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Posted by Thundarr on 10/26

how about a way for toons that were archived for the past year to join PKE without having to make a new char? the added chars would be a good thing for PKE, and other than a small amount of overhead (remember, its only one char per player) for the admins. if you think about it, its the same amount of immort work if i make a new char and level to 35 and ask to be pke-enabled or if you enable a level 50 who has been archived for the past year, right? |U6

From: Sana Wednesday, October 22 2003, 02:04PM I totally agree. Doesn't make sense to me that we have the limit at all really, but it seems really unfair to all the old players who are /were coming back for pke, that they have to make some loser alt just because they weren't here in the 2 week period after pke went in (or however long..) |U6

From: Chocorua Thursday, October 23 2003, 07:43AM This is from a different angle but untimately is the same discussion that went on on post #40 and it's appends. Chocorua |U6

From: Thundarr Thursday, October 23 2003, 07:54AM not sure what your idea of "discussion" is choc, but post #40 was not a discussion IMO, more like someone asking for something and the imm staff saying "NO" of course i don't agree with the opinion behind the "NO" but that's not really important. what the staff needs to decide is if they want to grow this game or not, and if not, you should just rename it to LegendMOO already so people know what they are getting when they connect. |U6

From: Dolor Thursday, October 23 2003, 08:07AM Okay, this argument is about wanting an exception made concerning the recent change which added a more dedicated PK element back to Legend, and you're accusing people of turning Legend into a horrible social mud. Well, I'd love to chat more about this, but I've been meaning to log back into Ground Zero MUSH and Act of War MUCK for a while, so I'll have to chat later. -Dolor |U6

From: Thundarr Thursday, October 23 2003, 09:12AM they added a, to user your words, "dedicated PK element", and then procede to handicap it by preventing anybody who was archived from joining in. it just doesn't make any sense. i am not asking for an exception, i am asking for the abolishion of a retarded policy. as far as i am concerned they can make PKE be 100% permanant, and do away with redeem points getting you out of pke. hell, here's a simply solution, anyone who is >35 and wants to join pke because they were archived gets a psuedo-warning on the char, saying that they can never redeem out of it. i would be willing to bet this will fall on deaf ears, as most things that go against the grain of a few egotistical immorts here. and don't give me the BS about additional immort work blah blah, remember that's what the admin staff signed up for, it is probably only a fraction of the time spent re-string gear in the long run .......... |U6

From: Huginn Thursday, October 23 2003, 10:45AM There was a two month grace period for people to enable 50th level characters. Although it sucks if you missed it, you can always remake the character if you're that attached to the name. Leveling up to 50 again isn't horribly difficult for older pkillers, especially given their support networks in the pk community. Huginn |U6

From: Chocorua Thursday, October 23 2003, 11:16AM Ok not sure why the thread on post #40 wasn't a real discussion. I mean yes 3 imms gave their opinion on the subject but it's not our fault that nooneelse participated. Might be that it was clear that this is one of the rules of teh game that we don't feel is going to change. I am sorry if you feel you have been cheated out of being able to participate in a feature of the game. You do have the option of remaking you char or making a new one. I'm also sorry that you don't agree with teh rule or the reasoning behind it. reasoning behind it. For once I wasn't teh least bit hostile in my response and I get accused of ruining teh game. Does anyone wonder why the imm staff might get a bit defensive from time to time? When you are ready to conduct a rational discussion on this without name calling and accusations lets talk about it. But as long as your arguments are littered with eitehr insult or accusations it's hard to call ANY of this a discussion. Unless your definition of a discussion is you make a complaint and everyone falls all over s all over themselves agreeing with you. Chocorua |U6

From: Thundarr Thursday, October 23 2003, 12:05PM I never mentioned you by name Choc, if you think that blurb describes you, well then maybe you are right. I have yet to hear a good reason WHY people who have been archived for well over a year cannot use PKE? Yeah I hear you, 2 month grace period yada yada yada, so what, some people weren't active. It's just another case of close-mindedness on the Imm staff who "just don't want to" do something that players would like: -it is obviously technically possible -the PKE community would welcome more pkers -the person asking to be enabled would welcome the second chance The only downside is a minimal amount of Imm staff work, maybe too much for you Choc, I know you are busy coding and creating new areas all the time. |U6

From: Dolor Thursday, October 23 2003, 12:44PM Well, if I started playing here last month, then I wasn't active when PKE went in, so that means I should be able to enable my level 50 newbie, right? Just saying. -Dolor |U6

