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One pke per char.|U6

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Posted by Nelson on 10/01

Time for me to attack another aspect of pke, wheee! Okay. One pke per player is what this should have been called in the title obviously.. my question is, why is this still true? It seems to me like this limit is similar to the level 35 limit in that it only exists in this day and age to convince people that old pk truly has come back. But in fact... pke isn't old pk...so why are we burdened with the limitations of it? Pke is never going to be old pk, so let's just move on with our lives no? I mean I used to understand, in old pk, the one pker per player rule, but now pkok came along and that just kind of blew the crap out of that eh? I mean, everybody is used to having as many alts as they want to pk by now, and in reality since pkok and pke run on top of each other the reason of one pk per player, so they can't die with one then log in another and try to finish you off is kinda moot...'cause they can now, with pkok. So what exactly is the point of keeping this limit? I guess I could argue more, but I know it's pointless so i'll save my virtual breath. But at least do me this favor, actually come up with a reason to keep this other than "'cause thats how it's always been!" Oi. |U6

From: Nelson Tuesday, September 30 2003, 05:48PM I can already think of one bonus for scrapping this, less work for the admin department trying to keep track of who is breaking the rule of one per. |U6

From: Sandra Tuesday, September 30 2003, 05:57PM Actually, pke is exactly the old pk system. And in order to have it restored, all of the old rules had to go in with it. The one you've brought up today, especially, won't ever be removed from pke. Why? Crossplay. You can't reject in pke, and crossplay is still a big issue. Nice try though :) You should come up with other ideas instead of asking us to remove certain aspects of a system that won't get changed. It's an entire package deal. Sorry. -Sandra |U6

From: Freja Wednesday, October 01 2003, 12:34AM I'm afraid I don't see your point about pke not being the old pkill system - but feel free to correct me. If you're pke and do _not_ (see this is your choice...) accept any pkok characters, how is it not like the old pk system? If you accept someone's pkok character, then you're just inviting crossplay in. Freja |U6

From: Akai_Monkey Wednesday, October 01 2003, 01:04AM I think I may understand what he means by pke not being old pk. First of all in old pk you could never be jumped by people who were "half" enabled. Second of all old pk had players. Lot's of them. It is impossible for pke to be old pk, and it's a shame it keeps trying. Pke was great...I guess...but it was a bit late since so many people have already left us.

From: shrug

From: |U6

From: Kae Wednesday, October 01 2003, 05:00AM I'm afraid I am at an utter loss to understand the points raised in this post. As I see it, a PKE character who is also PKOK has tons of options -- he can fight oldschool with the other PKE people, as well as with the myriads of -- what'dya chall them, half-enabled? -- people using PKOK. Of course he's going to run into trouble with PKOK people abusing reject. That's the problem that brought PKE back in the first place. So to me, it all boils down to, either play with PKE people only and have considerably less targets -- and there weren't really all that much action in oldschool pkill outside prime hours back when either, afair. Or accept the hassle it is to deal with the occasional twit in PKOK whom you will have to reject because he either abuses the system or drives you nuts in some other way. |U6


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