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Bandits, Bushrangers, Mafia and Steal.|U6

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Posted by Archaon on 07/07

Quite a while ago, my brother had an idea, something along the lines of: Create a clan "bushrangers" or something. This clan has 2 faces, the public and the private face. Public face is a whole bunch of PKers going around killing people then looting their corpses. Private face is some "non affiliated" eq getters. Who sell the items that the other members steal. Now this was a BRILLIANT idea. One thing that really screwed it over though, STEAL. STEAL is now pointless. If you steal from someones corpse you cant do anything with it. You cant reload shot pouch You cant use their coupons. Basically the only thing steal is useful for now is annoying the other player. In short, once they fix steal (which for some reason I doubt they will), then SOMEONE better imp this dang clan and peps better watch their clothing

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From: Dolor Monday, January 19 2004, 12:25PM BushrangerA kills Target and loots their multi-color strung old SSS. BushrangerA gives the multi-color strung old SSS to BushrangerB. BushrangerB sells the multi-color strung old SSS to an unsuspecting, non- enabled person for a sizable sum. The target cannot get his weapon back unless the non-enabled person gives it up, and the non-enabled person is highly unlikely to willingly give it up without getting back what was spent for it. Fun. -Inactive Dolor |U6

From: Huginn Monday, January 19 2004, 04:36PM Steal does need to be more powerful. But the idea of a clan designed to loot items and then sell them to the non-enabled community, well that's enough to make me want to go fix something else instead. Huginn |U6

From: Spanish-Flea Tuesday, January 20 2004, 07:13PM Fix Archaon, Huggin'? :) |U6

From: Quintis Friday, January 23 2004, 03:12AM it would be funnier if when the guild stole the items... they demanded a price in order to return em... then once the money had been paid they just junked the items. frickin hillarious... im laughing just thinking about it. -quintis |U6

From: Nephiel Wednesday, July 07 2004, 09:39PM That trick would only work once. |U6


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