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Posted by MoiraGwyn on 09/30

Ok.. I will just flat out ask if anyone else feels it would be appropriate for the limit on how many items in a room to be changed to a greater number? Or perhaps the amount of things you can keep in a room can be judged on size? weight? Likely this limit was to prevent spam or an issue with how things were saved (?) but for those of us with housing that use this limit simply to store our items, this can be hard. having to add a room to your house because you have a collection or something, rather stinks. For those who just have a lot of strings or coupons or easter eggs or any number of collectibles, 50 limit can seem a bit.. well, limiting. For things like coupons/strings and such, I see it as a piece of paper where there is no way 50 pieces of paper is going to fill a room. So is there any other possible way to handle this issue? You want to be able to encourage RP and collections and other things players take pride in (all spam aside, since that is what cabinets, chests are for) but housing costs can be abominable for collectors... Any and all input/discussion/thoughts welcome! -MG's player |U6

From: Gad Saturday, September 27 2003, 08:26PM Well.. coming from someone who doesnt fill his alt's house as it is..

From: snicker

From: I dont see the limit as being soemthing very hindering, and if you have accidently wandered into Alejandro's place, no offense Ale, but I would think that you would tend to think that 50 is a bit on the excessive side Again, this is from someone whos alt's cottage, of two rooms will more than likely never be seeing the 50 item limit... The large man behind the large man |U6

From: Archaon Saturday, September 27 2003, 10:07PM get a bag, put items in bag, there problem solved, bags can hold 50 items if you can store 50 bags, thats what 2500 items, i'm sure thats more than enough for anyone |U6

From: Dolor Saturday, September 27 2003, 11:27PM Opinions about the limit aside, Archaon, that doesn't work. The system counts each item in the bag as an item, too. I've tried. -Dolor |U6

From: Rubber Sunday, September 28 2003, 09:33AM The system is fine as is. It make sense, since it SHOULD cost you more if you want to packrat more stuff. Its all about spaces, more spaces = more $$$... |U6

From: MoiraGwyn Sunday, September 28 2003, 01:34PM Yes but when you buy a pack of paper and it has 50 sheets in it, do you expect that to fill your room? or to have to add a room on to your house because you bought it? Part of the issue is that for someone who has a collection or even has a coupon or string hoard (no Alejandro and I are not the only ones either) it becomes difficult. if it was where things that were flagged with the word _string_ or _treat_in larger quantity or such maybe that would help...? But as it stands right now in trying to maintain either RP or a collection of any type of items (Emrysia, Alejandro, Lorenzo and others know this issue too) you need a giant house... Have you ever tried to maintain 100K a day rent or even 20K a day- just to keep an RP or have a collection of something?? Please tell me there are other options....? Can containers hold more items if they are of a certain type maybe and that can override the room limit?? That could be a viable option for some people. not everyone is just trying to be a packrat, some people cherish their rp or their collections of items a great deal... |U6

From: Adamar Tuesday, September 30 2003, 12:24AM the "bag trick" doesn't work the item count is 50, including the bag and everything in it the bag /shelf / whatever just cuts down on the spam |U6

From: MoiraGwyn Tuesday, September 30 2003, 11:44AM So if it isnt a matter of spam, where is there a limit? And if there must be one, can there be leighway for coupons and strung items perhaps...? |U6

From: LadyAce Tuesday, September 30 2003, 10:14PM The limit is to some degree a matter of resources -- "large" items and small items take up the same amount of memory on the mud machine. We have a limit to prevent a small number of players from using a large percentage of the resources we have available -- pushing people to use multiple rooms to store large quantities of stuff means that we don't have a hard limit, but it does give some practical limit to the amount of effort that a person is willing to go to relative to the return they expect. I am 100% sympathetic with wanting to store more equipment, but perhaps it makes sense to some degree where we're coming from. The immediate response someone might have upon reading this is that we could throw more memory/cpu into the machine. And while we're having some discussions about how best to upgrade the machine next, that won't change the fact that if we allow growth without limits, we'll end up at the maximum of what the machine/CPU is capable of, again and again -- it has to stop at some point. I think that if we do end up with a machine upgrade, and some of the other projects that are waiting on an upgrade are implemented without stripping our capacity too far, that's the right time to start a conversation about changing these limits, particularly if we found a way to do it without permitting too much spam (such as not counting items inside of bags...except I'm not sure that we can not-count those without also counting items on top of furniture, which are just as spammy as if they were lying on the ground). Before I start a million rumors about machine upgrade, though, let me just say that nothing has been decided, and many things need to be done before we have a timeline for an upgrade. So please don't start asking every imm you see when the machine will be upgraded -- at some point it will need doing, and we have several good reasons to do it, but there is not a timetable. We'll definitely let you know when there is :) And before I start a million rumors that there's a promise to change this once the machine is upgraded....there isn't a promise to be read into this. It's just that we can't have a good solid discussion about it when we feel we're at the practical limits of our hardware. -LA |U6


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