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Posted by Kaine on 12/26

Hello, I was curious about why the decision was made to wipe off ac from all the old aux items, rather than let them hang around and slowly die out in DT's and whatnot, like with other old gear. Was the extra ac causing that much bother? Kaine the sour, since he bought some not more than a week ago. |U6

From: Kae Friday, December 19 2003, 05:31PM Actually, wiping holsters was a side effect of wiping another issue that a few players had been abusing badly. |U6

From: Archaon Saturday, December 20 2003, 12:18AM And now we see yet another kind of legending. As this happens so often you could probably find it in the dictionary. Legend 2, to down grade everything almost constantly why cant we erase that from the dictionary by IMPROVING some things. anyway, what diff would 20 ac make? cause i gather aux items wouldn't have given more than -5 each. honestly I dont think even 50 diff in ac would do that much, because AC is virtually useless, like so many other things... |U6

From: Kaine Saturday, December 20 2003, 06:20AM Good grief people, how about taking a little time to read through your posts to make sure they're coherent before submitting them? Any valid points you are making are totally lost when you fire off this ill-considered rubbish. Use @show and @back. Please. Kaine

From: steps down from his high horse

From: |U6

From: Sandra Saturday, December 20 2003, 07:50AM It's unfortunate about the holster belts, however, the bug in question wasn't simply 5 or 6 ac. It was 2-10 stat points, and instead of calling the bug to the attention of an immort or even bugging it, it was abused. So, to halt any further accidents like this, code was put into place to make sure aux items were as they are supposed to be -- statless. -Sandra |U6

From: Drakkon Sunday, December 21 2003, 09:26PM It's funny I find how a few ppl will abuse bugs like this, I used to be one of them actually, but really, if you keep doing it you're just going to screw yourselves over. I suggest you avoid abusing these things then maybe the imms will be more reluctant to give us stuff, than take it away. Meh |U6


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