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Posted by Crysinda on 04/06

I brought this up the other night at Q&A, but there weren't many people there, so I thought I'd make a post on it. Personally Seems like topple is extreemly overpowered, maybe just so against certain char types. Seems kinda silly to me to have a skill that does as much damage as kick, and sets you to sitting for two rounds and isn't tumbleable. Does anyone else see the overpoweredness of this, or is it just me? The risks for the benifits just don't seem quite in-spec to me, but then I tend to complain about alot of stuff. Voice your opinion and tell me I'm wrong, but lets hear some other opinions on this. My quit little rant - Crysinda |U6

From: Dolor Monday, October 06 2003, 08:27PM 1) Kick has a fairly modest stat requirement, and anybody with said stat requirement can acquire the skill. Topple has a very high stat requirement, in a couple of stats, and can only be acquired in lieu of certain other skills. 2) Topple has a small but significant chance to critical fail, leaving the toppler helpless. Kick doesn't. 3) Topple--at least, it seems to me--fails rather more often than kick, all other things held equal. I could be wrong there though. Topple

From: is

From: more powerful than the "classic" fight skills, for much the same reason that third-circle magic is more potent than second-circle spells. It's the reward for specializing. Dolor. You can have my topple when you pry it from my cold dead fingers. |U6

From: Archaon Tuesday, October 07 2003, 04:58AM wrestle does simmilar stuffs, but no one seem know cause dems all silly and not notice the line after not just the crit ones, course i've only noticed that a few times myself... most of them being between the wrestle and the next combat round

From: grumble

From: . Topple seems more powerful than this, and i've even got armwrestle! hell i use wrestle quite lots and think i've only seen crit like 3 times. Seen much more crits with topple. Course wrestle might do damage

From: shrug

From: But then I was under the impression that wrestle = topple only based on diff stat, course I might be wrong some immy wanna set me straight? anyway UP WRESTLE cause the 'base' skills seem (at first and even at deeper glance) better than it, and as dolor said these new skills require you to specialise as well as require more stats than the base ones. So why it so compartively crap?

From: boggle

From: |U6

From: Crysinda Tuesday, October 07 2003, 09:22AM Would it be so much to ask to let us at least have a chance to tumble it? When your pking, stats are often times significantly different from oppoenents and thus there is virtually no drawback to a skill like that if you got 60+ more of said stat then opponent. It can still do a ton of damage, but least give us a chance to dodge, or tumble it or something. Crysinda |U6

From: Sammael Tuesday, October 07 2003, 10:52AM Everything should not be toppleable. Just the way it is. While I agree that topple is a pretty cool skill, it is far from invincible. I have fighters, mages, snipers, and I don't

From: fear

From: topple with any of my alts nor do I think topple is overpowered. It fails constantly and don't forget its 1.5 rounds, not 2. So you CAN and usually DO stand up after 1 round, not 2. Also regular topple damage is not as much as a kick, though a crit topple can do a bit more. So in closing, topple is a great skill, but hardly overpowered. And while I love my tumbling characters, it gets old after awhile when you tumble 17 specials in a row because the giant fighter has no other alternative. - Sammael |U6

From: Rubber Tuesday, October 07 2003, 11:24AM Agree with Sammael |U6

From: Rockstar Wednesday, October 08 2003, 03:42AM While I also agree with Sammael, I think damage on crit topple should be reduced a bit so it stays in range with other skills. |U6

From: Archaon Thursday, October 09 2003, 06:04AM I think everyone's missing the point, topple is NOT over powered everything else is under powered

From: nod self

From: or something |U6

From: Paranoia Sunday, October 12 2003, 04:35PM I think topple is overpowerd a bit, myself. The 1.5 thing on sitting should be made a flat one, since the skill lag is only 2. Maybe this char is differant than most others using this skill, but it really dosn't fail all that often for me, either. I look at it like bash with almost no chance to self sit and can't be tumbled. It has made this char a LOT tougher. |U6

From: Yay Tuesday, April 06 2004, 11:46AM Well i think topple should be kept the way it is, because people who tumble have the upper hand in practically every pk and non-pk fight. not only do they make practicaly every other fight skill useless, they make the people using the skills look like complete eejits in the process. |U6


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