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Posted by Archaon on 01/14

Okay, this is something that REALLY got me aggrivated about a week ago. As I am seeing no response from any imm on the idea channel I thought I'd let them respond here (along with players). See if this is a reasonable idea type thing. When I was trying to get my favourite string done again (I over rent too much). I was told that I couldn't as it was over 40 chars and they hard coded the limit in. At that time I read both help string AND help description, and the only one that mentioned ANYTHING about the length of a short was help desc, and that said reccommended 40 char long. As it said recommended, I figured that I could get my string as it is only 43 chars long. It also said in help desc that they didn't want it too long as then it got spammy etc. Thats good, I agree with that. But 3 chars over isn't spammy. Also talking to Sandra she said that this hardcoded limit went in 8-10 months ago. Well I last over rented not more than 6 months ago, probably closer to 4-5 months. Just before (1-2 weeks) I redeemed and got some strings, one being 43 chars long. The person who strung the items was LadyAce. So if the hardcode limit was in 8 months ago, why could I after it get a string longer than it? Basically what I'm suggesting, is increase hardcode limit to 45-50 chars long, recommend 40, but say tops is the hardcode limit. This will help people like me who have been playing before the limit introduced and created strings that were only a few chars over. obviously you don't want to allow huge descs for the spam issue but 2-3 chars longer isn't spammy. Well I guess I'm just irked that I can't EVER get my favourite string back, even though I had strung it about 3 times before 1 of which should have been since the limit was introduced. So if they could do it before why can't they again? Oh BTW, the string was "An inoperative General Electric drill press" - Archaon, irked that he'll never get his drill press back |U6

From: Dolor Wednesday, December 31 2003, 07:16PM Wisdom or lack thereof of such a limit aside, often such a limit forces a character's strings to be made up slightly more creatively, in order to better make use of the space available. And in your case, Archaon, I'd like to point out the following: "An inoperative G.E. drill press". 31 characters falls well short of 40--hell, enough space to add another short adjective onto it if you wanted. Since the forty character limit isn't going away, make your life a little easier and see if you can't find ways to trim off a few characters without sacrificing what's important in the string. -Dolor. Doesn't do much but post to the boards anymore, really. And not much of that. |U6

From: Archaon Wednesday, December 31 2003, 10:58PM Yes i thought of GE and i thought of other brands and what not. My problems with them are as follows: Firstly, they dont look anywhere near as nice. Secondly,

From: I

From: know of General Electric, but

From: I

From: would not have registered GE as them, so why should

From: I

From: expect others to? Otherwise Black and Decker, too long, put and as + or & still too long. B&D maybe, but again i wouldnt register that as them, and again it doesn't look anywhere near as nice. Yes the limit can also do the 'creativity' side. But

From: I

From: have already done all that, with the limit, 3 years ago. I had the string at LEAST 3 times redone, and each time no problem, even when apparently one should have been WITH this hardcoded limit. Anyway, if the string is changed in any way shape or form, then it isn't the original string now is it? It's like replacing a fancy $3000 car wheel with a cheap steel wheel and a hub cap and calling them the same. On the outside at a distance they might look quite simmilar but up close one's just cheap and bodgy. Hell I thought about changing the word inoperative. broken, not working busted, etc, but none sound as good. a busted general electric drill press it doesn't flow as well, and again it isn't the same thing. My biggest problem isn't really that I cant have it, but that I can't have it due to something that it seems like someone found a way around earlier. Oh and Dolor, have YOU ever made a string or description that took you ages to make and you REALLY like and have grown extremely fond of it only to have it shot down for some reason. Whether its not 'human' enough, too long, too disgusting or what ever. Do you not feel frustrated? Would you not feel MORE frustrated if only a few months ago you got that description/string passed and now you can not? Even though the rules haven't changed? - Arch is still annoyed about not having his drill press |U6

From: Sandra Thursday, January 01 2004, 10:06AM Let's get things correct.

