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Posted by Sana on 08/12

I understand we shouldn't be able to archive away from problems in the game, or whatever, but honestly what difference would it make if I can archive with a timer or not? How about we take the autoreject feature out of archive so we can archive on a minutes notice when important real life obligations come up, but it won't get us out of any trouble we may have gotten ourselves into? If you have to archive, chances are you have to do it then, not 48 ticks later. I guess that's all I have to say on this one...and i'm probably just a little mad that i've had to wait out timers on 5 characters before archiving...but oh well, I think this needs some looking into. And Masha, don't bother. Object to my post when you actually pk and have a right to express an opinion over how the pk system here works. |U6

From: Masha Thursday, October 09 2003, 10:38AM Archive timers are there for a reason. They've pretty much always been there to my knowledge. it's in place so you can't just archive and be done with whatever problem you have. There's plenty of rooms about Legend you can wait in and people won't know you're there. Trust me, I should know, I've had to before. And they aren't always safe rooms. And Sana, I can bother. I have PK'd, thus have a right to express an opinion on how the pk system works here. So grow up, and expect someone to debate your point. If it's a whine post, don't put it up. It's called the "DISCUSSION BOARD", so expect the post to be

From: gasp

From: discussed. --Masha Corlan, olbie. |U6

From: Neo_Tritoch Friday, October 10 2003, 12:45AM I think the point that was being made was that the timer for archive is way too long. Yes there are places in the mud where you can sit and nobody would find you, that's not the point, the point is for some players legend is still a game, not a substitute for life. Sometimes more important things come first, and usually without 48 ticks prior notice. Just because we don't put legend high enough on our lists to sit idling forever hoping somebody doesn't kick you once and run off doesn't mean we want to loser our characters either. But whatever, what do I know about anything I guess. |U6

From: Crysinda Friday, October 10 2003, 05:55PM I think the archive timer should at least be a little different for pke maybe we could compramise, cuz archiving isn't gonna make you not pke anymore. I understand that some of you might want revenge upon said person, and don't want them to just archive before you can, but it's not like it's not easy to wait off the tick timer anyway, according to you, right? right, Masha? So cut the kid a break, seems like anytime he posts on anything anything, you argue with it just to be against him, and thus I typically lose respect for the content in your posts. So yeah, I too think the 48 tick timer is a little harsh to archive, why not just make the accept lists save? Maybe your computer crashes one day, and you wanna archive your your chars incase it takes a while to get it back? Some of us aren't err, don't have 2 computers. Would you really go to a friends house, and sit there for 2 hours, (maybe more if you get attacked), just to archive your char so you don't lose it due to some RL catastrophy? Crysinda's Player. |U6

From: Rush Thursday, August 12 2004, 08:14AM I don't see why people get all bent about how other people play the game. Play it your way. Do your own thing, Quit worrying about whether other people like to powerlevel or whatever. That's one of the best parts of and openended game like Legend. You get to play how you like. |U6


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