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Posted by LadyAce on 07/02

It just struck me, just now, that as a whole, you guys are darn polite, and just plain decent folks to interact with! I don't know how often anyone says this kinda thing, but Legend players are pretty great. I don't think I've EVER done a restring or string or desc when I didn't get a thank-you via tells or in person, and y'all are always supportive of games and events -- even when they go awry! Anyway, if no one ever told you so, I'm telling you now....ya'll are good people to spend time with! Thank you! -LA |U6

From: Vyper Sunday, November 30 2003, 10:34PM speaking for myself, but guessing most feel the same, that dealing with you LA is also pleasant - you are one of the most open-minded imms here - and that's a good thing ........ |U6

From: Shrieve Friday, July 02 2004, 08:32AM

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