

It's been a while since the hunt delay was added. I thought I'd get used to it, but no: it still is annoying as it was the first time. I understand that it was added to make life harder for certain pk chars. Frankly, I don't see why it should affect the rest of us. At any given time on the mud there is much more non-pk activity going on the pk-related activity. I'm also guessing that at any given time there are more non-pk chars on than those certain pk chars who needed life made harder for them. Why is the majority made to accomodate a minority? If you're a non-pk char who find this new hunt delay annoying too, please add your name here. |U6

From: Kaige Saturday, August 30 2003, 08:02AM The change that will be going in next Friday was discussed at last week's Q&A session, so adding your name to a petition like this now isn't going to be very effective. =) I haven't gotten the log up yet, but will do so a bit later today. The direct URL will be: www.legendmud.org/Community/lectures/QandA/2003/QA_08_28_03.html Anyway, the brief description of the change goes like this: The lag on hunt is changing from the full amount occurring when you first invoke the hunt command to a delay as you follow the trail that will vary depending on how fresh the trail is. This means you will incur a delay every time you get the "The trail to your prey leads... " message. The closer your prey, the shorter the delay will be. Compared to the current wait (which is 2 combat rounds) the longest of these delays would be less than one combat round. The numbers aren't set in stone, but were a place to start, so if they don't work out they can be adjusted. So next Friday's update will let you try it out and hopefully you'll find it much better for everyone. -Kaige |U6

From: Corith Saturday, August 30 2003, 08:10PM Ok, first, I am a PKer....but um, this alt isnt, and this alt cant even hunt so um, yeh, dont erm, take this too into context. The hunt lag, in my eyes is actually, whether its initial lag, or per-room lag a VERY bad thing for any sort of PK in general, at one point I heard it stated that a main reason for iron will reqs, was to keep druids from getting unfair again well, this lag on hunt, again, either initial or room, has once again put normal, and battle, druids far ahead of the pack in that they now have much more time to run and heal than before. Now, normally Id expect to see people append saying "Yes, but you could just not hunt and run around looking for them" Ill say it now, to get it out of the way, thanks for the bright idea, PK a druid sometime, tell me how it works. I know PK is not the LARGEST issue on this mud, that its on the backburner ESPECIALLY now that PKE has been implemented, but in my eyes, that is just another reason to give this initial and/or per room lag another look over for the sake of balance within the PK world. Corith's Player. |U6

From: LadyAce Saturday, August 30 2003, 11:19PM I'm not sure if you had done much hunting under the new code when you posted or not, Corith, but let us know if it improves your experience. At any rate -- what I understand from the discussions about the hunt lag code so far is that it's an attempt to even out the experience of people on broadband and the people on modems, so that the advantage of having high bandwidth is diminished. This has a stronger effect on PK experience, but since PK is the area where bandwidth can make the biggest difference, that seems fair to me. That said...the old code was a little irritating to play under, I felt that for sure. So I'm going to do what I hope y'all will also do -- give it a try and see how it feels, try to get used to it, and if it ends up being a continual irritant even under the new formula, send those comments back to us. Press RETURN to continue or 'q' to quit: Adapting code to the varying speeds of the internet is something that is new, if I am remembering correctly -- we don't have any other code that tries to do this. So your help in improving it is particularly important, and the more people who comment, the better sense we'll have of the impact on different kinds of connections. FWIW, if this leads to less 'autohunt and sit back while you cross the mud' ... I won't consider that the worst thing. It was already a lazy way to travel :). If it makes regular old wander-around-an-area-killing into a hassle, that's the kind of impact I'd consider a bit more troubling. Just some thoughts speaking for just myself, -LA |U6

From: Dashiva Sunday, August 31 2003, 01:22AM uh, an idea for a fix for this would just to have anyone pkeenabled or pkeall to have the lagged hunt everyone else could have regular or somthing that might discourage some pk, but maybe not who can tell |U6

From: Chocorua Sunday, August 31 2003, 02:22PM well pk is part of the reason hunt is being looked at but for to many years hunt has been the alternative to learning your way around legend. The lag added to the different levels of the message should encourage more exploring and less abuse of the hunt skill. Chocorua |U6

From: Corith Sunday, August 31 2003, 05:16PM Yesterday my alt fought Vanion, outside of Klein LA. You know the outcome? Because of hunt, I lost, I ran him outta mana, but he was getting 2-4 poults each time I had to stop and hunt him. Not to mention, if you looked at my chars, 2 of every 4, are high perc so I have a good deal of hunt experience, we'll not get into that. However. While you all may be worried about it affecting mobkill, thats not a grand issue really, I understand wanting to make it less important than exploring, but this does not do that I dont care if im lagged to high hell and back while Im mobkilling from hun Im just getting from one place to another, I dont see any way that the change will affect using hunt to get around. But in PK, its not learning your way, we KNOW our ways, its finding your opponent, its creating balance for us. First aid and augment, hell even brewing certain potions, because of this lag, has become the death to all tactic in PK. And no, Im not saying change it just because Im asking, Im going to make a 2c dex perc druid, and PKE him, so that I can back what I say up with substantial evidence. I simply ask that, just this once, you look into this as a mudwide affair, not a mobkill affair, because again, this does not affect mobkilling in any way shape or form, its the same it has always been, the only affect is once again putting druids at the top of PK Corith |U6

From: Maja Tuesday, September 02 2003, 11:46AM I am glad it's about to change and won't be as irritating. I did not attend the Q&A so had no idea the issue was tackled. Sorry

From: scuffle

From: I do want to comment on the notion that hunt does not encourage exploring... Can't speak for everyone, but I find hunt to be not exactly a safety net but more of a comfort net when exploring. Knowing that I can use hunt to get out of sticky situations, often encourages me to explore. Exploring is and should be fun and is not the same as wandering lost and helpless :) The delay of course does not change that. Just wanted to comment on the exploring and hunt issue. At the end of the day, I think, players who want to explore will do so, with or without hunt, with or without delay. Those that can't be bothered, will continue to be dependent on anything available (curiously not the hunt skill so much, but other players...) Nuff said. Maja & the penguin. |U6


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