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Question to the immortals!|U6

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Posted by Shmeck on 12/20

Alright, so I went to the Q & A the other day and Chocorua made it extremely clear that he is

From: very

From: anti-pk, and he wants to see it gone. So my question to the immortals is, how many of you like it in place, and how many how many of you would like to see it gone? I ask this because I'd like to think of a more complete system rather then the two sub-systems we have in PKe and PKOK, and I want to know |U6

From: Chocorua Friday, October 17 2003, 07:58AM don't think my opinions on PK have ever been secret... Lucky for the pk oriented folks it takes more than just my opinion to change soemthing that big. I'd say that if we didn't have atleast a simle majority then PK wouldn't be around. I will hwoever do my best to redirect immortal time towards other projects rather than further complicate the pk world with more rules and more code. If the current system isn't something that you can make work for you, with a few bug fixes, then I think I can probably rally more support for my point of view. Chocorua |U6

From: Shmeck Friday, October 17 2003, 10:06AM I asked for a simple aye or nay poll from the immortals, not this war that you seem to be making out But if you're looking for a war against me, then you're right you probably will win... Congratulations |U6

From: Chocorua Friday, October 17 2003, 10:21AM you declare war really easily.... heh. |U6

From: Sana Friday, October 17 2003, 11:44AM If it isn't something we can make work and don't like you will use that to get more imms against pk? What kind of crap is this? What exactly did we do to become the enemy? This is a freaking game, with a terribly small playerbase that shrinks nonstop and gains..almost never. I don't think we have enough people to have this kind of bickering among ourselves....not to mention, everything else that was wrong with your post, and attitude. But then again, I don't care. I'm just using legend as a glorified chat room lately anyways. Kill pk, who cares. Kill everything, who cares. Sana--boggled as to how she can be hated by somebody she has never met. |U6

From: Krynn Friday, October 17 2003, 12:21PM I dont think Choc hates pkillers (well, not all of them) However he has valid points about admin overheard it always causes. Personally I enjoy PK, just in alot more small doses than I used to. I think you all get a little too worked up about a game =P -K |U6

From: Huginn Friday, October 17 2003, 07:53PM I think that my views are fairly well known on the topic of pk. However, a poll for the staff really isn't the right way to go about this IMO. The feature of PK is currently supported in the game by the staff, regardless of whatever the exact percentage of pro/cons are. The current models do work but both of them take player interaction to make them work. I'd agree with Choc that there are many other things to do with the staff time people donate than try to do yet another PK system that probably won't improve things if players don't embrace it. What will fix pkill is player involvement, not imm involvement, not more code. Huginn |U6

From: Kae Friday, October 17 2003, 09:08PM I believe my points are well known as well. And Amen to what Huginn wrote. |U6

From: Somar Friday, October 17 2003, 11:43PM So, counting up.. that's three votes for 'my opinions are well known' Excellent! |U6

From: Shmeck Sunday, October 19 2003, 08:07PM I was only trying to make sure my efforts werent worthless, as hopeless they as they may seem to be. I apologize for this poll |U6

From: Rufus Saturday, December 20 2003, 10:30PM Hrm, actually, a public poll of each imms' opinion on pkill might not be an effective way of asking for change, but it would shed light on quite a few things =P -Ruf |U6


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