From: I

From: told you to use GE as it fit, you turned the idea down saying no one would know what GE was since you didn't know what it was. We also tried the word 'broken' which you also dismissed. The code was put in a good 10 months ago. No immort using the string command could go around it. Prior to the hard limit, there was just a warning saying that the string was over 40 characters. You went to 3 different immorts for this string, each of us gave you different ways to do it, all of which you turned down. It's not our fault you haven't got your string, that'd be all you. -Sandra |U6

From: Talia Thursday, January 01 2004, 01:21PM how about "A broken General Electric drill press" ? I believe that just fits within the limit. Talia |U6

From: Talia Thursday, January 01 2004, 01:23PM oops didnt read sandra's post before I appended the first time, well broke err broken, works just as well, so dont complain when imms are tryin to help you out by making your string work with words that are VERY similar to the one you chose but you are unsatisfied. You could very easily have your so called favorite string back with minor adjustments. With slots included, strings longer than the limit may very well go onto two lines in eq, I think that a 40 char limit is reasonable. Talia. |U6

From: Shu Thursday, January 01 2004, 07:17PM 40 character line limits are reasonable, if the character decides that is what they want. Personally, I dont believe anyone has any right to tell me something is ugly because it line wraps, Ive seen ton of damaged line wrap strings still look fine to me, its that person's creative genius, they like it even if it wraps, so what does anyone else's opinion matter? A hard coded limit is like the imms saying "If you dont please us, you dont get anything" and thats not right. |U6

From: Archaon Thursday, January 01 2004, 10:33PM okay yes i went to three imms... rus, kae, sandra... rusalka didnt do anything, she said its too long have a nice day if anything she sounded bugged that i even approached her asking to get some strings done. Kae, she pointed out the hard code limit Sandra, well I didnt ASK for the string. I was asking her about why it was in place, but anyway... Sandra, you say it was in 10 months ago and that NO IMM could go around it. Then how do you explain my getting it not more than 6 months ago. Because the last time I over rented was DEFINATLY not in febuary, it was no later than june, probably august ish like i have always stated. I do also agree VERY much with Shu. It is the players decision to string an item, and the player's decision as to what the string should look like. So like wise it's the player's decision to let it line wrap or not. Yes I was given suggestions. But I never said

From: I

From: created the idea about how to get around it. I said I thought about it. Meaning I had looked at the alternatives and decided they looked and sounded crap and not worth it. Again my post before said that if you change it it isn't the same string. So I can NOT EVER EVER EVER get my string back. Because it just wont ever be the same. I could get a clone, but I dont want a clone. What I'd like to know too, is why was THAT hardcoded but not for player descriptions? Why not both or neither? Because I ALWAYS considered the rules for one to be related to the other. Espicially regarding length. Also, why dont the imms EVER update the help files when they change something. The helpfiles are ALWAYS out of date when something gets changed.

From: Remembers pointing out something in 'help GM' SEVERAL times and it never getting fixed

From: |U6

From: Quinn Friday, January 02 2004, 01:46PM Hmmm... Interesting how, when the discussion is not going well, it suddenly changes to 'You never fix stuff...'

From: ponders and shrugs

From: As much as I like freedom in what I like to do, say, and string, I think that complaining about a short desc limit of 40chars a touch on the side of petty

From: shrugs again

From: In 9 years I have failed to be creative enough to stay within those 'suggested guidlines' once, and then I simply enlisted some help to think of a more compact way of saying what I wished... If the discussion is on 40char limit, let's stick to that. If there is a beef with the Help GM thingy... might make it seem less like a whine-fest if that were a different post... That's my two cents worth, take it with a grain of salt.... Quinn |U6

From: Alexey Monday, January 05 2004, 09:29PM Suck it up, it's a string for christs sake, people get them turned down all the time, I don't see why it's such a tragedy when it happens to you and you have to litter the boards with your crap :P |U6

From: Jessie Wednesday, January 14 2004, 12:46AM good, bad or indifferent...this is how the rule is now. it sucks for you but you gotta move on. however, i do agree that GE would only be recognizable as general electric to americans as that abbreviation as we do it all the time. inoperative vs broken - not that different even if not perfect... try to remember as you parade around with MMFA in your title - that you choose to continue fighting, you could let go and work on something new and improved. my 2 cents worth exactly what you paid for them... i'm just tired of the whining and the rudeness and the attacking of each other here... jessie ps- i hope you think of something that makes you happy to make it work. perhaps you could save a character by using GeneralElectric as one word. |U6


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