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MMFA (make mud fun again)|U6

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Posted by Archaon on 11/06

everyone who agrees, put MMFA in title! Hey maybe we could make a clan? |U6

From: Macabre Monday, November 03 2003, 05:10PM Merely putting the letters MMFA into your title does not make the MUD fun again. What are you planning to do to bring fun back to the mud? We should first agree what it is that is fun and that is not fun then we have to figure out how to make what is not fun, fun again. |U6

From: Archaon Tuesday, November 04 2003, 12:53AM point of it wasnt to make the mud fun, because thats more than us mere morts can do. the point was to let imms know how we feel about the constant degrading and the fun being slowly plucked away. (as the above post is all about). Think of it more as a protest flag than a 'lets get together and have fun!' flag. Oh as someone said the other day, there are lots of aspects to have fun here lets name a few: Mob kill solo/group: already pointed out solo mobkill is a waste of time, and you cant always expect to group. Role Play: all well and good, but i've found there are very FEW groups of people that regularly do this. Getting into them is exceedingly difficult. Considering the lengths I go to to get a hello around here, 'joining' one of these groups isn't really an option. Don't say I dont role play or i dont try, cause if you know anything about my alts, you'd know that that is a lie. Player kill: As an infrequent PKer I cant really comment on this, but when i did it was fun, for the duration of the fight. Then because i never really did I died and had to spend another 8 hrs mobkill to get back the xp loss (not my idea of fun). That combined with the hrs i can log on, and the number of peps online during those times and the number of willing PK participants, its hard to find fights even when you pick them. (oh and i have tried that) Just a few more cents. |U6

From: Huginn Tuesday, November 04 2003, 07:48AM > point of it wasnt to make the mud fun, because thats more than > us mere morts can do. Ok that's crap. Yes you can't commit changes to the code or areas and have to go through feedback channels to suggest changes, granted. But for most people what makes this place fun is the other people, the exploring or just finding new ways to beat the crap out of something.. There might be a very few players who know everything there is to know around here.. I'm not one of them and I've been here a fairly long time.. (1995). So if you want to put a flag in your title and throw up your hands that's your choice but its not because you can't do anything, it's because you won't do anything. And that's what seperates you from the type of player we had in the old days, not the code. Hugin Huginn even :-) |U6

From: Bellerophon Tuesday, November 04 2003, 01:20PM I have an idea! Let's all put [SMILE] in our titles! That's the sure-fire way to bring back shiny happiness. Now let's address a few statements made here, not to single out the person who has good intention but to highlight that he is going about things the wrong way. Solo mobkill is way, way more fun than group mobkill. Group mobkill is such a perfect formula that there is very little risk and even fewer variables to it. Find a good healer and go tackle a top notch mob yourself. Be proud of yourself when you top Menelaus yourself (with said healers help or without). RP.. this has to come from the entire community. Sure, some groups are an IC circle of OOC friends and are impenetrable but there are so many other people who run around with just their own rp, rping their entire world. People either fail to acknowledge their rp, ridicule them or even go as far as to ditch them in SL to die because they refused to stop RPing even in SL (poke someone). Here is what you can do! Welcome a soloers RP.. help them RP RP with them, pretend you're interested in what it is they are looking for. Hell, maybe even join them in their quest. I know of at least four players right now who are roleplaying members of the Roman Empire.. Maybe they are RPing with each other, maybe they aren't, maybe they are enemies as per their characters. Join in. Now, I will be the first in line to say that certain immortals need to get off of their marble thrones and start giving a crap about the community but the point of this post is that even without their help, you can make a difference and putting a 'protest' flag in your title isn't going to do a damn thing. If there is anything I have learned here through my broken tenure is that protesting doesn't do a damn thing. Positive action -might-. The bottom line is this, you wan't to keep MMFA in your title, fantastic.. but rather than make it a flag of protest, make it a flag like NPH that stands for activity. Make members of MMFA active roleplayers willing to accept other people's roleplay. Make members of MMFA help new players instead of ignoring them till they quit. Make the members try challenging tasks like doing a run with less than the perfect formulated group, or try and rid the swamps of Lerna of a beast that plagues them. Try and gain supremacy in Zeus' realm all by yourself. The first step is to Make the Mud Fun Again for YOU. Then when you have fun invite other people to join you. That's how you MMFA. -Belly Brought to you by {S}, taking over your world since 1996. |U6

From: Krynn Wednesday, November 05 2003, 04:38PM Make Mud Fun Again... well, to me it never stopped being fun. Now, there are occassions when a game has gone to far and it's not fun. Most of those instances stem from PK, some from RP. However, within a few days, everything is normal and fun again. XP is XP is XP. Solo, in a group, whatever, it's all fun. Groups are fun because you can talk to people. However, there's no danger. Solo running is fun because I enjoy figuring out strategies to beat hard mobs. mobs. Everytime something is put in to slow me down, it's more of a challenge. challenge. If I wanted a mindless, button pressing game, I'd play gauntlet. I will say that alot of RP here is _EXTREMELY_ clique oriented. I can point fingers, but that's not the point. The point is that alot of people that RP everywhere are often ridiculed and/or ignored. I've never seen an imm openly ridicule somebody for roleplaying. That comes from the players. And as far as originality, well, it's impossible. Any char can be very easily duplicated by everybody else. Since this is the case, all classes must be properly in balance with the others. Therefore I support nerfing a class or item if it dominates the mud. PKill ironically is less clique oriented (to an extent) than RP, however the stakes are much higher. If you don't like the xp punishments for dying, then pkill is not for you. Period. A skilled player (which all pkillers are supposed to be) can easily make back pkill death xp loss in 2 RL hours, with or without healers. Legend is not, by any means, a difficult game. Claiming it's not fun because the difficulty on certain things gets gradually bumped up is absolutely rediculous. Really, what else do you want? Cheat codes? -K bling!bling! |U6

From: Garet Thursday, November 06 2003, 12:58AM Im not gonna comment on RP....my opinion on that generally isnt welcomed by RP'ers...whoops, I just did, didnt I? Far as PK goes....yeh, much less clique oriented..unless of course you're an old player trying to relive your glory days and decide to not like the people that get tired of 3/4 on 1's, but even that ends up trivial, given that people calm down, to an extent PKers are generally much more friendly than RPers, namely cause no one wants to piss everyone off and get perma'd Id have to thin |U6


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