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Posted by Bellerophon on 10/16

I've noticed that downtime has become a real bummer, with the wells not longer healing, a certain type of leaf not spawning nearly as often the healing stones having hella long delay, etc., etc. It all comes down to having to sit afk for 10 or so minutes if you don't have a personal healer. Mages have meditation which requires only minimal stats to activate and it accelerates their mana regeneration exponentially. Why can't fighters have a fast healing skill called 'trance' or something which requires that you have 80 con and you sit and trance. It's real real bummer to be a hitter with no healing skills and to have 700 hp to regen by yourself. Please review, thanks. -Belly |U6

From: LadyAce Sunday, October 12 2003, 02:33PM I understand being frustrated about having to sit afk to heal, but I think the problem is how you're solving the problem :). If I had 700 hp and wasn't running with a healer, I'd hire one, and if I had a hard time finding one, I'd be loud about it to tell people that hey, they should log in their healers more. Healing characters end up being only called on when a) they're newbies or b) there's a run on. Give them more support when there's not a run on. Creating a skill to make them less needed will just lead to us having fewer of them around. -LA |U6

From: Primo Sunday, October 12 2003, 02:41PM It all comes down to the fact they don't want you to be able to play the game by yourself, so they force you to group with others. Just an observation..... |U6

From: LadyAce Sunday, October 12 2003, 02:57PM I'd say that we put in consequences for not grouping ... we don't force it. There are consequences FOR grouping too. But sure, yes, we do come down on the side of people interacting with each other when we need to make a choice between interaction and non-interaction. All the self-healing that's available is a sure sign that grouping isn't the only way we support people playing :) -LA |U6

From: Sandra Sunday, October 12 2003, 03:13PM There are a bunch more in game healing options than the few posted. There's also already a skill in game that allows for an increase in healing ability/time. ;) -Sandra |U6

From: Jon Monday, October 13 2003, 03:24AM ha! only 10 minutes, consider yourself highly lucky my friend Being vocal on channels about wanting a healer will only get you put down, yelled at, or scorned, none of these options seem very appealing to myself, I however cant speak for the rest of the community. I do agree that healing takes far to long with as little XP as you can earn when you run through the HP you have. Jon@ |U6

From: Fortebraccio Monday, October 13 2003, 10:30AM Uhm, I thought that skill is already implemented. Myabe you should look up the prerequisite...but is there :) |U6

From: Sardonyx Monday, October 13 2003, 12:02PM that skill sucks :P |U6

From: Gregor Tuesday, October 14 2003, 05:35AM As stated by others, such a skill is already in the game - And I for one think it rocks. Also, as noted above, there are other healing alternatives - if you care to find them:) Gregor. |U6

From: Sor Tuesday, October 14 2003, 06:02PM The req is so high =(... Either boost up the req on meditate or umm.. something... |U6

From: LadyAce Wednesday, October 15 2003, 06:10PM I haven't seen people asking for healers getting chewed out on channels...maybe if people were really spammy or not nice about it or something, I dunno. At any rate, I hope everyone reading this thread will agree that it's not right to be mean to folks looking for healers, and try to support them. -LA |U6

From: Rufus Thursday, October 16 2003, 01:20AM The certain leaf's drop rate hasn't been changed in ... 4 years? More, maybe? =) Maybe you're not the only one picking them up... Think about it

From: grin

From: |U6

From: Jon Thursday, October 16 2003, 06:15AM I would also like to point out that healers are a rather slow class not everyone enjoys running their healers at all hours, and especially not alting just to help one person XP. While I do not claim this holds true for everyone, I know many people it does hold true for. And there is also the fact that most healers are no longer "healers" persay but iron will surgeons from lima with minimum spirit simply to reach reqs for certain skills Jon |U6

From: LadyAce Thursday, October 16 2003, 04:22PM Very true, Jon -- but the mixed heal/fight type chars can still heal people decently, and might not mind making a bit of extra cash in exchange for spamming in a few skills :). Alternately, if a person doesn't like to ask for healing, they could make themselves a self-healing char like those you describe...:) -LA |U6


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