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10 tick timer thingie.|U6

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Posted by Sana on 09/24

First off let me say right off the darned bat so there is no bloody misunderstanding, I got no problem with the 10 tick timer for healing after a pk fight. But now...about that bloody 10 tick timer for going ooc. I guess what I want to know is what is the bloody point? If somebody is running from your fight and gets to an inn to go ooc, they could just rent. right? so this doesn't stop people from bailing out...so that can't be the bloody point of the bloody thing. As far as I can tell it has no point and it only serves to annoy people who have something to do ooc. But anyways...the point of my bloody post is to beg to get that bloody ooc 10 tick timer removed, at least for pke. Since in pke running for 48 ticks then rejecting isn't a bloody possibility, why should we get stuck with the same bloody solution that was put up for the pknok people to keep them from abusing each other? Different worlds, different solutions, different abilities to go bloody ooc. Sounds fair. Plus this would be a good minor incentive to go pke. Make people say oh thats cool, without giving them some ability to become some sort of god among men...minor reward. Let's do it. Sana-- God among men. |U6

From: Dolor Monday, September 22 2003, 12:00AM The 10-tick timer for OOC goes WAY before PKOK, y'know. It goes back to old PK. It's the old (and proper) logic that OOC should be just that: Out Of Character. Using OOC for ANY in-game purpose--like escaping from combat--defeats its purpose. Besides, the argument's moot. You might as well ask the imms to let people go OOC from places other than inns again. It's about as likely to happen. -Dolor. Old. |U6

From: Huginn Monday, September 22 2003, 11:29AM

From: nod Dolor

From: Huginn |U6

From: LadyAce Monday, September 22 2003, 04:28PM It's also more than a matter of escaping fights. We used to have all kinds of trouble with people running OOC to talk trash, wait for buddies to join them, all kinds of stuff. If you need OOC but don't want to rent, like for Q&A, just pop in there early so you won't have the conflict, would be my advice. -LA |U6

From: Paranoia Monday, September 22 2003, 10:34PM I don't really go ooc all that often, so the tick thing really dosn't bother me. I don't mind the 10 tic no healing either, it makes sense. The one that really chaps my ass is the 50 tick archive timer. Why the hell is it that freakin' long? I use the archive option to keep my chars from purging when I know I will be unable to log on for a a while, but I rarely have FIFTY ticks worth of notice. Do you realize how long a wait that is? As an active pkiller I am almost guarenteed to be jumped at least a couple times in that period. Why is the timer so much longer? |U6

From: Masha Monday, September 22 2003, 11:10PM First of all, you apparently aren't familiar with Legend as much as you think. If you were, you'd know that going OOC after a PK fight was always a 10 tick wait. Second, you'd know that this was in place a lot longer than PKOK. It has nothing to do with PKOK. Never had, never will. If you don't want to waste your preps, go OOC first and read the boards before you bother to make up preps. Only common sense, but in this case, you seem to be lacking it. Thirdly, it'd probably help if you didn't leave preserved walls all around. That sort of thing makes your PK timer go off, in case you hadn't noticed. Finally, what you perceive as a 'stupid idea' isn't. As LadyAce pointed out to you, as well as to the rest of the LegendMUD community, OOC is just that, for 'Out of Character' things. If you can't get the concept of what separates the two, then perhaps you need to stop playing. No one likes to have someone bitch and moan about something that seem to not be very well versed in. Oh, and one last thing, you chose to PKE. The rules were explained to you, yes? Everyone else who is PKE knows the problems and responsibilities that it endears-- which means having to keep on your toes for other PKE people who are more than willing to jump you. If you don't like the fact that you have to wait 10 ticks to go OOC, then don't PK. Don't go PKOK, don't go PKE. --Masha, and her player, Rebecca. Both old, both grumpy. |U6

From: Sana Tuesday, September 23 2003, 12:57AM Or I could happily pk and we could remove the pointless feature. People who are going to go ooc and wait for buddies will just go on an alt and wait for buddies. People who want to talk trash will just log an alt or a guest and do it. The timer does nothing, nothing, nothing nothing nothing nothing. And I seem to recall fleeing from a fight then going ooc before... anyways. how did preps enter this? Creates dont prep, what do I care for preps! |U6

From: Craven Tuesday, September 23 2003, 07:45AM Actually you're right, Masha is mistaken. This has not ALWAYS been this way. Just blame an old friend of everyones...Arsene. :) |U6

From: Talia Tuesday, September 23 2003, 03:29PM Hey Sana, maybe if you didnt put those stupid walls all over the place to reset other peoples timers, your timer wouldnt always be on, makes sense, eh? Talia |U6

From: Sana Tuesday, September 23 2003, 10:14PM Yeah talia. And maybe if we didn't get timers from walking into a room with another Pker and using the 'hello' social on them my timer wouldn't always be on either. |U6

From: LadyAce Tuesday, September 23 2003, 11:36PM Well, it's somewhat traditional for pkers to greet each other with a backstab :) but just plain hello isn't going to cause much! The reason for the longer timer is to allow for the situation to play itself out -- revenge, score-settling, recovery of gear, etc. I understand that it would be irritating to have the timer in effect when none of this is needed, but consider yourself in the position of someone who wants that extra time to have a chance to revenge some dastardly deed or cheapshot -- you might well be pleased with having enough time to really play out the scenario. -LA |U6

From: Purge Wednesday, September 24 2003, 01:42AM Masha and Craven posts are what keeps me coming back to legend :) |U6

From: Karrion Wednesday, September 24 2003, 02:48PM For those of us who don't look to hide from folks were fighting or look to cheap shot then beat feet to the nearest house, the ooc timer is an annoyance for sure. It left a cheapshoter in a recallable safe room for me before, though, so guess it's good after all. Sides, if I were going stomp around about something I knew wouldn't be changed i'd be like "Yeah, what Paranoia said! Damn that archive timer!". Then he'd be like "If accept/reject lists saved over into archive there'd be no excuse for pkers to wait a month for their timer to expire.". Good thing i'm smart enough not to waste my breath on that one or any of these other silly gripes, eh? |U6


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