From: Sandra Thursday, October 23 2003, 01:44PM We gave 9 weeks for anyone to enable. Sorry that you missed it. It was posted, it was in the LT every week of that time and I believe 2 weeks prior, which means it was also on the web pages. Which means that pretty much everyone that played knew about it. That leaves 4 options for you to have found out about it. I don't think that we should make an exception, nor change a rule that has been a part of pke since I can remember just because you're upset about not being here at that time and don't feel like making another character to enable. Others have missed it and simply made another character to pk with. It's not that difficult. -Sandra |U6

From: Kaige Thursday, October 23 2003, 01:51PM PKE has always meant a commitment by the players participating in it. The level of commitment varies from player to player. Because of this, the max level 35 requirement has always been in place to make sure that each PKE character is involved with the PK community over a range of levels during their PK career. The current level ranges of all PKE characters are currently: lvls 10 - 19: 4 chars lvls 20 - 29: 4 chars lvls 30 - 39: 15 chars lvls 40 - 50: 47 chars When we put in this trial run, we waived the lvl 35 limit for a little over two months to be able to not just "allow people to reenable" but to get a wide range of characters enabled instead of making everyone choose to remake or start a new character and work their way back up. It was temporary because we still believe that a pke character should be involved with the PKE community over a range of levels and not just jump in at the deep end once level 50 is reached. So why can't _everyone_ still re-enable, even if they're past 35? Consider it a small thank you and recognition to those players who remained a part of the game and the community. -Kaige |U6

From: Thundarr Thursday, October 23 2003, 02:19PM maybe you should brush up on your reading skills Dolor, what part of archived did you not grasp? |U6

From: Dolor Thursday, October 23 2003, 06:16PM "Yeah I hear you, 2 month grace period yada yada yada, so what, some people weren't active." (Thundarr, append 8). My reading skills are just fine, thankee. |U6

From: LadyAce Thursday, October 23 2003, 07:02PM I definitely encourage anyone who is taking a break from Legend for whatever reason to keep their LT subscription -- that way they'll be sure to catch announcements like this in the future. -LA |U6

From: Archaon Friday, October 24 2003, 08:06AM not me, or no one me know (cause no one really want talk me anymores) but i know SOME peps never subscribe to LT. and so what if it was on web site, i know i NEVER look at the webpage, and when i do its for the mud pics, see if there any more new ones. Also some peps could be like me an everyone dems know on here no talk to dem an stuffs so they finally get told after the waver is gone or something I mean my whole aim list is full of (bar 1) peps i met from mud and it was big long time ago since me spoke to any of them (that includes me attempting to talk to them). My point is imms shouldnt just assume that because they've posted the information people know that its there or where to look for it. Course if peps dont look at them there aint nothing they can do

From: shrug

From: |U6

From: Chocorua Friday, October 24 2003, 11:25AM It helps if you drop the in game accent and try and type a little more readable english on this board. Really eases out a lot of the confusion. I know this first hand as I am probably one of the worse we have in the game for typing poor grammar. But if we post information and noone reads it .. I am raelly not sure how we can be held responsible for that. Especially when it's posted in so many different ways. Not participating in legend for awhile does appear to have some consequences. Chocorua |U6

From: Rubber Friday, October 24 2003, 12:52PM |U6

From: Sana Friday, October 24 2003, 03:03PM I think one reason for not giving archived people this second chance might be that people could try to claim they were inactive or whatever and try to get a different char into pke, 'cause I guess there really would be no way to prove whether you missed the boat or are just being a dork right? With one problem, legend doesn't exactly have the player base that say, everquest has. It's small enough that most people know whats going on with other people most of the time. I think we can tell the difference between say, splat coming back and wanting in, and me trying to get my cause mage back in pke. |U6

From: Thundarr Sunday, October 26 2003, 07:35PM you are only allowed 1 pke char per player -- the only way that this can be enforced is by the immms taking the time to get to know the community (and watching our IPs, but that can easily be spoofed). so they are already willing and able to take on this burdon. from there its just a matter of wanting to and doing it, "it" being making exceptions for archived players who have several level 50 chars and want to jump into something like pke. compared with other online games that are out (planetside for example) the xp system aka level grind here is really tedious, albiet shorter than say everquest or daoc. but, its still just typing in kick stand kick stand kick stand rest, wait 2 mins, rinse and repeat. my 2 cents, hollar back if any imm wants to do me a favor and pke this toon |U6


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