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Posted by DoctorMom on 09/19

In my opinion, this new feature is a bad one. It allow people to be careless and not _afraid_ of losing their items, strings, coupons from not paying the rent in time. It also kick out another sub-class... you know.. the one that wander around to those special houses waiting for the _day_ the items can be their... |U6

From: Peony Monday, September 08 2003, 05:50AM Hmm...docmom has a good point here. Now to make sure I keep an item I really really _REALLY_ want but just can't (riiiight) drop anything else to rent. I no longer have to drown or hit a fake dt! I can just fork out the minimum housing amount (which isn't really that much if/when you come across something you REALLY really want to keep but can't rent)...and pay for storage that way. Of course there's no way to actually prevent the two methods that I just outlined here (who knows I may just have given people ideas), so perhaps the housing_stuff_owned_after_house_poofs thing is really not such a bad thing. I mean it isn't as if it weren't possible before... A rambling post from your local Pea-Brain. Peeeeeee-ony! |U6

From: LadyAce Monday, September 08 2003, 03:27PM Just as a comment -- as far as I know, the 3-day ownership rule applies here, as with other items lost while the owner isn't around. So while people do get some extra time to collect their gear, the items don't stay owned on the ground forever. Housing is pretty expensive -- but if we see abuse of ownership in the way Peony describes, I would guess that we'd adjust to prevent it. Seem reasonable? -LA |U6

From: DoctorMom Monday, September 08 2003, 03:42PM Still, by havint this new saved feature. You are also removing the incentive to actually keep the housing funds alive... Especially to those that has coupons, strings, and zips horded. Rebuilding a house is nothing compare to losing the items in it.... atleast that is how it was viewed before this new feature being installed. |U6

From: Huginn Tuesday, September 09 2003, 01:30PM You're always going to have people looking for ways to abuse new features. Thankfully that group of people is a small minority. As LadyAce said, if we see people abusing this feature, it'll be addressed. Hopefully people will just use it as intended. Thanks Huginn |U6

From: DoctorMom Tuesday, September 09 2003, 04:29PM And what was your intention of this new saved feature with housing? Allowing people to not worry about their rent cost? |U6

From: LadyAce Tuesday, September 09 2003, 06:54PM It means that if your house dies, you're not at the mercy of either the next person to walk by or the next reboot -- you get some time to recover all your stuff. You still lost the 300k-300million coins, but not, say, the note that has sentimental value to it, a coupon you promised someone as a gift, and the other treasures you were keeping. And, if there's a housing bug.... KNOCK ON WOOD .... we won't have a mudful of gear which might poof if we crash. It's most generally a nicety, a softening of the blow of losing such a huge investment ... but it does make me think of it as a possible rescue feature :). -LA |U6

From: Varnel Friday, September 19 2003, 09:02PM Doctormom is just mad that they can't go around stealing people's stuff when their house poofs now. What a retard eh? :P |U6


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