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Posted by Archaon on 06/12

Me read a log given to me today, and it got me REALLY confused It was about a certian player, who because of this incident is now never going to return. This player was known to all and disliked by most, so most of you will be saying 'no big loss'. But that's beside the point. The point is WHY he left. From MY reading and re-reading of this log, the person in consern was annoyed because an imm gave some missinformation (for whatever reason is unknown to me perhaps the imm payed attention to chat after the argument started) from what his friend, and one of the people who started the argument told him. When questioning the imm conserned, the imm proceeded to remove all access to his channels. Afterwards a few abusive comments were flung in the imm conserneds direction (quite understandable when punished for not doing anything). Finally the player tells the imm 'I did nothing wrong' to which the imm replies 'your right you didn't'. Shortly after the log ends. After a brief talking with the conserned player, he informed me that he spoke to a couple of the other immortals online at the time, pointing out that he did nothing wrong and that the imm that warned him also agreed but nothing came of it. Of the original argument, I don't know who was right, and I don't really care. But what I DO care about is the immortal staff abusing their power. Punishing someone when they did NOTHING wrong, and the immortal that warned him ADMITING that obviously proves an abuse of power. What I would like to know is WHY the player in consern was warned and punished when they didn't do ANYTHING against the rules. If someone could enlighten me as to why he was, that would be very much appriceated. But from reading the log, (which shows a considerable amount before the event, and again afterwards) I can only assume that the imm was in the wrong and for that

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From: would like to see at least some explanation, if not some action taken against them. Archaon PS if you want to see the log, mudmail me with your email and I'll send it at my next oppurtunity. |U6

From: Chocorua Friday, January 30 2004, 07:16AM First: the log shows only the last thing that happened between the mortal and myself. You have no historical context to even come close to understanding the encounter. I won't discuss anyone's administrative history with the public so you won't ever have all of the facts. I'd ask you to trust me that this person was not entirely mistreated but I don't believe that anyone would care to do that. Second: Had this person not decided to use a personal discussion between himself and me as a way to reinstigate an argument on chat that was finally coming under control he wouldn't have meet with what you term "abuse." Third: Later with another alt he proved me not entirely wrong with an explosion of profanity on chat. he may have been rightfully upset that he lost his channels unfairly, but the abuse he redirected at the imm staff in that explosion was unnecessary and makes it very hard to explain teh situation to him in any way. Chocorua |U6

From: Primo Saturday, January 31 2004, 07:10AM Hmm, all I gotta say is, its none of your business. You didn't even see the entire thing or witness any of it. All you have is an incomplete log, which may or may not be accurate. All this is is hearsay. |U6

From: Archaon Saturday, January 31 2004, 07:21PM actually i WAS there for at least half of it, and what would you know if I was or wasn't? Last I checked no one kept tabs on me... AH AHHH they're all around me AHHHHHHHH |U6

From: Primo Sunday, February 01 2004, 02:39PM thank you for proving my point |U6

From: Shrieve Saturday, June 12 2004, 11:03AM

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